115th Congress SBs&HRs

Here is a web site where you can search every Senate Bill and House Resolution before the current US Congress and more. You can also use https://www.govtrack.us/  to search the legislation of almost the entire history of the Legislative Branch of the US Government.  Here is what their web site claims:                                                                                                 ” Use this page to find bills and resolutions in the United States Congress. We have            complete information back to 1973, statutes from 1951-1972 (bills enacted into law), and limited information on bills from 1799-1873.”                                                                           Here is a data base containing all bills plus documents currently before them:  https://www.govtrack.us/congress/bills/browse?status=1,2,3                                                  You can click on any bill that interests you and it will take you to another page where you can choose to click on a Summary or you can click to read the entire text and even download any bill as a pdf file so you can study them off line.

Yes, it seems overwhelming for one person but for a party of people, together we can determine what Trump and his fascist corporate congress has in store for US; laws and expenditures are best for all of us that benefit the nation and the planet.   359,669 Wisconsin 7th District people voted in the 2012 presidential election and my goal is for each one of them to know they can vote on any of this any time they want and the 7th district vote will always go to the majority.  Although yes, the district committee which  will consist of all registered voters of the district who participate will work out ramifications allowance limit on peculiarities of the system and hire their own stewards with money from the seat.  I’m sponsoring the first publicly controlled seat in the Union.