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C.A.U.S.E .



By: Ken Driessen

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Dedicated to: my family and friends




2. THE PARADOX_______________________11

3. THE ACRONYM ———————17

3. THE ECLECTICISM__________________26


5. THE CALLING:——————–____45

6. POEMS __________________________________59

7. BEING HUMAN________________________64


9. GOD SCIENCE__________________________71


11. THE SPECIES ___________——-_______89

12. FUTURES PAST________________________92


Nobody will understand what I’m trying to say. Nobody cares about what I have to say. Even if I do get a degree of popularity, many more people will disagree and hate what I have to say then to embrace it. I have already contacted publishers and none of them are the least bit interested in publishing the CAUSE. I’m wasting my time. Most of my opinions are highly controversial so if by chance I get any publicity my life will immediately be in danger. I’m a middle class trades worker without a bachelors degree, there are hundreds of religious books published each year by people with PhDs, I’m not qualified and anything I write is therefore a sad joke. Why would I believe that I have the ability to give spiritual guidance to anyone. I must accept being a lower middle class pawn in life with nothing to say of any interest to anyone. Our lives are pre determined by some sort of manifest destiny and nothing I can do or say will change it. I can and have gone on like this for years. I could try and say it is procrastination or pessimism. I could just plane give up on it. What is more probable; for man to become extinct or for us to evolve into eternal beings? Alas, I am one small simple creature; an individual of a species numbering 6 billion.

I guess at this point I have spent so much time on the CAUSE that I must finish it just to save face in my own mind. Then I can say, ya I wrote a book. More important than that I feel that a lack of and a misdirection of spiritual energies, may come to destroy life on Earth. It is totally possible. If during a war, a nuclear weapon would accidently strike a nuclear power plant it could spread enough radiation to destroy life as we know it. Our demise written into Muslim, Jewish and Christian teachings predicting an end of the world and a judgment day. On the other hand it is scientifically certain that there are coral reefs on Earth over 400 million years old. Therefore if we do not destroy ourselves this Earth can be inhabited by humans for an easy million years. If we allow ourselves to evolve for that amount of time; I feel it is certain we the species can overcome that time and the space we live in to become eternal beings. So realizing that my life and time are short on this Earth I trust the survival of my soul to the survival of my species. If you believe in God, if you can imagine being in ‘his’ shoes who would you make in your image? A species of greedy beings who pollute the Earth causing extinction of many of your creatures seemingly hell bent on their own demise; or a species of intelligent creatures capable of higher thoughts above all LOVE? The force of life is bigger and more beautiful that any God any human has been able to dream up. I want to be part of the book of life not the book of extinction.

I’m sure there are many scientists who have spiritual ideas far removed from popular religious thought. Through history such people like Galileo, Da Vince, Darwin, and even Einstein have been ridiculed even somewhat endangered because their science tended to disprove religious precepts. With such attacks on their science it has been almost a tradition of scientists to keep any spiritual thoughts they may have to themselves. In this present day world the spiritual thoughts of these intellectual persons may be very important to the survival of out species and life on this planet itself. For some reason, religious leaders have chosen to promote the idea that the most important spiritual and moral teachings were written thousands of years ago. This has stagnated an important part of human intellectual development. In a time where our science and technology has made tremendous advances, our spiritual moral and religious understanding has been stagnant. I feel it is time for a change. It is time for someone to come out of the closet.

I have found a sort of system, an alternative form of spirituality that keeps me going. When I find myself in times of trouble, I can always bring myself through using what I have learned through my spiritual exploration.

Science can give us a clearer picture of ourselves and life on this planet. This understanding can lead to a brave, positive and practical, deep spirituality. This is kind of related to or a natural extension of the deep ecology of Arnie Naess a Norwegian philosopher.

This is my job. Writing this book I feel is the best thing I am capable of doing for mankind. The CAUSE is my gift to everyone. To love this planet and life on it I need a spirituality bigger than the status quo god concept. Modern spirituality does not necessarily need a god in the traditional context.

I believe such alternative expressions of spirituality are important. They certainly have been to me personally. The question is whether this would be a positive thing for society as a whole. Maybe, but not likely, is being spiritually mute or stupid good? To express an attempt to view spirituality and life itself in a rational light will influence the minds of the readers. As fuel for hesitation, will this enlightenment cause war as all religious revolutions have?

The way the rich rule the world which they do is very shallow. They use religious fervor to lead the people like sheep. I have watched those stock exchange fellows standing there in a bull market when the bell rings. It is very easy to see what god they have made a pact with and dedicated their lives to. They rally around the money like greedy cut throat pirates who have no soul to save. I see them standing there with smiles, ding, ding, ding, ding; a bunch of greedy monkey like animals.

I ask myself, what do you want to write in your book of life? I want to write about all the possibilities of species and wonderful variability. I want to write a prophesy that has the potential to guide mankind through the next millennium. Why is it my job to identify and promote a spiritual utopian theory that can help mankind for the next thousand years? What gives me the will to think I can come up with a spiritual, philosophical ideal that gives a certain value to your life and mine? All I can say for certain is the deep spirituality of the CAUSE works for me.

The CAUSE is a record of my spiritual journey and an attempt to portray a religious spiritual line of thinking that coincides with science. Oh, so I think I’m capable of writing a ‘Walden Pond’ of spirituality with Einsteinian overtones. Who am I to decide what is spiritually right and good for this world? Again all I decide is what spirituality is right for me just as every person does for them selves.

The Question is not whether the spirituality and philosophy portrayed in the CAUSE is right for everyone. It is right for me and therefore it is a right of me to publish it as a form of creative self expression. I entertain a diversion of spiritual thought; writing this out may be entertaining to some.

It is not the prophet or the shaman that must think about whether or not he is capable of leading people. They in premise do not control people they only share thoughts of wisdom. It is the politicians and CEOs who should get their egos under control. They must tame their personal greed. They must stop and decide: what are we really doing here on this planet? Please dump your God off to the side for a few moments and let us look rationally at the past present and future of life on this Earth.

If I truly love life; if I love my relatives and friends, or even for that matter my own life, what can I do to help? It seems that what we do and how we do it is helped tremendously by science and technology; why we do things is of another matter. That matter seems to be one of spirit and philosophy which has been stagnant in comparison.

If you study trends of wilderness encroachment, resource usage and human population growth; we are being lead by our governments which in turn are lead by rich and powerful people. Any and every person not them selves lead by internal greed must admit we are heading to a catastrophic demise. New and improved spiritual ideals are necessary for human survival. There is time to correct ourselves.

I’m seeking a religion revolving around our true place in the Universe, which is to evolve into eternal beings. Why do I think so much about science and spirituality? Maybe I want to go down in history as the David Thoreau of 2003? Not a bad comparison , I don’t think that Thoreau had much of an ego, yet he was able to write his book and it has been read by millions for over a hundred years. Why do I think that out of 6 billion people on the face of this Earth that I have a spiritual insight that is capable of keeping mankind going for the next thousand years? It does not matter who I think I am or what I think I’m capable or not capable of; I’m not going to sit around and watch my species go down a path of destruction right in front of my eyes

Why do I think it is so important that I finish this book? Because I don’t want to die. I want to live forever. I don’t want to be part of a lemming like species that destroys the Earth to the point of extinction. I want to be part of the book of life.

I really do love my family. I love you, I love everyone and I want us all to know that we have a chance to live forever. I did not just blindly decide I was going to write this book. Like I said, I don’t want to die and I don’t want to see the life force created on this planet go to waste.

I cannot let my low self esteem or any hardship hold me back.


A cause at best creates an effect. As with many aspects of human life the CAUSE this book describes is so simple it cannot be totally explained. To ask, “What is the meaning if Life?”, would imply that life has a meaning. A broader open question is, “What is life?”. No matter how we perceive the existence of life, it remains what it is. From intergalactic to subatomic, the Universe is alive. If we include realms which possibly exist beyond the entire physical plane to the definition of the Universe; it may be considered an infinite all encompassing unit. This quantity ‘infinity’ which we live in is so big that no one book of philosophy or religion could ever accurately describe it. To give this entity an identity, some equate infinity with God; an all knowing, all encompassing creator being. Borne out of tradition God is often given fatherly masculine features and a sort of human personality. In all reality it is certain God can be as big or small as our individual understanding of that concept. Once a person comes to this realization we are free from the restraints of religions and philosophies of people who profess a fallacy of perfect understanding. The effect I hope comes out of the CAUSE is a questioning of established views and theories of life to bring about a new and diverse set of theories to form a small part of spiritual revolution.

Traditionally we humans have defined our place in the Universe through religion and our concept of God. While atheism and philosophy have been in existence for quite some time to somewhat counter balance religious zealots; religious explanations of life have remained much more popular. Historically most religions made the Earth and man center of the Universe. Even if Earth was made the center, the Universe was still a large and unexplainable place. Not to judge the validity of such a practice; it is much simpler to say the Universe was created by God period and forgo any further explanation. It is a fact, at least in the minds of scientists, that through radio carbon dating, growth rings on trees, speed and movement of interstellar objects and other evidence they have estimated the age of the Earth and the Universe. These different approaches clash bringing both parties into a mundane creation versus evolution fiasco of a debate no side can win.

Viewing God as a grand creator off somewhere in the distant externalizes spirituality and may take our love and concentration away from where it belongs, on our species and planet. While viewing God as a person which we can petition with prayer may be helpful for the individual to, as they say, have a ‘personal relationship with God’, this does little to help people love and understand the world around them. Every aspect of life from air to breath, food to eat and human interaction comes not from our relationship with some schizophrenic deity concept, but with our relationship to our very surroundings. Although far from perfect, I am a thinking being and the little bit of gray matter that I have is a gift; as long as I respect the world around me and value this gift, the spirit of God is within me. If we can internalize and localize God we can surely live in a place ever closer to utopia.

While science through observation and data can explain the Universe it does not give us a reason (cause) for such existence. Beside not explaining why the Universe exists science is also a weak medium when it comes to feelings, emotions of love, morals, spirituality and beauty among other activities our gray matter may be involved in. Yes, disciplines such as social science and psychology, on the fringes of science, come close to explaining such phenomena. Yet as an example of inadequacy of science let us consider abstract art. Pure science will never explain why one splash of ink on a canvas is worth millions and the next is worth nothing.

Now back to the idea of free thought. I find most religion to be stale based on books written long ago while scientific and technological knowledge have advanced greatly over the span of my relatively short life. At least for myself scientific knowledge without equally advanced reason and meaning for life has left a void in my psyche. I have found the traditional concept of God, being a male person you pray to for what you want, is too small. The CAUSE is a record of my attempt to fill this void in a manner satisfactory to my individual mind set.

The writing has taken about 7 years. It began out of anxiety more than anything. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was going to die. Not only that but if I did not do something, all mankind was going to die. It is fact that if unleashed the nuclear arsenals of the United States and/or Russia could kill everyman woman and child on Earth several times over; yet who am I to believe I have any influence over the powers that be? Then too for quite some time I have been at odds with certain doctrines of Jewish, Christian and Muslim faiths. Each of these religions profess a last day, a judgement day and an end to life. I think this is an evil tenet which is counter productive and impedes mans potential to become the instrument through which intelligence, thought, awareness, consciousness enters the physical plane. I find this doomsday syndrome a mean and wicked lie. If enough people think a raging world ending Armageddon is predestined to happen, it will happen. I’ve made up my mind I’m not going to live under this dark evil cloud any more. I’m not going to lie around and watch my species stay course on a path that is certain to lead to catastrophe. Is everyone ready to sacrifice the earth for personal economic growth? The United States even has the lowly blue collar worker watching his 401 K retirement fund grow. Then the SUV driving designer home owning upper class are intravenously addicted to the idea of investing to make money with their money and having to do nothing. Not that these individual people are wrong, in fact I have owned and driven a Chevy Blazer which is an SUV. Almost every job I’ve worked had some sort of retirement scam, excuse me plan. I’m not against people being rich I just want to bring to light the impact of material economic growth. What I’m trying to understand and portray is the combined affect our entire species has on this planet; it is definitely not good.

To keep this ‘economic growth’ going we need to add four billion more people to the six billion already on the Earth over the next 15 years. More babies, more houses, more cars, more Urban sprawl. We need to bring about the extinction of many plants and animals by paving the entire Earth to make it into one big strip mall. No thank you; I’m not going to let some no mind foolish greedy idiots destroy the chances of my species evolving into Utopia where we are all brothers and sisters of an evolving God beyond the speed of light.

I thought long enough. Who am I to say these things? Where is my authority to explain to all the true meaning of life? Nobody is the least bit interested in what I have to say. It will never get printed. I’ve spent hours upon hours of the last seven years of my life wasting my time on this book nobody will ever read. Everyone will think I am some sort of deranged wacko from Waco type.

I really had a hard time with questioning my own motives and ego or lack of during the writing of this book. I do not want to be considered any better or worse than any other individual. Then I had to get rational and think about what my motives for taking on a book like this really are. Maybe I should just shut up and get some sort of mid management desk job. Then I can make money so I can suck my share of as many natural resources possible in this rat race before they all run out?

Bull shit! Evolution is the path to my God if you don’t like evolution go take a hike! Before I die I will know that my species is going all the way. We are going to go many times the speed of light to the edge of the physical plane and back! This book represents my coming out party. This is my celebration of my freedom of religion; my inherent right to believe as I choose! Evolution is my connection to God and science is my church. All the Tele-evangelist hypocrites who read this can now go wet your britches and pout like babies along with your childish little definition of God. Why would God be a man if man did not make his own neanderthal definition of God? If they were gonna make God in a human image they could have at least made it a woman. He did this and he did that, get off it, what a joke, they gotta be kidding, this is the beginning of the third millennium since Christ. Preachers of the old school do not have a clue of how lucky we are and how special we are to this Universe. It is not a hard decision. You can believe in the dark, the books of death, where man owns the planet to procreate, rape and pillage it to demise and extinction. Eternal nothingness; oh but God will come on that final day…Then there is the light, you get to know that you are part of the book of life. You can know that homo sapiens offspring will evolve into eternal beings to enter an existence beyond time itself; where one nanosecond and an eon measure the same. That every thought of every human who ever lived on the planet is part of eternal being. We are as the seeds of a spiritual intelligence and love in the vast locality of our Universe. Each one of us has the free will to choose, it is up to you.

So that is the CAUSE in a nut shell. If you picked up the CAUSE by accident thinking it was some other book; or if you were curious yet after this foreword of the Foreword, if you are already offended the CAUSE is not for you, don’t waste your time or mine, stop reading now, I will never convince you, I wrote this book for myself take it or leave it. My life is hard enough without being accused of a bunch of wicked lies by hateful people who could very well seek to hurt me because of my spiritual beliefs and understanding of life. Don’t get me wrong, although the words above may seem harsh and condemn certain religious and political practices, they are only my words which I have a right to speak. They are not meant to threaten any body. The words are in defense of my ideals and life style which as been threatened, I have been abused and violated by others who’s beliefs differ from my own. None the less I will not be drawn into blatant violent disrespect of those who persecute me. This is a battle of intellectual freedom, spirit and soul; It cannot be won with physical weapons of war , imprisonment or murder.

If I have left one thing out of this preface it would be a love I do have for the religions of the people of Earth. If my spiritual direction is to be in any way superior, it must remain humble, tolerant and compassionate toward all religious diversities. Leaders of religious and philosophical organizations have lead the people of the Earth with the best moral and religious knowledge that they had available to them to the best of their ability. I strive to gain understanding of all of mankind’s spiritual teachings to gain the most true Eclecticism possible. May it be by introducing evolution as my religion, it will illustrate such a vastly different belief system that all the rest will learn to recognize their similarities and get along. My religion thrives on spiritual diversity. My religion loves all the spiritual and religious endeavors man has ever indulged in because against all odds, with all the shameful wars and carnage they got us this far, this history makes us what we are today..

So this is the CAUSE: Community Awakening Universal Spiritual Evolution. It is a pretty small community at the moment, just ‘lil’ ol’ me. Maybe I’ll convert an atheist or two and proselytize a few that believe in the Big Guy. Then there is the choir of possibly billions who are already there, I can here them singing. Agree or disagree; I hope you find the CAUSE entertaining and maybe even inspiring.

Peace Love Dove



I’ll start out here with a few words to further describe the CAUSE. It is the record of one person’s unfinished spiritual journey. Once someone says a book is perfect and the spiritual journey is perfected and finished; there can be no growth. The CAUSE is paradoxical; exposing fallacies and outright lies of historical spiritual, religious thought; then accepting and loving what I have trashed as necessary human spiritual development, evolution? Human spirituality is prehistoric in origin therefore nothing in this realm can be totally new, yet I am telling you that I have discovered a novel understanding of life; well it works for me on most days. I believe the CAUSE is so good a rich and famous person will no doubt steal the ideas of this book to be recognized and given credit as the originator of a new era of human spirituality. Such is life; as long as the ideas get out there; because ideas may help decide whether the human species connects to eternity or becomes as extinct as dinosaurs. Eternity, that is how long it seems to be taking me to write this book, that too is probably how long it will take before some body will volunteer to read it. It will take eternity to determine if I achieved the goals I set out to accomplish through the writings of this book; or not, I am fine with that at least I tried. The essence of this book is that if we all somehow work together, through the gift of life, we as a species have been given a chance to conquer time and live forever. Yes immortal beings, thee old conquer time and live forever thing again; while in reality we suck air, eat, pass gas and if we are lucky we get old before we die; this is the paradox.

Just like any other time in human history if you stray from the path you will be called a heretic, atheist, heathen and any other distasteful words the dominant society may think of to preserve their authority and livelihood. It will take at least one person of social stature to carry the torch heralding the individuality of true spirituality into public acceptance. Then to come out of the closet and say evolution is my religion! I will suffer because in spite all nations of the world having charters and constitutions which guarantee religious freedom, we are only free to worship in ways which are popular and accepted. While some may go to church and attend groups to study religion and spirituality, the individual essence of spirituality cannot be denied. Yet to venture from the norm can be as much a death sentence today as in any time throughout history.

While eclecticism is not a religion and only a method of study; I believe being eclectic is opening the door to spiritual and religious understanding. Christians are taught to ‘love your enemies’ yet they very rarely leave their little circle of friends. You cannot learn to love your enemy without an honest effort to understand them. I believe in eclecticism because if we learn about the faiths of others we may be able to understand them and they will no longer be enemies.

Then what reason other then that prophets have told us so do we have to love our enemies? I have found a logical reason through ideas of spiritual evolution. Any chance that we have to reach a Godly utopian existence can only be accomplished through our entire species. This brings a spirit of true value to human diversity. This ideal of one spiritual brotherhood of one family of one species is the CAUSE.

As I understand the history of the theory of evolution as it pertains to biology, it was at first not accepted. In fact there is still a religious movement that fights tooth and nail against evolution in support the belief that God made it all in seven days about 6000 years ago. Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species in 1859. While other scientists of the time had similar thoughts, Darwin is generally credited with inventing the theory. How he let say, discovered the theory is by observing the diversity of life on the planet. He saw small differences in species separated by large ocean spans. He figured that the now different members of similar species had common ancestors and over time they evolved differently to adapt to their environments. The theory of evolution was attacked viciously as lies and heresy. Cartoonists, to ridicule ‘his’ theory, drew pictures of Darwin’s head on a monkeys body sitting in a tree. Little did they know that once they chose to debate religion in the arena of science, the existence of their all powerful God becomes nothing more than a theory. Truth can be successfully attacked and many can be lead to believe things that are not true, yet the fact remains that truth is still truth.

From the CAUSE perspective religious understanding is, that we humans have the potential to evolve into something we do not yet understand. At first this sounds like the same old mystery story of many a religion. I understand that eternity is a very long time; that every human throughout time other than the roughly 6 billion who now live on Planet Earth have all died. There are faithful exceptions to death including belief in reincarnation, also belief that one Jesus Christ rose from the dead and ascended into heaven. Since these two exceptions require death and everyone else I know over 100 and some years old is dead, the chance of living forever is nil to none. To even think of living forever would be as a crazed gambler risking it all double or nothing for one last bet .

On the lighter side I understand that due to technology we have located black holes in the universe. They say the center of a black whole is so densely packed that the entire mass of the Earth would be about the size of a baseball. So somehow matter once sucked into the black hole travels from the edge, called the event horizon, to the center. Then for that infinitesimal, beyond time moment, matter is able to travel at a speed equal to or greater than that of light. This is all a clue that it is possible for mankind to go beyond time.

Then there is the much debated idea of cloning, stem cell research and the like. Although still border line si-fi one can picture living in a young healthy body for ever through science. While I don’t really want to die yet I think forever in a human physical body might become rather mundane. If I could remain as healthy as I am I think I could handle a thousand or two more years in this carcass.

Toss science aside somewhat and go with spiritual evolution. If we humans do not destroy this planet, in all probability Earth will sustain life for a million years or more. So that which is now hit and miss pseudo-science, such as extra sensory perception (ESP), clairvoyance and outer body experience, may evolve into sure scientific, predictable phenomena. With all the problems of science and technology the facts of scientific evolution remain. If a person could be brought forward to present time from 100 years ago; at first glance we would appear like gods to them. So it may be through spiritual evolution that a hundred years from now ESP will be a sure thing. “when we’ve been here ten thousand years, bright shining as the sun, we’ve no less days to sing Gods praise, then when we’ve first begun” from Amazing Grace, John Newton 1748. Nobody sang his song until after he was dead.

A writer who has became popular has some power over his/her readers because they have gained reputation and respect. I don’t have that luxury; you the reader, are the boss. At this point I do not know that anyone will ever read the Cause; let alone if I will ever finish it. That is why I wrote the Paradox chapter which pretty much explains the substance of the CAUSE. There is no sure thing in this life; I think that is part of the free will thing; you yourself must choose whether you think our species becomes extinct or evolves into eternal beings. Again, you can now decide if you are interested in reading more or throwing the book in the garbage. The reader is the boss; if I were the boss I would not want you to waste my time. While the book may travel into additional scientific and spiritual realms it will also take the ideas represented above into greater depth. To some it may all seem repetitive, in my mind I cannot say often enough or in enough different ways; we are all brothers and sisters of this species and if we work together we can become eternal beings. So you’re welcome to put the CAUSE aside right now.

Another possibility is; that a prospective reader is happy and satisfied with an established, organized religion. In my life such faith reminds me of a childlike innocence I once had. This has nothing to do with immaturity and all with philosophical diversity. I suspect some readers are still fuming from what they have read so far let alone in reaction to my continued attempts to rationalize religion and spirituality with overtones of science. In respect for the religiously satisfied, I would hope they do not read on. Once the door is open it is too late. If I could leave all this spiritual philosophy behind to once again be held in the bosom of Jesus, I’d go there. Now without comparison to Jesus or any recognized prophet I feel I must put myself out there to proclaim and defend evolution and all I believe in. To remain blind is so much simpler. Not that I don’t love and care about such people, but I once envied the simplicity of mentally challenged people. While I know many of them suffer depression as well as I; there are a few that always seem to be happy. Maybe a better example would be like a young innocent child when your mom or dad are reading you a bed time fairy tale. That would be how I would want to feel, simple, pure, innocent comfort; no lies, no greed, squabbling, pain or death.

Sometimes I feel like why bother, I’m not rich or famous, so nobody cares one iota about my spiritual ideas. On the other hand I believe my ideas may go on in history to be recognized as a turning point in the spiritual evolution of mankind. More than subject matter or actual writing, what I find hard is the ego battle I go through everyday in relation to this book. While I believe I’m on to something that while it is human and is within us all is also different and quite original. I know I’m not special and I don’t want to be special. It would be okay to be recognized for the theory and rationalizations I have developed in the spiritual realm. I would like to give my ideas to the world, make a few bucks, then be an invisible nobody, a one hit wonder. The world teaches us to give only what we need to get as much of what we want as we can, thinking mainly only of ourselves. I want to bring to light how certain humans have used religion to justify killing their enemies, then explain how I love and respect all the religious and spiritual teachings of mankind. As I write this I realize it all sounds like that crazy paradox thing happening again. Yet having the ideas I intend to share within this book in my head, the paradox makes total logical sense to me.

I found a time in my life and mind where the scientific knowledge available to me disproved many historical religious teachings. A religious instructor while professing a book of faith to be perfect would find it hard to deny a conflict between religion and science. I can then understand atheism, yet to leave out utopias of God, reincarnation, heaven and ever lasting life; might leave one(me) emotionally and spiritually bland, almost self denied. Then to be without faith in some sort of connection to everlasting life seemed to take away from the purpose of it all. So the tug of war with words above is to explain a void space in my life that seemed empty of the spiritual growth I longed for.


Somehow this emptiness would at times give me anxiety which I’ve found to be shared by many people I know. We seek a meaning for life and to enjoy life. This lonely anxiety symptom seemed to have peaked for me in the fall of 1995, although this was an ongoing thing, at this time I began to increase the time I spent studying spirituality. I wrote down some of my opinions, questions and the answers I had found. I had a mid life crisis and a break down I’ll explain in a later chapter. So the book did not happen over night, it is now 2002 and I hope to finish it or at least update the manuscript within this month of May (soon). While I had some idea of what I wanted to say, it seems I had to experience and take in a wide variety of lessons to bring about a definitive connection to it all.

Within the pages are an attempt to explain the development of a few simple core beliefs that work for me. Then this book is an expression of my personal spiritual journey. While personal often means private, if others did not share what they have learned there would be nothing to write about. In mind and spirit our lives consist more of the external stimulus we take in rather then our response to our surroundings. In other words while the world can go on with out us we cannot exist without the world. Nothing is truly our own. Then on the other hand I don’t believe and take as fact every spiritual idea I’ve come across, that choice is mine and nobody else’s. I certainly don’t believe my answers are any more perfect then books written a thousand years ago are perfect. Beyond time and the speed of light is the only place perfect could possibly exist.

As a personal view of religion, philosophy and life; many readers will disagree with what I’ve written to the point of anger and discontent. It is my hope that instead of simply deeming the theories wrong; that the reader would replace the theories they don’t like with others that work for them. If there would be anything totally new in this book I would think it is a further strengthening of our rights to spiritual and religious individuality. We each may find certain teachings that seem to enlighten us, bringing us to a new plateau, we soon again seek a greater perception; such a journey once begun is never ending.

With this writing I want to accomplish certain things, everything and nothing at once. I want organize and express my opinions. I want people to read the book knowing that this book is just one man’s opinions. To attribute any more authority to it would deprive individual readers from continuing to develop their own personal spiritual identity. This book is my personal celebration of individuality and diversity. If the reader can use my thoughts okay so long as they can realize their freedom to choose as they wish. I would hope they would become free to understand that anybody who says a book is perfect or Jesus is perfect or Buddha is perfect is lying. When we grant such freedom to ourselves, it is my hope that we all become more open minded and tolerant of others beliefs thus also allowing them the freedom to believe as they may choose. All spiritual knowledge had to enter this world through individuals; even if such enlightenments came from a group effort, each group is made of individuals.

What I stand to gain from it all is when others realize the freedom they have to develop individual spiritual ways of life they may teach me and expand my spirituality. Other than that I think the subject of this book may not be best seller material. Everybody and their brothers have written books on religion and philosophies of how they have found ultimate reason and answer to life. Many people believe the religion they profess is the best thing going and the only way to salvation. They say that the illusive concept of heavens utopia will not come to you if you do not believe as they do. Then is it the religion or their livelihood they are actually defending? So who would you trust; someone who tells you of a sure thing or someone with a handful of opinions and theories? Myself, I would go with opinions and theories shared rather than someone trying to jam some belief system I have already dismissed down my spiritual throat.

Just as any writer, it would be welcome if I was wrong and my ideas became popular. In a world so full of books and media that would be some sort of miracle; involving meeting the right people at the right place and the right time. What if people actually agree with me and enjoy the book? What a dream, a best seller! I would have money to write more books. I could work on several sustainable lifestyle inventions of mine. I could get caught up in all the life styles of the rich an famous! What a thrill what a challenge! Back to reality we live in a world of money and the only way to get my message out would be if a publisher finds my book interesting and entertaining. As much as this sort of writing is about a gift of spiritual enlightenment of which there is no price; the fact remains, it will not be printed and distributed unless the publishing company thinks they can make a buck off of it. At this point thinking about what may or may not become of my writing efforts is irrelevant, I have to write for myself and for the sake of writing alone. No matter what we accomplish in this world the task of actually doing it is in the present of one time or another. A saying which I do not know the origin is “ The past is history, the future is a mystery, now is a gift and that is why we call it the present.”

While we may be young in mind and spirit at any age we are only chronologically adolescent for a short time in our lives. It is a time in our lives when we do not know everything about life yet we know that our parents and teachers are not always right. This causes many of us to put good energies into rebelling rather than creating. I myself would rather be asked to do something than told to do something. I would rather have something presented to me in a way which I know I am free to accept or reject it without being punished if I disagree. Where in science we can do the same experiment over and over again getting the same results; neither spirituality or religion are a perfect science. If someone does not believe water molecules are made up of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen, they will eventually proved mistaken, normally being proven wrong is the only punishment they will receive. Religion on the other hand which consists mainly of writings passed down through millenniums are at best hypothetical; yet wars are being fought to this day and people die for religion. We can teach a dog to sit on command, so through our coxing of the dog it obeys; to use such techniques with spiritual knowledge would illustrate a false connection between teaching and learning. What is all this hem and haw about? I will try my best to present this book in a way that is not authoritative, esoteric, egotistical or in any way self righteous. In retail sales there is the philosophy of the customer is always right; while the reader may not be able to meet me and correct me in person; you are the reader and you are the boss!

Most of the CAUSE was written between 1995 and 1997. Then in 2002 I decided to put one last effort into finishing it. The time and experiences over those years changed my perception of what is spiritual quite drastically, yet much of what I believe is the same now as it was then. I wanted to preserve most of the older writings while being able to add to the book. I decided to use a different text font for the newer writings so the reader and myself can distinguish the older from newer. Also this method allows me to comment on what I was thinking back those few years ago. It is now 2003.

I hope I am my own worst critic. This is the first book I’ve undertaken. As I write this preface. I’m ready to make my final revisions to the CAUSE before I send it in to publishers and as few friends to read. When I read the titles to the chapters I know that I’ve covered many aspects of science, religion and philosophies of life. In some cases I barely scratch the surface of the subjects I touch upon. Look at how far I have come with no incentive other then my inner feelings? I could write a hundred books just from subjects introduced in the CAUSE. I can here the publishers now, “This is a pretty cool book and it may indeed sell, but can you imagine if we pay this guy to write he’ll never shut up!” Yet there are certain returning themes throughout the CAUSE. To discuss my chosen work critically one may say it is repetitive. A more positive critique would be that it is all tied to the main concept of the CAUSE. Sisters and brothers, fellow members of my species, we have some rough road ahead but, we are going to make it, we are eternal beings! I do wish the CAUSE to be enjoyable reading. Thank you again for giving it a try.


After much thought I decided to name this book the CAUSE. Any individual or group of people who stand up for something they believe in it is referred to as their cause. I liked the word cause, the book explains a cause that I am dedicated to, so then I went about thinking up words for each letter of cause which would match my cause. The cause of this book is an acronym, the letters of which stand for: Community Awakening Universal Spiritual Evolution. It is quite a mouthful to the point of sounding heavy, complex and maybe scary to some. Then it is perfect because it says it all and it sounds good abbreviated to the CAUSE. Each of the words have profound meaning on their own which I will explain below then we will know the CAUSE as it is addressed in this book:

At first ‘C’ I filled the ‘C’ word with church. While at some point there may come a group of people that join together for regular weekly meetings to celebrate the CAUSE that is not the case now. I don’t really want to start a church, I feel there are enough churches, not enough people willing to split from the norm to explore their own individual spiritual frontiers. Maybe instead of Sunday masses we could hold some sort of weekly anarchist rave party? Maybe not, this is a little clue to help understand what barriers are in place to stifle free thinkers. So the ‘C’ word was changed from church to Community. The community in this case is the entire Earth including our environment, loggers working to feed their families and tree huggers working to save what natural wilderness we have left are of the same community. A wood industry worker can no doubt appreciate a stand of virgin timber and admit that mankind is encroaching into an ever declining wilderness. I also doubt that there is a single environmentalist who has never stepped into a house framed with wood or never ridden in an automobile which burns fossil fuel. I did not intend to get this wrapped up in such a narrow issue in the beginnings of this book yet it illustrates how our differences end up being exaggerated beyond proportion. We are homo sapiens, we are one species on one planet and therefore one community.

As humans we are a community of individuals who are all related to one another because members of any race are in theory able to reproduce with members any other race. We all live on the same planet and it is debatable if any life could exist on Venus or Mars which by the way are a long way from home. I feel it is important for us all to be tolerant and accept what genetic and cultural diversity we do have as a gift. Some readers may strongly disagree with my ideas while others may share my beliefs and feel happy knowing there are others who believe as they do. Both sets of beliefs come from humans which are part of a community where acceptance of diversity is a key element to our future success. If we are successful, our community may come to include our solar system, galaxy, physical Universe and that which may be beyond the physical realm.

The ‘A’ was also filled by trial and error. My first pick was affirmation because I would affirm that I believe in universal spiritual evolution. Then what do I believe in but a bunch of hypotheses and unproven theories? Affirmation is synonymous with ratification which is kind of like taking an oath of allegiance. If I want to accomplish anything with the CAUSE it would be to encourage people to forgo and denounce any allegiance that would impede and stifle individual creativity in any way. Then a friend suggested ‘ awakening’ which serves the purpose most excellently so it came to represent the ‘A’ of the CAUSE. Awakening to the gift of individuality which may have been dormant and hidden behind our social ambitions; individuality often sacrificed in an attempt to become a popular person in a group. Awakening to a new found tolerance and respect to the beliefs of others; even to the point of curiosity and interest in understanding religious and spiritual teachings which we are not accustomed to. When individuals find they are able to worship and celebrate rituals as they choose without hate and ridicule from others, this would be an awakening. The respect for others beliefs does not mean that each person need to be as eclectic as I envision my spiritual quest. I may still be branded a heretic by some and it is most certain I would have been burned at the stake with the witches in Salem Massachusetts. Such is life on the frontiers of spirituality, it has always been and may always be this way.

Any perceived threat to a person or group of power and greed will most likely result in a most vicious attack. In most cases the unceasing sense of competition, inner willingness and ability to defend ones possessions without fail is how individuals come into power. One may say progress is being made and we are safe to practice and believe as we wish. Yet far into the future 9/11/2001 will be remembered because out of religious belief people professing to be of Muslim faith took out the World Trade Center in New York city with a suicide attack in the name of religion. Then the United States has attacked and bombed many innocent people without mercy in retaliation for the actions of a small group of people most of who were already dead. All people and all life on Earth are one community and it is certainly time for an awakening which includes tolerance and compassion toward all peoples.

On to ‘U’ for Universal, one of the words which was always a definite part of the CAUSE. The book could almost have been named ‘USE’ because Universal Spiritual Evolution that is what I really want to be part of, USE guys get it? I believe that even if one is strong with the convictions of a certain faith, in true practice of any faith we would learn about other faiths to become tolerant and understanding of others. If they are spiritually happy with the big guy upstairs thing fine, I can accept that. This brings us back to eclectic, each religious group should exchange teachers from other groups. Maybe the people in power of religious groups are afraid of losing members and money to the other group? If there was an agreement to allot each other equal time they should gain as many converts as they loose and in the mean while communication may lead to an end of the needless friction between the groups.

A Christian based church I attended actually invited a rabbi to give a little spiel about the Passover and talk about the Jewish faith. Maybe such exercises would help people realize that there is only one physical universe that we know of. Even if there were multiple physical planes in the Universe by definition they would be added to the one universe. Many religions believe God is an all encompassing and all understanding entity. In this aspect all monotheistic religions believe in the same God. Atheists no doubt believe in the existence of the Universe but not a supreme being to who through some sort of intelligence controls it all. To me God is not the ‘big guy’, like he made this and he made that, I refuse to believe in a trivial little dude god. I say God and the Universe are pretty much interchangeable. I do not know for sure but I would tend to believe members of polytheistic faiths would also believe in the one Universe concept. Celebrating individuality and diversity allows us all freedom which then becomes universal. The need for humans to understand our existence is universal. All the religious leaders, prophets and philosophers throughout history did the best they could to enlighten the people by explaining moral values, defining man’s place in the world and presenting a meaning to life. While each of their messages differ they each wished to accomplish the same thing, to define man’s relationship and place in the Universe.

S’ is for Spiritual, the core word of the CAUSE. It is a high yet subtle form of mind energy and thought we seem to define as spirituality. What exactly does spiritual mean? When a horse does not want to be ridden and refuses to allow a human to ride it, the horse is said to be spirited. A spirit is sometimes thought of as ghostly. Many also think of a spirit as incorporeal, able to live without a body. In religion, spirit is kind of an undefinable mysterious entity. Where praying and faith are concerned spirituality may have emotional tinges. It is all of the above, everything in between and more; yet you can’t see it taste it or smell it. Though people may try, I don’t believe spirit can be bought or sold. A book of writing it self is not spiritual it only may inspire spirituality. The CAUSE has to do with spirituality because as big as our individual egos may get, we breath the air of a greater force.

Spirituality may be a way to connect us to the infinite mind power which we as humans have not evolved far enough to see clearly. I was explaining my concept of spiritual evolution to a friend once saying, similar to the last sentence, that the mind of God does not yet exist or we are not able to connect with it at this time. They said that through meditation one can connect with this force here and now. Here at that time I was already writing this book and I did not believe what she said. Yet the thought her words she gave me start, a little glow. If more and more people get a glimpse of the Godly connection of our metamorphosis into a life beyond the physical, it will come about. When through a leap of faith we know that good will prevail, we can bring this back from the future to the present and this is spirituality.

The final word of the CAUSE is ‘E’ for evolution. To simply explain evolution as if we came from apes is a poor and false representation of the word. For one, apes are still in existence, so where ever we came from it is not apes. For two, if I said God created the universe and then it all evolved from there, how could a hard core creationist refute that? Why such a battle over two words? Evolution is science. Evolution could be something that the creator or some higher power has blessed us with. Our universe is constantly changing; to evolve is positive, to recede or decline is negative. As I will discus further along in this book to great detail; it is possible for us to develop (evolve) to a point where future humans will not have to die in the fashion we all must look forward to with total certainty. All we have is the future. Now so I don’t feel like a lone ranger, I’ll quote another writer, “the whole future of the Earth seems to me to depend on the awakening of our faith in the future” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.1881-1955. To deny religion would be to deny a history of human spiritual endeavors; to deny science which supports evolution is equally ludicrous. Just as compared to yesterday our science and technology, with all its faults does miracles, the keys to heaven are in the future. This realization will not take away from the beauty of the moment unless we let it.


Who is an interesting question because by ourselves we are nothing. We take in from the physical plane everything we need. All our knowledge is related to the world around us. While great things happen from individual minds, it would be hard to think of a single thought I can truly claim as my own. I try to think of my self as an individual member of a species and of a force of life on this planet, in this universe. My life and death is meaningless in comparison to the life and possible death of all life on Earth. If no one followed Gandhi I certainly would not know who he is. Manifestation only comes with popularity, so the power is with the followers who recognize the precept. Thomas Edison is given credit for inventing the light bulb among other things while in reality he only perfected experimental works of others. To be totally individual can give one a feeling of oneness with everything. I try to come to a state of acceptance of all the good and bad in the world as variations of myself, my species. It seems when we discover a oneness with everything and seek the God spirit within ourselves we become more complete as individuals.

Who is in many ways irrelevant because once you understand the CAUSE it becomes you. Who, might have been me when I wrote it, but it is definitely you when you read it. The only way this writing would truly be mine is if I kept it to myself. What I’m trying to portray here is that although I am writing the CAUSE this writing actually has very little to do with me personally. I suck air, eat, walk, talk, think and write which is a very small thing; I would not and could not be here unless I was part of a much larger Universe. Whether it is myself or you who I’m trying to convince my intentions in writing this book are to express my fears, hopes and dreams for the life on this planet. I want it to evolve to form or become one with an intelligent entity able to exist beyond the physical Universe.

Who is of little importance. This writing is just my perception of life and what is perceived by me is small in comparison to the singleness of everything. The phenomena it self is much more important than my interpretation. If a dozen words of this book ring true to a reader or two and they are able to develop a clearer understanding of their own individual spirit and purpose than I am happy.

I consider myself an individual thinker. I feel I have some pretty good ideas though I’m very scatter brained and complete very few things in this life. I guess I’m just another starving artist type. I create what I want to create and write what I want, never really considering whether or not anyone will enjoy or use my works. I have a few copy rights on songs, a few inventions and applied for a patent; none of them have made anything for me. I’ve traveled throughout the United States and Canada. By no means do I consider myself lazy though as most people I have never been happy with my jobs of which I have had at least fifty. Yes, I went to college and have the better part of an education, After nearly five years and three majors, I obtained an associates degree in mechanical engineering. I have the experience of several girl friends and two broken marriages. I’m just an average guy. While sometimes I experience a drive and a joy of writing, other times I would rather be drinking beer. We all want instant gratification or the closest thing to it. When we work a normal job we get paid by the hour. I’ve sent earlier rougher drafts of this manuscript to publishers about 5 years ago now. Out of about 20 sent I received three letters of rejection and one lady wrote me a letter saying what I had written was evil and Anti-Christ. The CAUSE has cost me thousands of hours work with about the same chance of a monetary payback as playing the lottery; so if you are reading this somehow for reasons I can’t explain I kept going.

In a Chapter titled ‘The Calling’ I describe my life and how I came to write this book in a little more detail. In short I’m a Homo Sapiens, yep! A thinking being. Just a person with good traits and some not so good. These are my only qualifications. I don’t claim any divine intervention or prophet status, I just spent a lot of time intellectualizing and soul searching to come up with a few ideas I thought were worth writing down.


This book is an expression of my opinions and theories on spirituality, religion, philosophy, and life it self. Maybe I just got inspired by this new age millennium stuff! Although honestly in my mind, I often think that the 2000 year mark is just a hypothetical number in relation to the entire history of man kind. I’ve studied the new age religions, cults and the older established religions which all helped but had not filled my spiritual void. I had to find my own answers. In the true spirit of individuality I’m starting my own individual religion. To Give it a name, I’ll call it the: Community Awakening Universal Spiritual Evolution. If you cannot find a religion you are comfortable with including mine ‘CAUSE’, you are welcomed and encouraged to start your own. If you want to be a member of CAUSE all you have to do is study and question any religious philosophical and moral teachings you desire; you seek and find your own individual interpretation of God and life. Then in this evolving religion we share our thoughts on God and man openly with whoever wants to listen and in this fashion a part of ones religion becomes part of another’s.

This God word usually implies a supreme ruler kind of entity that created the universe. For what reason I don’t know; maybe as some kind of little game to amuse it self? Oops, I want to stress that I accept the right of each individual to have their own personal belief of what God is or is not. There are many books out there which explain why the Bible, and other books are the exact word of God. I can respect that without believing it just as one can respect what I have to say without believing it. All as it takes to respect another person’s prerogative is to agree to disagree and give them their space. I tend to believe that God is a positive power of life that is in each one of us. I imagine God as creation rather then as some external creator dude, the Big Guy in they sky type of thing. Again by my definition God has to be and is synonymous with the entire Universe.

I like pyramids so let’s give the CAUSE a visual aspect. Actually in the last five years or so since I started this book and came up with this pyramid thing, my thoughts have changed so much that I almost dumped the idea. Yet that is how those higher pinnacle thoughts of God and religion are. Atheists seem to live about as long as believers. Even Muslims who I have found to be very devoted to religion spend more time living and working then they do praying. So spiritual and religious thoughts defining God, the higher power or any universal meaning of our existence do not normally play a big part in our daily lives, yet such thoughts are a focal point. So Religion is pyramidal in structure by nature. At the top are the big answers to the big questions, ones like ‘what is the meaning of life?’, ‘ Is there a God and if there is what are its characteristics?’. Is it male? Does the Big Guy upstairs control it all? The only way these questions and how we answer them affects our daily lives is by providing that center. They are in a small place at the top as the center to put life in focus. The pinnacle as I see it is the one Universe which is. It is so vast and beautiful that it is often equated and defined as God. It is as large as infinity it self and as such no human may be capable of completely understand it. Because of the immensity and complexity, most religions place human hero prophets between the people and the God Universe. We want God to have a mind and have human characteristics like us so we can talk to it. Sometimes I find this approach to God somewhat comforting other times totally schizophrenic. No matter how we describe it, I place the oneness of entirety at the top. Next I believe we, all mankind and life, are but a spiritual seed planted in the physical universe with the ability to grow in spirit and knowledge boundless, even beyond time and the physical plane. Then to relate the physical universal entity to the spiritual entity the one becomes three. 1.) God is the universe. 2.) God the power of life and evolution that gives man a chance to come in contact with the infinite collective mind. 3.) The God within us which we must choose freely if we are to be a positive part of the unfolding process. I’ll call these my three universal definitions of God.

The concepts of eternal life, duality, paths to spiritual happiness in this life, numerous and complex moral issues, are all under the center. How much personal wealth can an individual have without being a greedy sinner? Is abortion Murder? What is the proper punishment for a liar? What is the exact difference between consensual sex and rape? Is it a sin to consume and be environmentally destructive for personal profit? These are all moral issues that do not have absolute scientific answers. We each may have answers to these questions and become judges or jurors of our world and our peers. No matter what our individual impression of God may be, when it comes down to it except for acts of nature(God); women and men are most often judged by other humans. Often these human judgements are made by men in the name of God.

These statements I hold as truths to my faith. Yet these are simple, short, introductory statements and a million words may never fully explain or debate just the three answers. These top points, the Universal Definitions, will be discussed throughout the book. Various chapters will also include other theories, issues and moral opinions as I interpret my way down the pyramid CAUSE. The Church Affirming Universal Spiritual Evolution; what a mouth full hey? It includes all religions, Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed and all the prophets. Cause includes Humanists and even atheists; all thought and study of human spirituality. People will disagree yet I see any belief, thought or study of spirituality as meaningful theories. The Cause is all inclusive.

When :

This book consists of writings, thoughts and study of most of my lifetime. At times in the past I thought I was ready to write this book but never was able to finish it. I spent many such years contemplating whether or not my spiritual independence and ideals were good, original or even worthwhile. I believe this weakness of faith allowed evil in, to rule my life. I kept fighting the world until I found myself heart broken, in total emotional, financial, physical and legal ruin; an all encompassing deep depression. When? Only when I decided I didn’t want to kill myself. Only when in fact, as I now write these words, I have come to realize; I must find a strength from within, a willingness to grow spiritually or I will soon die. Only then, came the end of ambivalence. Now for the next month or so I plan to dedicate my life to spiritual study and the completion of this book. The writing officially started 10/26/95 it is now the 31st of May 2002 and I’m still writing. I’m bound and determined to finish the ‘final’ edit of this manuscript in the next few days (sure Ken). If I’m going to write more it will have to be another book because I’ve wrote read and rewrote the CAUSE about as much as I can stand. I’ve sought approval and every once in a while a person has read the manuscript and liked it. Well sometimes I think they liked me and just didn’t want to hurt my feelings. For the most part I’ve had little to no encouragement. I’ll finish it to prove to myself that I do finish things that I start. Thanks to technology I will be able to put copies of it on compact disk and give them to friends who may be interested. Maybe after a few hundred rejections somebody will print it if I’m willing to pay to get it printed. I hope you the reader are not an aspiring unknown novelist because this is a sad fact of life for most artists. It seems our culture, news media and the rest are geared to making a few artists ultra rich and famous while ignoring the rest. It is like a lotto more than a world ready to embrace our arts. If you are actually reading the CAUSE as a nice looking actually bound book with groovy pictures, don’t give up there is hope! If I can do it anybody can.



Let see; I started the first yellow legal pad in preparation for this book while working in a mining camp in Alaska. Then in Michigan at my home I wrote the majority. I did a little work on it at my parents house in Hayward Wisconsin, a little more in Ladysmith Wisconsin, some in Hope British Columbia. some In Nelson B.C. some in Vancouver B. C., Then I wanted to finish this edition of the CAUSE manuscript in Terrace B.C., now back in Hope (October 2002). Where did I write the CAUSE? In the boonies of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula in the USA. In a half built house, my church and my parish of one person. Me, my personal priest and minister. A bed and breakfast of religion and philosophy. A place where everyone is welcome and not to many visit. At present it is for sale like everything else in this world. I hope I can hold on to it and that someday it would actually become a type of church or maybe a spiritual retreat. I loved that house and the 80 acres it was on. I cleared the trees and built it from the ground up now someone else owns it and it is only my history; ten years worth. Then during a divorce and a mid life crisis an entrepreneuring real estate woman convinced me to sell my dream. Another book?

How :

By reading books, listening to the radio and watching TV. Religion is part of human life like it or not. I use the Internet for reference. By developing opinions on the religious literature and teachings I’ve studied. ‘Then I had a vision, then I found religion’, The Congo, by Vachel Lindsay; ‘I have a dream’, by Martin Luther King. I came up with my personal religious theories almost as if by vision of my inner mind; or maybe God was telling me, “This is good Ken. Live by it and share it with others”. The theories seemed all too real, maybe I had read them before. There is nothing this simple that can be new in the world. I could not find any writings that explained that humans are to evolve into the Godhead. Though many people must have had similar thoughts, they must not have been publicized and or recognized as spiritual evolution and a religion. I searched to find writings even close to my faith in CAUSE, then I could join them and I wouldn’t be left with the job of starting my own religion. I could find nothing, that expressed what I feel in spirit and this is how I decided to write the book. Since I’ve written the how explanation above I’ve read the Quran written by Mohammed, some of The Secret Doctrine by H. P. Blavatski, some writings of the Dalai Lama. I’ve also visited several Christian churches; attended a few Native American sweat lodges and spiritual gatherings to name a few experiences. I have learned much in this time and I want to learn more. Even at that time it was not correct to say I found nothing in them, before and since I have found many interesting religious and philosophical writings and ideals. It is just that I did not find any that I could give myself to totally. What can a person totally give them selves to beside the total oneness of life? Again it is my opinion that no one school of thought, no one writing can explain it all. How did I write this book? By keeping a legal pad next to my bed and getting up in the middle of the night to write what was going through my head. I wrote down little thoughts on matchbooks in pubs so I would not forget. While not a good or safe practice that I would never advise, I wrote some of it while I was driving down the road with a joint in one hand and a beer in the other steering with my knee. Okay, I would hold the beer between my legs and put the joint in the ashtray when I picked up the pen. Mainly I wrote it by sitting in front of a computer and gawking at the screen for hours and days on end like I am right now. Ya why? That is the next question.


It is a self help book. The initial help comes to me by taking the time and energy to write it. I got my self into a depression and the more time I spend concentrating on this book, the less time I spend mentally beating my self up. Secondly, studying, defining and learning to live by a renewed system of beliefs is spiritual growth which should help me. I’m finding this growth takes a lot of work, but in the long run it should lead me to a better, happier way of life. Thirdly

explaining what I have been through and what I have learned may help other people help themselves.

Why? To give spiritual seekers an alternative place to look while trying to fill their own lonely, empty, void, place. Other people may at least find the results of my soul search interesting. Why? There are thousands of books written about religion. By what authority do I write a book about God and who will be interested in reading it? Then it is a personal challenge, I want to organize my thoughts on religion for my own satisfaction. Then again maybe I’ll get on a talk show or two and sell a million books. Who knows? Maybe by expressing myself I’ll get together with my one true love soul mate and we will travel the world or just sit at home. Why? CAUSE is an expression of my beliefs which are important to me. The CAUSE is really not meant to replace organized religion and only meant to entertain people who have become dissatisfied with organized religion but are still soul searching. Why? To improve my outlook on life and gain a spirituality, gain a sense of meaning and happiness in living, worth more than all the money in the world. If by offering freely my spiritual alternative thoughts, I can help even one other person find their own individual spirituality, it will have been worth writing.


Here it is at last, the introduction to my spiritual quest and its documentation! I’m attempting to accomplish three main objectives in this chapter. 1.) Express my displeasure with traditional religious and philosophical views of life, spirituality and God concepts. 2.) To convey the fact that I can disagree with certain religious teachings and still respect such institutions and individual members of religious groups. 3.) Introduce the notion that science and evolution have spiritual dimensions which are not opponents of religion. Though there is still a lot of work to do, it is a big relief to me to have gotten this far. Soul searching is not easy work especially when combined with a brand of skepticism. Wishing it was not this way: whether by fate, the work of God or the devil, for reasons of the chemical reactions in my brain beyond my control, or by my own freewill; I cannot conform. Even as a child I’d wake in the middle of the night thinking; what really happens when a person dies? We are dead, a rotting corpse and nothing more, nothing for ever and ever. Da worms go out, da worms go in, da da…. da da. I sought comfort though the mind numbing affects of alcoholism and drug abuse. After it destroyed my entire life then again the bottle let me down, it no longer worked to alleviate my psychological pains. Torn up by the past I could not get myself out of it, I beat my mind to a pulp. I sought help and Alcohol Anonymous directed me toward a higher power, I found none. Seeking spirituality I looked first to the religions of the world to find a faith, I could not identify. Knowing by the very weakness of my soul that I do have one. I am not an atheist. So I came up with my own God and my own meaning of live. Hey, it just seemed like the New Age, millennium thing to do. So now that they are all but over, welcome to the ninety’s!


God, you played a dirty rotten trick on us. I didn’t eat no apple off of a’ no tree. Why do I have to pay for someone else’s sin? You have the gall to teach us we have to forgive others of their sins yet you hold what I didn’t even do against me! We have to face the possibility of our inevitable death every day of our lives. Then if we are lucky enough to live a full life; we get old, frail and die anyway. Ya, and while we are getting old; we have to watch all our friends, family and loved ones suffer and die. Then he says he loves us, what a liar! God is mean. God is evil. God is a devil! If I ever get a chance to meet you God, you, you spoiled little brat, I’m gona spank you like you’ve deserved for all those millenniums of trouble you have caused. All those people throughout all history fightin’ and a’ killin’ all on account a’ you.

That is about how stupid it is to view God as somebody you can talk to and plead with to get what you want. If you look at God in the traditional way as some sort of supreme being, creator and ruler of the Universe; ‘he’ is not very nice. God as a he is just historic chauvinistic, male dominant folk lore. Maybe the real God is a Goddess? Or would it be a hermaphrodite that can go both ways? After writing these things as ironic as it may sound I still do pray in my own way. I take part in many different rituals.

It may not be an empty expression as I have made it sound, the force of life is in us all and if it is but a soothing form of meditation so be it. An individual awakening to simple tenets and personal freedom to practice ritual and tradition, communion, sweat lodge, candles, incense and putting out tobacco for the great spirit. It is all good and it hurts no one.

Then there was all the ambivalence and procrastination one mind could come up with. “There is a God, maybe not.” “So what difference does it make if there is or not.” “I’ll just go on with life and do what I have to do to survive.” “But there is this empty void place in my mind they call a soul, I can feel it in my stomach”. This idea of God I have in my mind is telling me to do something about it. “ I don’t want to serve God, just let me be a happy heathen.” Who would want to read a book on religion written by a bipolar, alcoholic person nobody ever heard of? Then it was a depression where I wouldn’t even eat or get out of bed that finally

brought me to the depths of the soul search. Lets face it, no guy sunning himself on a beach, with a pretty woman next to him and a glass of champagne in his hand, is going to write a book about God and the meaning of life. On the lighter side, what it boils down to is this: I figure I have a big enough pile of legal pads and loose leaf paper written up to complete this book.

Back when I first started writing on spirituality I figured I needed a title. A few possibilities were: The Work of God, God’s Work, Inventing God, Reinventing God, A Connection to Forever, I Love Life, The Evolving God, Belief in a Higher Power, In His Likeness, and so on. I thought I finally settled on ‘Talking God’. I liked this title. People might think, ”Oh another one of them dudes that think God actually talks to him” or “Don’t you hear him talkin’?”. “ Why can’t we all hear him?” It really means ‘talking about God’, ‘people talking about God’, I’m talkin’ about God here. Then the things I was writing about started coming true before I had a chance to finish the book. So I’m sure this time and with this title; I will call it simply ‘The CAUSE’.

It should be fun to talk and learn about God. I’ve had some great conversations with people about the subject. Though I think if you walked up to a stranger on the street and started talking about God, they might think you are crazy; or they may run away from you down that street thinking you are trying to sell them something.

We all have the right to our own opinions and religious beliefs. Some say it is wrong to question or doubt writings such as the Bible and the Quran, that to be saved you have to believe and agree with all of what is said. Again there are many well meaning ministers and members of every faith who have done much good in the world. Others are quick to tell you that “Thou shall not tempt the Lord thy God”, and they talk about the mysteries of faith. It is amazing how very popular it is to believe in something we cannot see, feel, hear or touch. Don’t get me wrong, if you have faith and are happy with your religion please don’t let me offend you. You can be sure I won’t let your beliefs offend me. Believe me, once the thinking, doubting, and analysis begin, you are on your own, it is a long hard climb to any spiritual comfort you may find. With the recent history of religious cults like that Jamestown massacre thing and the Branch Davidian’s maybe I better get used to talking to someone who is not there? It might be safer than talking to myself!

Some people don’t seem to think about the big picture. They must not be concerned as much as I am with questions like: Why are we here? What is the meaning of life? Is there a God? What will happen to me when I die? These questions are scary and maybe there is a certain wisdom in just avoiding such thoughts. There is some wisdom in not worrying about the future or the past and just living for the beauty of the present. Others seek, finding through teachers of established religions, a faith that fills the empty void place which a soul can be. Yet others are the teachers, filled with faith, they become preachers, ministers, gurus, priests and evangelists. There are dedicated kind loving preachers who are humble and live a life of service and devotion. Then there are the tele_evangelist types who became millionaires several times over by telling the people what they want to hear. Spirit, people try to buy it and sell it. Spirit, you can’t see it, smell it, touch it or taste it; you can’t eat it, sit on it, or ride in it, yet it is there.

Why delve into your personal religion if you can just go down to a local church and get saved or born again in a one hour sermon some Sunday? You could just bow to Mecca a few times a day. Those people seem happy enough. Nobody has to whip or beat them into bowing and praying. It just simply didn’t work that way for me. I prayed, God, I need some money please let me win the lotto. God I need a woman who loves me, please send me one. God bless my grandpa and grandma. I haven’t won the lotto, I’m divorced, and my grandparents died. There isn’t, wasn’t and never will be a God or a Jesus with a big gray beard that sits around in a big throne granting my wishes. Man made this God, in fact I read and listened and I wished this God were real. After much frustration because God was not giving me what I want, what I need and what I deserve; I finally realized that this is backwards, that I have to serve God. Then there is another big question, what concept of God do I want to serve?

I don’t know all the answers and if I felt I did, they would still be only my answers. So as long as I consider and portray my ideas and beliefs as theories I feel I can maintain honesty. At times I find my explanations of belief to be phrased in an authoritative, factual manner. This is because sometimes I actually believe in what I am writing about. When communicating these thoughts to others I hope by telling them often enough that it is all just theory, that the reader is free to adapt any of it to their own belief system or disagree with all of it. I have listened to and read too much of preachers and philosophers who claim to know positively the ultimate truth. Ultimate truth is an individual thing in the mind of each individual.

So I’ve come to look at God as a theory originating from humans. While I cannot prove or disprove whether there is a supremely intelligent being who created everything; I can tell you that every sermon I’ve heard and every book I’ve read about God was produced by a human. It is up to you to decide if God made man or man made God. I just want the reader to be aware that a very high percentage of what we know about God comes to us through other humans. Though people gather together in belief of similar theories, each individual has their unique interpretations. It is common and practical for people to use established religious theories to develop their unique personal belief system.

If a person accepts theories of an established religion they are better off because it takes much more thought to come up with your own theory. It is just like technology, why build a mouse trap if you can buy one that works fine? Mass production and people working together can make products that one man simply could not make. So I did some research of world religions and philosophy before I decided to go off on my own. I’ve found some very interesting writings on religion and philosophy. I have used some of what I have learned through religious study to develop my theories and God concepts. Studying of religious and spiritual teaching is part of spiritual evolution.

I look at established religions as spiritual tools that help people who practice these religions mentally and emotionally to get through the pain and disappointment of living. Religion has positive social aspects as a friendship community. Religious celebrations also bring joy, happiness and serenity to those sharing faith. As a whole, religions are therefore a good and positive part of the spiritual evolution of man. Then too, man has used religion as a reason for war, hatred and atrocities which make communism and capitalism seem like wonderfully good things. This is why I can’t stress enough how important it is for each individual to have their own beliefs; let each person who would by chance read my writing make their own choices. It is only through nationalism, patriotism and false religious propaganda that the few can lead the many to kill people they don’t even know or have anything against personally. Missionaries and evangelists openly and willfully seek to convert people to their beliefs. I’ll even accept this so long as they respect and realize the freedom of each individual to believe as they choose. If they can explain their beliefs to others and also listen to others who wish to express their beliefs they are fine, outstanding members of their faith. If they cannot accept that other people have been raised in other faiths and traditions which are just as valid as their own, then they are wrong. If people are interested the missionary they can make information available and convert the willing. As far as I’m concerned it is a sin and a crime to force any belief system on another. I wish that everyone believed in life and its evolution yet it is the choice of the individual. By starting my own religion, I’m definitely out numbered, of course I’m against any form of religious persecution!

In reality what I have studied is probably a minute amount of writings about a few hundred of the worlds zillion religions and philosophies. At first I studied world religions and new age pagan religions in hopes of finding faith and being converted as if the ultimate answer were there somewhere if I looked. Then I studied to prove my assumption that what I believed really was different. I figure as of about right now I can say that my religious beliefs are significantly different from any information about any other organized religion I can find. Not surprising since I am an individual. My purpose in writing is not to convert people to my yet fictitious CAUSE religion, but to present alternative ideas and help people grow in there own unique, individual, spirituality. In your search I encourage you to study organized religions. Here is a list of religions to start from if you are interested. If you have Internet access every one of these religions and philosophies have representation on the Internet. This list is just a starting point for independent seekers. The list is not meant to offend anyone who is a practicing member of a religion, whether or not the name of your religion is on the list. Here is the list I have compiled:

Agnostic: undogmatic, ultimate reality, God unknowable

Alcoholics Anonymous: self help group with belief in a higher power

Atheist: denies existence of God

Baha’i Faith: emphasizing spiritual unity of mankind, Islamic, Judaism and Christian influences

Buddhist: founder Buddha, by right living and thinking one achieves Nirvana

Christian: religion based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Bible:




Christian Science_

Church of Christ_


Eastern Orthodox_



Jehovah’s witnesses_









Roman Catholic_

Seventh Day Adventist_


Confucianism: Chinese ideology founded by Confucius 551- 479 BC

Eclectic: selecting the best of doctrines, methods and styles

Existentialist: moving being in time and space, experience of existence

Hare Krishna: 5000 years old Hindu based

Hedonism: pleasure and happiness is the sole good in life, pursuit of pleasure, avoidance of pain.

Hindu: cosmic or individual existence

Holistic: interacting wholes, relation between part and whole

Humanism: self realization though reason, rejecting supernaturalism

Jewish: Abraham, Moses, Scriptures: Torah, Nevi’im , Ketuvim (Old Testament):

Jewish conservative_

Jewish Cultural_

Jewish Orthodox_

Jewish Reformed/Liberal_

Lamaism: Mahayana Buddhism of Tibet, tantric, shamanistic, headed by Dalai Lama

Metaphysical: including ontology ( nature and relations of being)

cosmology (universe as an orderly system)

Moslem/Islam: belief in the Quran, revelations of Mohammed, Allah and Angel Gabriel

Native American: belief in the great spirit and a connection to Mother Earth

Objectivism: sensible, moral good is real, moral precepts are objectively valid

Pagan: heathen, little or no religion, polytheistic, nature, Stone Hedge, more than one God

Pantheist: equates God with the forces of the universe, scientific pantheism

Satanist: worship of Satan marked by the travesty of Christian rites

Scientology: Immortal spiritual being within, rehabilitation through auditing

Sikh: offshoot of Hindu, reincarnation

Taoism: Confucians, unassertive, simplicity, magical, founded by Lao_tzu

Theosophy: a combination of theology and philosophy, H. P. Blavatski etc.

Wicca: polythesistic, witchcraft, Goddess Thea

Zoroastrainism: prophet Zoroaster, Avesta, supreme God Ahura Mazda

My concept of God is that of an Evolving God where spiritual growth takes place by questioning, learning and understanding. Spiritual growth includes tolerance and love toward all people of all religious and non religious background. Spiritual growth must involve a respect for all members of the human species and all life forms. The Community Awakening Universal Spiritual Evolution does not demand that you follow and believe everything as if it is written by divine revelation. In fact CAUSE is just the opposite, calling each person to apply their logic to try and Improve, disprove or replace any theory they care to. You can believe in Jesus; you can be an atheist or a member of any religious sect that ever was; you can also believe in the CAUSE.

Some people quite adamant about evolution being some kind of lie the devil put on Earth to destroy their sacred religion. I encourage such people to replace the word evolution with the word change where ever that ‘evil’ evolution word appears in the CAUSE. It is all sacred because it is all part of how we got here and therefore part of where we are going. In this way we may share in the process of true spiritual growth.

I really don’t mean to offend any one. Though it is time to be honest and reasonable. A person who is going about establishing their own religion is going to offend just about everyone. Especially when I tend to dismiss many religious teachings and then attempt to say I have tolerance and respect for what all religions attempt to do. So any one that is still reading is extremely open minded and should be canonized or considered for sainthood; maybe a shaman? Okay, now that the debate over offending anyone is done, I can get on with explaining eclecticism.

As a strict Muslim, Christian or Jew, they must believe literally that Adam and Eve were the first and only humans on Earth, they procreated and all us humans came from their seed. If creation is good for you, it is good for me too! The belief that all mankind started from these two individuals in itself is a twisted belief in evolution. We have darker people, lighter people, tall people, short people and every kind of people. We all have similar genes and any race of people can mate and reproduce with members of any other race. I doubt whether there is one male, white, supremacist, KKK, geek who if given the chance in private would not have sex with an African American Play Boy bunny. I believe the opposite situation would also be true with a NAACP or Black Panther type male if they had a private chance with miss Caucasian bunny. Beside being bigoted, prejudice limits a person’s ability to meet the good people there are in every racial group. Also some scientists say that in the long run, even with the diversity we humans have, it may not be enough, the species needs as much of a diverse gene pool as possible to survive the test of time. Spiritual diversity may be equally important for the continuing success of mankind. Tolerance of religious and spiritual diversity certainly is important to our success as a species.

I believe the theory of evolution has helped lead people of science to a philosophy superior to that which is aligned with creationism. If one is to believe it all was created by a supreme being, then it all has a purpose including polio virus and all diseases. Why then would any mortal human then attempt to change what has been created? I owe more of my life and well being to the dedicated researchers and doctors who found cures to my disease and healed my wounds then I do to humans who attribute it all to an act of God. It is certain that for the most part, an evolutionist doctor would treat a creationist as well as any human. Therefore what ever philosophic and religious attributes are associated with evolution and creation; it appears to me that the higher level of tolerance and love may come from the evolutionist who is willing to seek solutions and act responsible; rather than the holier than thou creationist who would leave it up to God. While it is often in the media that creationist’s view evolution as a lie of the devil, evolution has emerged as a more tolerant, loving, and humane way of viewing existence of life.

Let us look in Webster’s or Funk and Wagnal’s to read the definition of evolution then we can decide if it is the curse and enemy of religion.


1.) an unfolding; process of development or change

2.) a thing evolved

3.) a movement that is part of a series.

4.) biological:

a) the development of a species, organism, etc. from its original to its present state

b) the theory that all species developed from earlier forms.

This does not say that we came from monkeys. In fact humans and monkeys both exist as individual species to this day; therefore humans could not have evolved from monkeys. Technology has evolved so if you don’t believe in technical evolution; don’t use your phone, don’t drive your car, don’t cook food in your microwave, above all don’t go to a doctor. To some, it won’t matter how thoroughly or effectively evolution is explained. They will denounce evolution in the name of God and creationism until their last breath of life.


There is no question that religion it self has evolved. As I see it, some cave person living an untold amount of years ago, was having a bad time of things. They then felt the same empty void feeling in their soul that I have felt and they said “God this Sucks”. That is as good as any theory on how religion first started. Religion evolves just as sure as Medieval knights in shining armor were about 5’ tall. I’ve seen the actual preserved armor suits in museums and I don’t think the kings picked midgets to become big brave knights. Man has gotten taller since the beginning of this millennium. I believe the theory of evolution is scientific fact. Evolution has been proven to partly explain the biological development of life. Another thing the creationists don’t like is scientists predict the earliest simple forms of life started on Earth over 400 million years ago. That must be another lie from the devil of science because preacher ‘Joe’ says the Big Guy created it all in six days about six thousand years ago. Being raised Roman Catholic I can remember when they used to say the mass in Latin; dominos mun bosco or something like that. Then they decided to say the mass in English so people could understand it. Was this a change for the better, an improvement, evolution?

My beliefs and theories have probably been influenced more by Christianity then by any other religion. This is why I’ve included a chapter about the Bible. I maintain the assumption that it is possible and righteous to believe in Jesus and evolution. Many Christians will disagree with my Bible interpretations as much as any other interpretation. This is why there are so many denominations of Christian faith. I brand myself ‘the 21st century heretic man’, evolution is my God and eclecticism is my game. I take what I can use of religion and leave what I can’t use. I believe strongly in what I believe. A heretic is not a hypocrite just an individual. In my own mind I don’t understand the conflict between creationists and evolutionists. I feel that some religious otherwise righteous people take the Bible, a beautiful spiritual book, and interpret it literally, to conflict with and deny all of science. Then scientists tend to go with the Humanistic, Pantheistic or Atheistic belief systems which don’t believe in God in the same way most Christians would. Let everyone disagree as they choose, I stand my middle ground and say that “God created evolution”.

Why is all this debate so important? Because instead of recognizing each other for what we do right with compassion and love, an emphasis has some how been to disagree and fight about things that only the extremists of both parties really care about. Please, let us all agree to disagree and give each other the respect we ourselves desire.

During my late teens and early twenties my brother studied Far Eastern religions to quite an extent. In fact he spent some time at an ashram and met with a guru. He introduced me to Taoism with the Yin and the Yang, meditation, Yoga and other things. In the last few years I have looked at Pantheism. Wow! what a spiritually diverse five years it has been since I wrote the first half of this paragraph. I’ve been gifted with the writings of the Quran by the Islam, Muslim prophet Mohammed. I’ve read of the Dali Lama. I attended a gathering of the little spirit people. I’ve been fortunate enough to experience Native American spiritual gatherings and sweat lodge ceremonies. I’ve really had a chance to grow, even to the point of seeing how narrow my own spiritual development has been by limits in influence and a tendency to stay with the religion I was raised with. I am a relatively young in my eclectic ways, a spiritually omnivorous creature. So these are my religious influences.

Now I’m ready to explain my religious beliefs. As previously mentioned my beliefs are pyramidal in structure. A physical pyramid is built from the bottom up. A spiritual pyramid is built from the top down. At the top are the three universal definitions of God. The next level has to do with a more in depth definition of God and the concept of heaven. Then there is the relationship between God and mankind. At first God of the entire universe and all man kind seems vast and impersonal. Yet we are a society of individuals. It is only through personal faith and individual spirituality that God’s love can enter this world. The foundations include moral theory and a spiritual way of living day by day. The moral and ethical questions of our complicated human lives are many and my three universal definitions are few.

Again, the Three Universal Definitions of God:

1.) God is the entirety of the Universe, time, space, matter, all things and beings, spiritual and physical. Our relationship with the Universe is our relationship to God.

2.) That God, the Life Force, is diverse and wonderful on this planet; it self evolving and this, evolutions goal, seems to nurture us humans so we may bring the gift of infinite collective mind to the physical plane and beyond. The variety of plant and animal life on this planet is simply the most beautiful gift any living being could ever ask for.

3.) That as human beings existing in both mind and matter, we are of God; we have a direct role in bringing about this coming state of infinite , loving, mind and oneness. The God within that respects all humans and life forms. The good honest power inside you that loves and cares for your family and all those around you. We have the gift of a chance to be one with eternity. We, the species are a spiritual seed planted in the physical Universe.

The explanation of the first definition is basically Pantheist. I would be a pantheist if I did not feel I think beyond the Pantheistic point of view. Also, now I kind of feel that definition one is the Universe and definition two is the gift of life and number three is the path to perfect mind beyond time and space. Yes, the universe, Earth, nature and all life is part of God. I believe God has more to offer us than the physical world, that a state of infinite mind will come about through the work of humans with the help of one and two, three can happen if we believe it can. I believe the power of mind, of spirit, is an actual thing, a form of energy. I view the CAUSE as an extension of pantheism because CAUSE adds meaning, reason and a future. We will evolve into a being that can inhabit that intelligent plane for ever. A pantheist may or may not believe in life after life. All that set aside the magnitude of the entire universe in time is in the 25 billion range I’ve heard. This number is gathered by looking into the universe at the speed of light and using other sources astronomic information to make that prediction about the universe. In the Biblical definition this would be Jesus’s father.

I also see value in Christian faith and some of my beliefs are connected or based on what I have learned by reading the Bible. I believe that Jesus is a savior as a person who brought a philosophy of care and love for fellow humans. His teachings are often in the form of parables. A parable is a story from which moral and spiritual lessons are to be learned. To learn in this manner requires the individual to interpret and get meaning from the story. We have the individual choice to believe or not to believe and even how to believe. I can accept that many people believe the Bible was written by divine intervention and is the word of God. If these people are true to there faith they must accept and respect people who’s beliefs differ from there own. I consider the Bible to be a book written by humans which contains history, truths and teachings; many of which are still valid in today’s world. On the other hand; many good Bible lessons are symbolic others were written long ago and we have learned things beyond the scope of the Bible. For instance we now know that pigs can carry trichinosis and other diseases that also can infect humans. We have all but eliminated these infections so eating pork is as healthy as eating any other meat. So in Biblical times they knew that people could get sick from eating pork, now we know why they got sick and can cure the diseases.

Oops! back to the definitions: The second definition is essentially what the Bible and Jesus refer to as the son. The magnitude of life on Earth so far. So if the scientists said the Earth found its orbit 4 billion years ago and the oldest known form of continuous life form is 400 million years old I’d believe that easier then some short sighted lie. The second definition stems from a desire to believe that the spirit, the mind, can exist without a body. Why can’t we see or make direct contact with this God? One theory is that this mind energy we posses is not developed to a point where outer body or psychic experience is something scientifically provable. It is then by faith alone that allows belief in spirits and in a God consisting of pure, infinite mind energy. This infinite mind energy is the alpha and omega.

The third definition gives meaning to our lives it is the God within, the power of free will and the gift of choosing the good spirit within. We have a direct role in bringing about the state of infinite mind and oneness at least for ourselves in our part of the Universe. We have the choice and chance to bring this mind to ourselves and those around us in this life time. I believe that this is what is meant in the Bible by the statement that, ‘God made man in his likeness’. I have had premonitions and hunches, some of them became reality and others didn’t . What will humans be able to do with their minds a thousand or ten thousand years from now? Doing every thing we can to ensure the survival of our species is the only hope we have of finding out. I believe through evolution and through the future of man is how our souls will be saved. We as a species are capable of evolving into beings which will exist beyond time space and matter. Who would love and cherish us saving all our souls besides another human? No being besides someone who has evolved from us; who we are part of. So there are 6 billion or so people on the earth at this moment. It may make you feel small and insignificant. It will take every human soul of all time past and future to bring about the creation of the God and heaven I believe in. Not one life, not one soul, not one second can be different or the future transcendence of mankind will not take place. We will all be written in the book of life. We don’t have to end up like dinosaurs and become extinct!

Thirdly the universe has been a wild place over billions of years, yet in our realm and time span it is quite stable. Even life on this planet is stable to the 400 million year range. So we have an easy million years if we needed it. I think with the help of God in the form of definition one and two, against all odds, we can make it home. Can’t you agree with me? No more death, no more pain, no Armageddon, no final judgement day! Can’t you see that it is possible, we can control our population through intelligence and education. The universe, the sun and the Earth; one, two, three have given us more life than any God religion could have ever imagined. It is possible that people alive today may see forever.

So to be a positive force on Earth is a way to live with the powers that be. It is within each one of our duties and our job to love thy neighbor, to treat others as we would wish to be treated. I often refer this as the anonymous society. That is when you help somebody without want and refuse to take what they offer in return for your help. Some say what goes around comes around and even if it does not come back to you at least you can know the goodness in your own heart. This golden rule stuff goes without saying then comes our tough job; to put out effort towards insuring survival and further help in the betterment and well being of the entire homo sapiens species. In all rationale this includes protection of wilds and exotic species which make up the entire gene pool on Earth. So in other words if you can make it through this life without purposely hurting or taking anything from anybody and do your best to earn an honest living, you da’ man! (Including male and female) you are riding the light.

Below are a few short statements that present some of my thoughts on God and life. The pyramid widens from the three universal definitions of CAUSE. I was into the three thing, kinda like the holy trinity ordeal when I wrote this. Also back then I thought the pyramid thing was cool so I’ll stick with it. Now I think it is amazingly stupid, those kings cracked the whip to people to get them to build them selves giant tomb stones because they thought it would some how help them after they were dead, what a trip! Some of the statements below are religious and philosophic, others are scientific and futuristic. CAUSE is a religion focused on human potential, on the ability mankind has to evolve toward a oneness with God. Survival and evolution of man involves religion, spirituality, science, technology and politics. I am not perfect myself and at times I slip into my own selfish fulfillment of my personal needs. We all do have needs for food, shelter, companionship and love. There is certainly enough of everything to go around except maybe the love and with a little work we can get that one too! I believe the following statements are important to the spiritual and physical well being of our species.


A) Dualism: Good and bad in this world can be looked at as the struggle involving evolution from the primitive to the advanced. People have misguided animal survival instincts not necessarily devils. On the good side is your job planting and building within the limits of this beautiful diverse nature we have for a gift. The dark is extinction, the light is eternal. If there really was a devil we never would have made it this far. Contrary to the news media there are many more good people than bad.

B) Science is not the enemy of religion. In fact scientific and technological advances that better mankind, are the result of humans doing the work of God. We can help each other have better happier, longer, lives.

C) The mind, the power of thought, is a form of energy with a relationship to time, space matter and light. The mind has the potential to travel beyond the speed of light. We can inhabit that eternal place in the Universe if we only choose life.

D) The Big Bang theory explaining a beginning to the universe and the Genesis Creation can be looked at as one in the same theory. I don’t always agree with full certainty yet both religion and science agree on the theory of a beginning.

E) When enough mind energy is converted from the energy of time, space, matter and light of the universe; an implosion may take place and the physical plane will no longer exist. The Big Bang and the Implosion theories may be considered synonymous with Alpha and Omega, the first and the last. Maybe this infinite mind coincides with time all along? In a figurative place beyond the realms of time, one millisecond is the same as infinite time.

F) It is not a sin to believe in spirits and lesser gods as long as it is recognized that by definition, there is but one God, one existence, one everything. The Universe is God! No major prophets or religious teachers have claimed to be God as far as I know including Jesus. We worship these prophets as connection with God.


G) Study of phenomena, spirits, ghosts, aliens, psychic powers, and all supernatural phenomena, is a reflection of human desire to make contact with God. To search for and believe in such entities is fine. To make false claims of knowing or having such powers, and the use of trickery to make money off of people is wrong.

H) The defeatist belief in the fall of mankind, the doomsday belief that the human species will become extinct like any other animal in history is a sin. This is the spiritual cancer of the Earth as far as my beliefs are concerned.

I) We must have genuine concern for and active involvement with the health, safety and well_being of all the peoples of the Earth especially those around us. We do not know how long it will be until humans will be able to transform directly from the physical to bodyless spiritual entities. We need and must love human genetic and spiritual diversity.

J) We must respect the environment and use our resources wisely to achieve the goal of

a sustainable lifestyle on Earth. Destroying our environment is definitely devolution. Jewish and Christian religions have the Ten Commandments. Concern and respect for the environment is the eleventh commandment


K) My relationship with God, the evolving God, depends on the spiritual and technological advance of mankind, therefore interest and participation in scientific and spiritual advancement is part of the faith.

L) The Hydrogen Bomb proves that the power of fusion is there. With global warming and lesser availability of fossil fuels I promote the continued and increased study of fusion. Fusion is to us what fire was to the cave man. Energy is the key to man’s continued evolution.

M) Promote space study and space exploration for possible settlements off Earth. Also for protection from comet or meteor collision with Earth.

N) I believe in spiritual study on a regular basis for spiritual growth. Including the study of other faiths and doctrines respecting their faith. Respecting all people of the Earth regardless of race, creed or national origin. We must be tolerant to the point of promoting diversity.


There could be more or less of these statements even in my mind. They were not written as some sort of rules carved in stone. This is just an exercise in organization of my spiritual and moral thought. It is kind of like a wish list of the things I think we need to get closer to utopia. I encourage all readers to make their own lists, then study and prioritize them to your own liking.

Being such as it is, my religion has a concern for and involvement with science and humanity. It is we humans, made in the likeness of God, who will facilitate the evolution, who will become one with the infinite mind of the all powerful God, creator of the universe? Yes, God is here in every one of us and in all things, yet so much of God’s energy is now in the time, space and matter of the physical plane. For a better life, a better existence, energy must evolve toward the spiritual, the infinite mind. Yes God exists in all life, in the natural awe and wonder of the physical universe. The God of infinite mind, the loving God with which all our souls unite as one, is not with us yet. Followers of the CAUSE will get into all kind of political, social, technical and economic concerns and activities to promote mankind’s evolution. My beliefs and my God hinge on the future of mankind. All governments develop policy and law to control people. Some governments are able to improve the quality of life for it’s constituents through organizing society to achieve collective goals. I want to promote and lobby for policy and laws that help preserve life and the environment; at the same time promote true evolution of mankind.

The religious institutions of the world have always been involved in politics. In the past as today some governments are controlled by religious sects. This is acceptable for some nations but not in a diverse nation such as the United States. No one religion should control the United Nations or the World for that matter. The separation of church and state in the U. S. is constitutional and rightful to reserve the right of religious freedom for all citizens. While the government must also preserve the rights of atheists, this does not mean the government has to be atheistic to do so. The dominant religion is destroying my religious deity by polluting and destroying Mother Earth physically and by promoting a psychotic, final judgment day of suicidal spiritual teachings to be forced into our heads. Love of diversity instead of force is what we need right now. I am an individual with my own spiritual identity and I can overcome the darkness. I can agree to disagree with the most downfalls of ancient religion, I can respect people with religious views other than mine. I can still be a member of the anonymous society of humans who help others. I can disagree and still accept the golden rule(love thy neighbor and treat others the way I wish to be treated) as my own. In this way I can share commonality with my spiritual and philosophic foe even to a level of friendliness.


From the short statements I thought I would pick a few which I feel are important and carry them a little deeper. The Pyramids and their hieroglyphics, are some of the oldest records written my mankind. They seem to have been built an unimaginable time ago until we realize that humans had to develop for over a million years to get to that point. Then more awesome and mind boggling is the age of the first one celled life forms on the planet. How much time went by prior to that when the Earth was cooling and the conditions became right to support those first living organisms? The pyramids in comparison were then built yesterday . If all history of life on this planet were a day; the first cave drawings of man would have been drawn less than five seconds ago. This scientific approach to history makes us, with our ‘intelligence’ so much more rare and beautiful.


There are God and the devil, good and evil, the yin and the yang, they are all symbols of dualism. I’ll admit there is dualism galore in my human mind. Love versus hate, joy against sadness, times of compassion and times of anger. Sometimes I’m like a bipolar Libra with my scales tipping this way and that. My religion is the same, I can envision the all loving infinite mind of God or the extinction of mankind. When I had my God vision it gave me hope, comfort and fear all at once. This infinite mind thing is not guaranteed. Homo Sapient could just as easily become extinct. People can be kind, loving, friendly, and sincerely care about one another. Then they can find your weak spot and stab you with a double edged sward of hate fullness and deceit. If you work hard you can make money to buy you nice material things. You can have friendships, fall in love procreate, enjoy the wonders of nature and the universe then die. A true faith in God can tip the scales. Knowing that humans, in the likeness of God are part of God as the essence. That in your own little way you are helping bring about something big and wonderful beyond our wildest dreams and imagination. The evolution of the infinite, loving, mind of God.

I never really liked dualism and the idea of a devil. I often compare light to life and dark to death. This is an error because the light of the sun is shining on Earth at all times. The rotation of the Earth brings a darkness necessary to regulate the temperature and allow life as we know it to exist. The light of the desert sun can kill as easily as the cold polar darkness. Dualism accentuates extremes out of an attempt to make things good and evil, cut and dry.

I once read that Plato invented the devil which is not totally true. The origins of the word devil are most likely Teutonic, Sanskrit, and or Aryan. Diva is a Goddess and div in Aryan means ‘to shine’ and it is possible that the word meant God to some. Then other than the word itself, the idea of an evil force opposing the good force might well have been originated by the prophet Zoroaster. He might have also introduced monotheism.

Because of deeply rooted feelings it is sometimes hard for us to think that man invented God. So maybe I do like dualism because it is a bit easier for most to admit that the idea of a devil was invented by man then to admit God was invented by man. I thank God for the devil because that is the back door through which reason can enter. No force in our world is totally good or totally evil.



In most cases the physical world around us obeys laws which Isaac Newton has been credited with discovering. Basically and factually, matter and energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one state to another. Logic would have it that the physical Universe has always existed. To the contrary science and the Bible agree that there must have been a beginning to the physical Universe.

We have the Big Bang Theory and the Genesis Theory. They both in principle describe a beginning to time, space and matter from nothing. A complexity of science and theory puts the origins of the Universe at about 25 billion years ago. The Creationists give us about a 6000 year history plus 6 God days. Imagine there being no space, time or matter. Scientists and astronomers see by study of stars and galaxies that the universe is expanding. This expansion seems to lead back to a single point of light. Then there became an Earth whether by evolution or creation, the miracle of life came about. In other words, one way or another we came to have life and thinking minds from nothing. “ How does he cherish the thought that man, risen so majestically from a single cell in the primordial ooze, is the spearhead of evolution and therefor the only god that his universe knows! Must he renounce all this to save himself?” (12 steps of A.A. step 2)”. Compare our lives and minds to nothing, it is a miracle. Now once you believe that miracle it is not that much more to believe that in a thousand or maybe ten thousand years man will evolve into what we consider god like beings.


If as they say, there was a beginning chances are there will be an end. The universe will expand so far and then begin to contract. Eventually all the matter will again be in one place. Then again there will be no time, no space, no matter. Where does it all go? It is transformed into mind energy, into spirit which not having mass or weight, is capable of traveling past the speed of light. This is my version of the second coming of Christ. If we could live for ever, would we not want to shed our animal, physical existence? Some scientists now say the universe will expand for ever. Whether or not space is infinite, the time frame of the physical universe is in billions of years which is quite incomprehensible in our mortal existence. It will be a trick to exist beyond the limits of time yet with infinite mind all things are possible.

I thought of this implosion thing out of a theory I heard about our physical universe, that theory being the physical Universe while very large is a given size and weight. When I first heard this I thought the theory was false and impossible, that space could not possibly end. Later I thought, what if space and matter are a phenomena that only happens in a certain part of the Universe?


Infinity can be awesome, scary and beautiful all at once. Within our perception we can live on a on a flat little world where everything revolves around us, we can have a little fatherly God to comfort us. While we are mortals of limited intelligence and life span, we can imagine a Universe on an infinite scale made for each of our pleasure and challenge. Only through the perception of our existence are we able to partially understand it. If a mind was truly infinite, would it need anything else?

The Big Bang and Implosion theories both hinge on the physical universe not being truly infinite. That there is only a given amount of time, space and matter in this universe. One could say that time, space and matter only occur in a certain part of the universe. Now let us say this is not true and the universe is infinite. True infinity would mean there would be infinite Earths all so far away that the people who live there could not detect the other Earths. Could you imagine a billion Earths? Does time space and matter go on for ever? In true infinity there would have to be another Earth and another you with everything the same except one hair missing. Even if the universe were this vast, you would still be yourself, there is only one you!


I have another little theory about the realms of infinity. Look at the similarity between the solar system and atomic theory with the electrons spinning around the nuclei. The sun and stars could be as atoms and molecules in something bigger. The atoms and molecules could be stars and planets to a miniature universe. There could be another size of matter so big or so small that we wouldn’t be able to detect it. Maybe the universe is like Dr. Suse’s ‘Horton Hears a Who’? We have not begun to explore infinity!

Time and space are the flux of this infinite riddle. When we homo sapiens peer through our most powerful telescopes we see the light of stars and other universal phenomena hundreds and thousands of light years away. Since it has taken that long for the light to get here those objects must be at least that old. What is revolving around those stars at the present moment? Maybe intelligent life is happening in other solar systems in real time right now? In an amount of years relative to the distance from us that light of life may get here. Will we be here to receive such knowledge or will we be long extinct and forgotten? Infinity is a long time to wait.


None of these unexplained things made a bit of difference in my life but I did experience them. So for that reason I do believe whether scientific or not phenomena is worth studying. I wouldn’t get to far into it though. There are all the psychic hot lines and other trickery which are just false profits (prophets) waiting to take your money.

When I was seventeen I was driving through the Chequamegon National Forest one evening when I got stuck in a sandy swampy place on the road. I ended up walking 14 miles to get out. During the walk I saw a big green light with a red background in the sky. It started small and appeared to move closer getting almost as big as the moon. Then it went back into the direction it came and disappeared.

My brother Jamie was outside behind my parents house. He came in to get me and we both saw star like lights that would travel across the sky one way and then stop real sudden and go in the opposite direction.

In 1981 while partying, I saw a smoke or fog leaving a person though their body. I was not that buzzed and it was not cigarette smoke.

On Labor day weekend of ‘89 my brother Rupe said he had a vision of an earth quake in California and it was going to be a big one. That it would happen within the month. Sure enough the quake happened that September.

I was with a woman when I was about 30 years old and we were outside in this farm field. We both saw a glowing white woman figure about 150 foot from us. Instead of sitting there and watching it, I got up and walked toward it. Then it disappeared.

I would love to be another Arthur C. Clark and spend my time studying phenomena. There is so much we humans in our meager existence have yet to understand. It is therefore okay and respectable to study what is not yet known or understood.


Although this thought is not mentioned directly in the Bible or any major religious work, people interpret and theorize this: That mankind will fall. That our Homo sapient species as other animals before us, will become extinct. In my way of thinking this doomsday belief is destructive and counter productive to mankind. Again I believe this is the spiritual cancer which is the root of all of mans problems emotionally and physically. Without the mind the body is nothing, and if you go about thinking that the battle is already lost, there is no way to win. Just as positive spiritual teachings can help mankind also negative teaching are a hindrance to spiritual evolution. Many people don’t have faith in mankind. Many believe and wait for God to come and save the world.

I can accept that many people believe in doomsday, but I do not have to agree with them or like their beliefs. If enough people believe in doomsday it will happen. It could easily happen. All as it would take is a direct hit of a nuclear reactor with a nuclear bomb. What a cheery thought! In contradiction to doomsday, I believe that as a race, as a species, we have the potential to live forever. We can exist as humans until we advance beyond the constraints of time, or until the end of time. This is the ability, this potential has been given us. It does not matter whether it is thought that this potential is God given or given by happenstance of an unknowable nature. This ability, this potential is my God, my hope.


By reasons of psychological and anatomic structure, the brain can be considered to think on three levels. The lowest level is reptilian in nature and controls body function. This level is automatic; your heart beat and other bodily functions we do not have to think about are controlled by this level of the brain. This control and function is certainly instinctual because there is no conscious thought involved.

The next level consists of feelings and emotions, love, hate, pain, pleasure, anger. This level is also primitive and survival orientated in its nature, yet it allows mammals, birds and other species to love and cater to their young. The part of the brain that is just smart enough to get us in trouble. Many people like to separate humans from all other animals capable of this level of brain function. In recent times when scientists try to reintroduce captive animals to the wild we are able to see that many of their techniques of hunting and gathering are learned and handed down from generation to generation just like our own. Learned behavior is not instinctual behavior. Then do animals have souls? One might think so by the way some people treat their pets. I’ve seen young wild fawns at play and their mothers then motioning and communicating with them. Soul or no soul they are wonders of life.

The third and highest level is intellectual and reasoning in its nature, kind of like Spok in Star Trek. The phenomena of the brain can also be described as having characteristics of dualism with God and the Devil working in ones own mind. The stimulus of life sometimes seems to require a reaction, emotional thought often takes over and we react poorly without using the intellect of our higher mind. This capability of switching from the intellectual level to the emotional level was and is sometimes necessary. Emotions are part of survival instincts which are necessary. Emotions also allow us to experience that wonderful yet elusive feeling of love. During physical conflict the lower levels of the mind must increase their function to attack or defend. When the physical or emotional conflict is over, the intellectual kicks back in, what happened? Why did I react the way I did? Now what can or should I do? At present, it is important that we accept and try to understand our human existence which is that of an intelligent animal. This highest level allows us to think about things that are not directly and immediately crucial to our survival.


The part of the mind that contains faith and love for life may have little or nothing to do with intelligence. Rich, famous and intelligent people who seem to have everything going for them are often depressed to the point of suicide. Then there are poor, mentally challenged people who have been through all sorts of tragedies in life, they somehow remain happy and thankful for what they have. What is the difference between these two scenarios? The answer can only be described as absence or presence of faith, of spirituality. Seemingly not related to intelligence, how can a person learn to fill an empty , lonely soul seemingly void of spirituality?

Our human condition is so fragile it is hard to imagine us as Gods. Humans are only so smart and able to do so much as individuals. On the other hand, the greatest works of God can be accomplished through human beings working together. The only difference between humans and animals is the greater spirit. In the spirit lies the ability to reason right from wrong and the freedom to choose.

Though I can write and theorize of this evolutionary process toward the infinite, loving mind of God; I still have my inner spiritual battle going on. I have yet to understand and find my place in it all. My mind also falls from the CAUSE into my own personal human desires. Worse than this I am still affected by depression, feelings of inadequacy and helplessness . I can only hope, as I learn and keep working toward enlightenment that I can reach a point in life where I feel in touch with the first and last. Some day I hope to feel that the CAUSE is more than a theory. I hope to know that my vision of mankind becoming one with God is real.

How and Why did I ever feel that I was called to write this book? Because I have the ability to do so and I accept that as a gift from the universe. To have gray matter enough for even a chance to debate such deep questions as the reason of our existence is nothing short of a miracle. It may never be read by anyone other than myself or it may be a best seller, I have no clue. Some people may regard me as a prophet due to the enlightenment and liberating subjects I’ve discovered for myself. A far more may hate me because of the competitive nature of mankind and our ideals. People will always tend to hold on to the old seemingly safe religious ideals.

This chapter is a condensed Autobiography of my life. The reasons I’ve added this chapter are many. That this explanation of my life will help bring clearer meaning to the book. Sharing through this writing, my experiences in life may help others to keep from making the mistakes I did. Expressing through my story, the reader may grasp the three brain level theory in process. Understanding that they, myself and others all have the ability to think on a higher plane. Though we have this ability we also have emotional and physical natures; as humans we are all somewhat narcissistic. No other person can live for another and if we do not like ourselves few others will like us either. It is my hope that I can express and transfer the emotional, spiritual strength I have gained through deep metaphysical studies I have undertaken.

On a personal level I hope that seriously looking at my life may give me insight. To define what happened in my life and how poorly I reacted to certain situations, may help me learn act and react to future similar happenings in a more sensible positive manner. Though I wrote most of this chapter about a year ago, I never mustered up the self confidence, will and desire to really look inward to my moral fabric to finish it. The title of this chapter ‘The Calling’ came out of the Bible. I feel as if I heard the call many times but I refused to listen. Even to Black Elk and the thunder beings I refused to listen. Whether considered a call from God or a call from within it is important to me that I write and complete this book. When I started this book it had no name, it came only from a feeling. It was like my life is incomplete and I have work to do here. Eventually my work became the CAUSE. The CAUSE is an expression of searching my imagination. Of being able to believe in something that is yet not. This gives me reason to go no as well as a joy in life which this book may only partially describe. I write now as if the CAUSE is nothing else, it is therefore a gift to myself.

This is the only chapter that contains some information about people who I met. Some of them were not happy to be in the book, so to protect them and my self, I’m saying this chapter is fiction and any similarity to real people is purely coincidence.


I am tempted by this world and I want to be tempted. There are many beautiful experiences to be had on planet Earth, I love life and will continue to do so. We are human and

no one should expect another to be without human desires and faults. Sometimes when I’m down and have been hurt I feel like I haven’t been dealt a good hand of cards in the game of life

Then after a while I get back on my feet and continue to do my best. Things don’t often turn out as one may plan. There are also many selfish people who become wicked when trying to fulfill their personal desires. Yet all in all I believe a person can have a reasonably good time in life without harming others. This is not easily accomplished when the three level brain gets unbalanced and out of whack with emotion and anger. Then life seems like one big long video with no rewind button. There has been so much in my life, so much dualism, so good and so bad. If we put our minds to it any one of us could write stacks of novels on life’s experiences.


I was the first born on October 19, 1956, my the years go by fast. The only fame I know of on this date is the stock market crash of the early ‘80’s and the Bay of pigs invasion during the Kennedy administration. Milwaukee Wisconsin was the place I was born, the land famous for beer, cheese, sausage and Green Bay Packers! I have some memory of living there. My first vivid memory is being carried up the stairs, half asleep in my mothers arms at my grandparents house. I feel like I must have been little more than a baby at this time. They heated with wood and I will never forget that smell and feeling. I remember having a flying dream, I was floating around in the living room of my parent’s house. I can remember the mountain mural and the tile floor. There was a little girl across the street I used to play with. I can remember eating the paste in kindergarten, yummy!. I can remember being sick at home and my mother covering me up with a blanket my grandmother made. It had that same wonderful wood smell.

I was a happy kid in a middle class family which eventually grew to five children. I was raised in the Roman Catholic faith and during these early years I said my prayers before bed every night. My parents were able to move into the suburbs to a town called Muskego WI when I was five years old. This was a good time in life and there were plenty of neighbor kids to play with. Up until fourth grade I enjoyed school and did well. I was no prodigy but I was above average. At this time some of the other boys picked on me because I was teachers pet. I learned to wait when answering questions to give other students a chance. My dad was president of the PTA at this time. I can remember giving a speech at a PTA meeting in my little Cub Scout uniform.

My parents moved to the suburbs when I was 5 years old. That summer I stayed with my grandparents on their farm a few miles from the South Shore of Lake Superior. Upon returning home I can remember the first night in the new house. I had the thoughts that night, that I will die and when I do, I will be nothing forever’. This thought gave me such a deep empty lonely feeling worse than a nightmare. This thought has reoccurred over and over again in my life since then. The only way I have found to get out of it, is by thinking of the positive things that we can experience in life. By letting my mind slip into such a negative inescapable thought I would be missing out on those good things in this life I do have.

The next few summers up to 10 or so, I spent with my grandma. My grandfather worked on the Edmund Fitzgerald an iron ore hauling boat that is famous for sinking on the big lake. Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song about the big boat. The power of nature is really something else again ‘when the gales of November come early’. When grandpa would come to a nearby port my grandma and I would pick him up and take him home for the night. I really loved him and thought he was the greatest. Then in ‘66 or ‘67 he retired. Everything would really be fun the next summer because he would be at home and I was going to stay with them. Then I was looking forward to a dream life for any child, on the farm with the grandparents.

That same spring he had a heart attack and died. The idea I had of God before grandpa died was that which many people hold for their entire lives. God/Jesus is one who will answer your prayers and take care of you. My grandpa’s death hit me hard. That is when I got on a really big death trip. I was never able to forgive God for this. If I still looked upon God with the same expectations, I could not forgive him to this day. As the majority of this writing is about , I have grown to understand and change my idea of God. I am no longer the innocent child depending on God to take care of me and give me what I want. I believe we are here to do God’s work. To change a famous saying by John F. Kennedy “Ask not what your God can do for you, but what you can do for your God”. There is a Bible quote something to the affect that it is a sin to worry about death because, time spent worrying about death is time taken away from life.

This change did not occur overnight in fact I still have moments of weakness in faith. This loss of innocent, child faith was a hard thing to take. It is not easy being a kid if you can’t run to and be held in the bosom of Jesus. It took a toll on me and nobody else could seem to help me understand.

I guess I turned to my piers at this time. I stopped being teacher’s pet and my grades fell. It turned me into a little brat. I wasn’t a very good class clown but tried my best. Teachers, principles and counselors tried to help me, but they could not. The whole death thing was stuck in my mind. I survived but I was miserable. There were many bad nightmares and thoughts. What happens when you die? I knew it, you become nothing for ever and ever, you’re done and there is nothing but a decomposing corpse. Such thoughts brought me down even as I kid, they are the root of my depression and my need for spirituality, my desire to supply a reason for life..

By then it was the late ‘60s, I was twelve or thirteen. A late baby boomer too young to be a real hippie. The nice innocent neighbor kids were now sniffing glue or gasoline. They would try anything they could get their hands on for a buzz. Though I never got into the sniffing or huffing as they call it now days, the attraction to a buzz, to an altered seemingly happy state of mind was there. One of my friend’s parents owned a tavern. He had stole about four bottles of hard liquor. We commenced to drinkin’ the stuff one day after school. I ended up in the hospital with alcohol poisoning at the age of twelve. I realize now I practically killed myself with alcohol poisoning. It all fits together, even if I had a good family and life I was a depressed kid.

Art was the only class I enjoyed at this time and I was pretty good at it. I won a few awards. Other kids would copy what ever I was doing. Several of the things I did that were put on display were actually stolen. At that time I was angry at both the copiers and the thief’s.

This brings me up to my freshman year in high school. My parents moved to a small town in northern Wisconsin called Hayward. I continued hating school except for art and shop classes. Looking back on it this was a good move, though I felt like an outsider until my senior year. At least I made the age of 16 before being introduced to marihuana. I had motor cycles and cars and my parents owned a gas station. This introduced me to a trade, that of being a mechanic.

Two thoughts or philosophies came out of this high school period that relate to this book. They still seem to make sense today. One was introduced to me by an anonymous girl. I have no idea where she got it from but it goes like this: All life started from one cell, that makes us all brothers and sisters; the animals and plants are our cousins. The second thought is one that I came up with myself though I’m sure others have thought the same: If I die tomorrow it is okay because I have lived today and no one can take that away from me. It is kind of saying that we have our place in the book of life and it will always be there. In this way we will never die. In this way, as written in the Bible, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand’. This was the first concept I ever had that even helped me combat the thoughts of death.

Some how my parents must have realized my disillusion with religion and never made me go to church. My three brothers were alter boys and my sister was even an alter girl. I no longer despise church or religion and when I am visiting I go to church with my parents. Though I have my own ideas it is still the same God we believe in. Higher power what have you, a spiritualist?

I always wanted a guitar and my sixteenth summer I saved up enough money and bought one. Some times when people ask my how I learned to sing and play guitar; I tell them when I was young and foolish I thought I wanted to be a rock star. The big dream never materialized yet now I’m glad that I did learn some music. It has brought much joy to my live. The Christmas parties, songs around the camp fire and jam sessions have been so wonderfully full of music.

Along with the music came the experimenting with drug altered states of mind. It seemed like a large percentage of 70’s kids wanted to be alchemists and junior shaman, I was no exception. This is such a heated subject that I will discus both sides of a political social phenomena known as the ‘Drug War’ in later chapters.

Wait; there was one more thing that happened to me through drugs that was both bad and good. I had some of these ‘natural hallucinogens’ in the form of psilocybin mushrooms. They would kind of put you out there. At first I took a normal or small amount, I remember laughing, hearing and seeing things a little differently, kind of enjoying it. It was similar to a certain stage of intoxication on alcohol, well yes it gave you a shine or a glow. So then next time I thought I would try a double dose. What ever pier pressure, wanting to get high, to escape, to alter my mood, I thought it was so cool. I was about 23 years old.

Well pretty soon there were rainbows bordering everything. If I would hold my had out and look at it, there would be a rainbow around it. There were rainbows around the windshield of my van. Then a clock turned liquid and dripped down the wall. A little while later I found myself having to lie down in the back of my van in the fetal position.

In my drug induced vision the devil came to me. He told me I was a sinner and my life would be miserable, I would never have a good life, I would always be poor and lonely. He showed me what I could have on Earth if I came with him. He would make me rich and famous, I could have any woman I desired. Then he told me he would stop my heart right now and I could come with him to the kingdom of hell. Wait a minute! I don’t want my heart to stop, I don’t want to die. I love life. I love life. I love life. I kept saying this to myself both in my mind and right out loud. I love life. I love life. I love life. This is why I say it was a bad and good experience. Though I kept using, mainly smoking and drinking, I no longer lived for the high. (Another lie to myself, when I wrote this a year ago, drugs and alcohol were my way of life). I learned for myself at this time, that life is much more important to me then drugs. The most excellent highs of life are real and way beyond drugs. That is all good and well only the devil had me for the next fifteen to twenty years and he made sure I didn’t get what I wanted. I really don’t believe in the devil as such, yet when you let evil, self pleasing , ways into your mind, it mise well be the devil. It is all okay unless it becomes the main part of your life, then they say the drug is your God. Okay it is time to get back into the chronological story of my life. I love life. I love life. I love life.

Near the end of my senior year I took a nurse aide training course. When I got out of school I was working at the gas station and at the hospital. One day this old guy died. The poor guy was hanging in there while his body was decomposing, the room stunk for death. I had seen him in town before he was my patient and knew of his family.

The long hours at two jobs became too much, so in mid July I left my parents a note and took off hitch hiking. I made it to LA by way of Washington state. I continued to hitch hike, with my guitar, off and on for the next five years seeing every state west of the Mississippi and a trip to New York City. Even with what I can remember now this hitch hiking time could fill a book of interesting people and wild times. I did not know who they were at the time but the Moonies invited me to their camp one day. After 4 days of attempted brain washing I jumped the fence. They did throw quite a combination of Catholicism, Buddhism and whatever at you. Some of it was pretty interesting I must say; but there was no way I would work and give my money to some millionaire pseudo_evangelist. More important than the money thing was that I already was developing my own ideas about God and no body could tell me different. A true spiritual teacher will survive but they would not become rich. They will teach you something and it will become yours; you will never need to buy it from anyone. When this manuscript has progressed to a point where I feel it is finished, I plan on getting about a hundred copies printed some of which I will give away. Other copies I will send to publishers for review. I do hope to publish this book and sell it which my seem slightly hypocritical. Then again if it helps one person believe in the God of spiritual evolution for themselves and not be fooled by someone who really wants their money, it is worth it.

In 1976 I joined the Navy with hopes of becoming a medic and maybe going to school to be a doctor. Well maybe I was born with a bad attitude, but none the less I was the only one out of a hundred recruits that got tossed around by the commander. I also have an allergy to shaving. To make a long story short I quit and after a time in jail I got an honorable no benefits discharge. Although there are some numbers on the bottom of the discharge papers which I later learned deemed me undesirable. Although my intentions to become a medic and a doctor were worthy I am not willing or capable of military life.

I was ashamed to go home for quite some time and lived almost a year in Eureka California. I worked there as a nurse aid and played guitar on the streets and in open stages until they found out I was not twenty one so I could no longer go to drinking establishments. That really put a dampener on my social life so I went back home to Wisconsin where the drinking age was eighteen years.

In ‘79 I bought up a bunch of public address and musical equipment to start a band. I did a lot of partying but the band never happened. I did do a few one man band shows for 50$ a night. It was a good time. I’ve been practicing lately and I might try doing a few one man band shows again at 46 years young. Still crazy after all these years!

A year or so earlier I had copy written an instructional poster called Play Guitar. Between this and my music I got a job teaching music at a Native American school. This was the job I most enjoyed out of any I have ever had. Through this I met some tribal elders and learned a bit about the Ojibwa language and religion.

In the fall of ‘81 I started college at a small school in northern Wisconsin. I took up music education for one semester. It seamed highly competitive and boring, so I drank quite a bit and got bad grades. I was planing to quit school at that time, then I broke my leg while I was on a drunk at the end of the semester. There was no way I could work, but I could go to school, so I switched my major to science education and went back for another two years.

I started dating my first wife just before I broke my leg. I went with her for 7 years. She was Native American, the interracial thing did not seem to bother her at first, but it most certainly bothered her parents. We ended up getting married and that lasted 9 months.

At this time what I really wanted to do was become a high school teacher and certified shop instructor, but I could not find a school that offered this. This was not the only problem, a professor who said my writing was about the best he’d seen then accused me of cheating and gave me a D grade. Then I decided to go for a mechanical engineering degree and transferred to Michigan Tech in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I did not realize that I would have to pay out of state tuition and that also my own state would cut me off of state funding. I went bust in one quarter. Then the first school froze my transcripts because I owed them money, I could not afford to pay. Then I moved to Michigan and waited for a year to become a resident and go back to Tech. All this waiting dulled my memory of higher math and I couldn’t make the grade. I opted for a two year degree to at least get something, another big mistake. Drinking and not thinking things through was always my problem in life. Wha, wha, I think I did really good under the circumstances hardly anybody can take a year off and then go into calculus, duh.

Now by ‘88 I was a college drop out, divorced and 32 years old. General Dynamics in Groton, Connecticut offered me a job that fall and I took it. It was a co_op engineering assistant position. The work was great but I’m a country boy at heart. Well in truth, years before I had protested project ELF, an antenna system to communicate with Trident nuclear submarines. Then I ended up working on Trident submarines. It was a cushy job, very interesting and very military industrial complex. I asked for a raise and did not get it. Also there was a protest where some of my old friends were carrying signs and signing “We shall over come, we shall over come” . Then when they were arrested they all went limp so it took four officers to haul one protester to the paddy wagon. I went in the can (bathroom) and cried in private, in my little yuppie suit and tie that I promised myself I would never wear. So hypocrite or not, I needed a job, I took a job, I quit a job. Yes each of dozens of Trident subs can carry up to 24 nuclear capable MIRVs; they are real.

I then took another stab at Tech and dropped out for the last time so far. I landed a job as a drafts men in a town down the road. While I was working there I put an add in the local news paper “wanted four or more acres, a 1000$ down”. I ended up buying 80 acres on a land contract. My girlfriend at the time and I, built a basement on the land and lived there for about a year. She owned a bar and I worked for her there after being laid off as a draftsmen. She was a good high strung woman, but due to alcohol and drugs our relationship was very dysfunctional and co-dependent.

In February of ‘92 I got a job as a mine maintenance mechanic at a mine about 60 miles way. I made about 11.50 an hour for working on equipment 2600 foot below the surface. I was also a first aide responder and worked the underground ambulance. At least once a month or more I would be hauling someone out that got hit with a rock or injured themselves some way. Then I also volunteered to be a union steward. This ended up causing me to get in a quit, fired terminated situation.

During the last year of this job (‘94) I picked up a nice looking tall girl hitch hiking, I brought her home for a visit and she became my second wife. She seemed really nice at first and honest too. She warned me that she was very neurotic. She is also kind, fun loving and full of life, I know because now I’m not alive with out her. The only relationships I have ever known were of the dysfunctional co-dependant variety so this tidbit of information about the neurosis did not bother me in the least. If a person beats on me and goes nuts once in a while, I can put up with it, I can forgive them after a while and many good times can be had between the violent , suicidal, destructive outbreaks. In other words I hate being alone so much that I will put up with just about anything to have a mate. Well not much more to say about that relationship. It is long over along with a few more. Then I had a mid life crisis. That is it no more hard feelings aloud, remember the good times for some other chapter of some other book. Time to move on!

I’ve always wanted to write this book and I figured the way my life is going I better get on with it before I die. I’m again at one of those times in life on the edge, not suicidal, but I would not mind if God would just take me. Then at the happy times I sometimes get sacred and worry that it may end too soon. Time is at hand and God may come for us at any time. Therefore to not worry about when and focus on now; to live life to its fullest is most important (written about 1996) .

Hope fully I learned something from these relationships. I’ve said openly that what I am looking for is a best friend which I can party and have sex with. The only chance for a better relationship in the future is to deal with and solve my own problems. Then I may redefine my needs and desires. At many times I have thought that I am an unlucky person and I’m just dealt a bad deal, it is not my fault that my relationships and life are pitiful. Then I think that nice guys always finish last. Well I’m finding that nice guys can win, playing fare you just have to try harder, but it is worth it . All that has been wrong is my priorities; I must always keep in mind that the best friend part of a relationship is always most important. Though desire is still there, as I mature sex and partying are naturally becoming less important, It is ashamed I had to use up so much of my life to learn priority. Living for such personal gratification is selfish and can hurt other people. Partying and love making were the joys of my life and then with an addictive personality soon there was too much of a not so good things. One must put love of God and people first, then and only then, if love and friendship grow between two people it will be a good thing.

Through all the trouble I’ve had in relationships I still believe women are human beings too! When love, trust, respect, and responsibility are first present; for me physical love between a man and a woman still may be one of the beautiful experiences in this worldly life. No matter what happens in this life, I must keep in mind, forever only lasts as long as both people believe

in forever and want to share it with one another. No paper agreement or marriage vow can alone make or break this natural bond.

If I could make a deal with God to give my life up, be dead and nothing for ever, to save everyone’s life and soul in the world, I would do it. Too bad it is not that simple, the only chance is to do the best I can in life. I’m learning to love God and my fellow human beings. We cannot leave it up to God to save the world, but if we can only do our best for one another, the world will be saved. There is no one Jesus it will take every one of us to make life’s utopia.

Ya, ya, wah, wah, so I have been gifted with very wonderful parents. I’ve had quite a few love affairs with some good looking woman. I’ve been educated and have had quite a variety of jobs. My health is good and many people say I look remarkably young for my age. I’ve traveled quite extensively throughout North America. Yet with all that I can’t make my life sound anything but boring. Well I’ve read it about a hundred times and I’m sick of it, I cut a lot of it out. I thought this chapter could give a little life to the CAUSE and help people identify with me as just a regular joe of a guy. Well I’m not going any further with it. After I’m rich and famous and no doubt dead, then somebody can write a biography of my life.

So I’m really not prophet material. I still like to smoke pot, drink beer and chase women. I don’t ever want to grow up. The CAUSE matters and then it doesn’t matter. I guess for better or worse it has been a gift to be able to ponder life at the level I have been able to. Shit! Last night I was really on to this writing stuff. I was a typin’ like wild. The words were just flowing right from my mind on to the computer screen. Like it was so good I did not even take the time to save it now and then, I just kept writing! Then some stupid glitch happened and I lost about three hours of some of the best writings I can’t quite remember. I tried everything but it is gone with the wind. Why is that? It seems like the best songs I’ve written were also spontaneous and some how forgotten, what is up with this? (Ah it just seems that way, it is just like fishin’, the one that got away was So-o-o big). Then I threw my plastic coffee cup against the wall breaking it. May this remind me that each moment of life is so special; once it is gone, it is gone. Only now I need another coffee cup.


I can only say so many ways that I believe in the God of Evolution and that someday our souls will be saved. So to change the pace a little bit and to take up a few more pages; here are a few poem songs I’ve wrote. I feel they go along with this book right about now :


While you scream about what you need

The Earth falls apart beneath your feet

The sky it is blue on account of you

cause you know one day it will all be through

If there was some way I could help you

You could help me

We could be free

Of the walls that blind

Empty halls of time

Spent lonely

Now she’s a walking, talking dictionary from Mars

When you look in her eyes all you see are the stars

And you can’t remember who you are

If there was some way I could help you

You could help me

We could be free

Of the walls that blind

Empty halls of time

Spent lonely


It takes a little love to make a little love

You give a little love and you get back more

I don’t like fighting and I don’t like war

I never could see what it was for

Cause if you fight you’re bound to get hit

Many men have died in it

Since there’s been men there’s been war

I guess there’ll be a whole lot more

They can’t win they can only loose

Get shot down right in their shoes

Now I got time and I do like rhyme

So I guess I’ll sing a few more lines

Love is old love is new

Give it a chance and it will happen to you

We’re all brothers and sisters too

If we work together we’ll see it through

Love is the answer

Love is the key

God made love for you and me

It’s been said times and ways before

It can’t hurt to say it once more

It takes a little love to make a little love

You give a little love and you get back more


Nobody’s going to pay you to play your guitar

In your room all alone though you’ve got to find a home

For these words feelings western dreams

A way of life

Forever waiting anticipating

A time when you and I

will be free to live

Our dream


Dream your western dream

Of a civilization beyond hunger beyond greed

While hearts still bleed

Sooner or later your bound to find

In society you have a place and time

But you’ll never, never satisfy

Your dream


Dream your western dream

Of a civilization beyond hunger beyond greed

While hearts still bleed


I’m living life for today

This time is all I have anyway

When it’s gone I hope I’ll carry on

As I have from day to day

Memories they stay with me like a song

A day is not a song

When it’s gone it’s gone

So long

Yesterday I spent my time worrying about

Things I could never change

Today I’ve found I’ve looked around

Those things don’t matter anyway

Those days I worried with my time

I could have spent just living life

For Today

When the clouds have filled my day

I don’t let them get in my way

Clouds they only bring the rain

They’re here now but they won’t stay

Who needs rain?

We got to have rain

It makes the flowers grow

The rivers flow

It wouldn’t be the same

if it never rained

We’re living life for today

This time is all we have anyway

When it’s gone I hope we’ll carry on

As we have from day to day

Memories they stay with us like a song

A day is not a song

When it’s gone it’s gone

So long


God is not dead

He sleeps in your bed

God is an infant child

God is growing old

God is not dead

He lives in your head

Everybody loves him

It’s time we let him know

Life is fragile yes

And precious so do your best

Treat people kind and don’t forget

your soul forever blessed

Grace is like a breeze

So set your sails high

And sail for the other shore

Long before you die

God is not dead

She sleeps in your bed

God is an infant child

God is growing old

God is not dead

She lives in your head

Every body loves her

It’s time we let her know


Though it was conceived as a group to help people quit alcohol, it has religious qualities. Okay, Alcoholics Anonymous is a religion. They tell you should consider a belief in some form of a higher power as a means of help to curing your alcoholism. They have meetings and accept small donations to cover coffee and other expenses. They pray together. In most groups I’ve been to they say the Our Father which is Christian at the end of the meeting. The only requirement to be a member is the desire to stop drinking. Atheists and agnostics are welcome to attend. I attend meetings and I like the organization very much. You don’t have to be an alcoholic to seek spirituality. Though if you are an alcoholic or you think you might be, A.A. is worth a try. I have a hard time with it because I waited so long and lost so much before I sought help. I hurts me to know that I lost my wife over something so stupid as a self inflicted disease. As I’ve included some of my personal feelings and life story in this book, when you read you will realize I am still not over my losses. I have to keep growing in spirituality and acceptance. This is a lot of what A.A. is about. I just read the twelve step book again last night. There is good reading and the twelve steps make sense even if you are not an alcoholic. A.A. is almost all volunteer and there are only a few employees in the whole nation. Some alcoholics don’t like A.A. Like I said the twelve steps are good but they are ego deflating and religious. If you are a devout atheist and still have problems with alcohol or drugs, there is also a program called SMART which is based on rational recovery. I always thought treatment was a joke and just a waste of money. Well it is cheep at any price. Check out my story in ‘The Calling’ chapter. If you are in any trouble what so ever from drinking and drugging continued use will only bring more trouble. How far down will a person go before they hit bottom?

If the CAUSE church ever does come into being, I would hope that the masses or meetings be patterned after A. A. Where everyone is offered a chance to share testimony and the group leaders are volunteers and they change leaders often. It doesn’t matter where in the nation, you go to a meeting, you are welcomed. I’ve tried a few churches and most of them nobody talks to a stranger and they treat you as if you are not even there. If there ends up being more members to this CAUSE church, then just me, and we actually start having masses or meetings; each person will be asked if they want to give testimony. This will consist of a reading from any religious or philosophic writing they choose, even if it be their very own, and then they should give an interpretation.

By 1996 had joined Alcoholics Anonymous. I found it spiritually lifting to finally admit to my alcoholism. To realize how many problems alcohol and drugs have caused in my life is very sad. Then again the past cannot be changed. A person has to start somewhere. I hope at forty I can still do many things which I missed out on because of my irresponsible behavior. Near the beginning of my quest for sobriety I wrote a few sayings, hear goes:

The answer to resisting drugs is to think positive about life.

Defeat drug use with a desire of wanting to actually accomplish something instead of

sitting on a barstool in a room doing drugs and alcohol.

Beyond drugs you may have a friend.

It is not okay for people to do drugs, it is okay for people who have done drugs to again feel good about themselves.

God gave us our bodies, our temple, if you thank God for this, you will feel good about yourself and you won’t need drugs.

Beyond drugs you may be able to feel proud and happy with yourself.

Beyond drugs you may have a life, you may have kids, you may have a wife, you may have people who really care about you.

I’ve been so stupid all of my life, spending it high and drunk, while the answer to true happiness was right in front of me.

I’ve done alcohol and drugs all my life, all I want now is a chance to live.

If the positive message does not work there is always jails institutions and death, I haven’t tried death yet but believe me the jails and institutions are no fun.

I guess so far the answer to quitting for me is spiritual. It is accepting the responsibility for how many times I hurt people I loved by using and never wanting to do this to others or myself again. I don’t want to miss out on anymore of this precious life I have been given. The earlier part about the mushroom trip did not stick in my mind. It guess it took more than a bad trip to finally make me realize that I Love Life.

Yes there are other people in the world with much worse problems, but when bad things are happening to me, I don’t like it. We tend to take it much more personal when it is us with the problem. During the worst of it I wanted God to stop my heart. I told myself that I was weak and a failure because I couldn’t take my own life. Counseling would be good if I had the money. I have been blessed with a few good friends that have been helping me out of it. When things like this happen a person really needs to believe in God and the future. Friends and counselors can help but only if you are willing to help yourself. These sort of things can get a person and kill them dead. Keeping busy doing constructive things to get ones mind off of the problems is good therapy. The pages of this book are again rolling through the printer. This is one of those occasions when I wish time could pass faster because as they say ‘time heals all wounds’. I’m ever so slowly getting back on my feet and trying to go on with life.

My personal life experiences show that I do not know all the answers. I don’t claim this book to be prophecy written by divine intervention, I do believe it to be truthful. I can write it but I still have to learn to live by it. I do my best to live by the CAUSE of mankind and evolution but I seldom succeed. So the famous saying “Do as I say not as I do” applies to this book; I am far from perfect. I still like to party. My life is a perfect example of the three layer brain theory. My higher intellect layer works fine. My emotional layer is as primitive, screwed up and ignorant as they come. I can still cry from a good movie or about any sad life situation when I’m with a good friend.. I can only hope by the grace of God that I can learn spirituality. That I can learn faith and find even a reasonable amount of happiness in this life.

I have to look at my intelligence as a gift, feelings of love as a gift. I have to believe that feelings of anger, frustration and depression are weaknesses which can be overcome by spiritual growth. I’ve let alcohol, frustration, anger and depression rule my life and now the only chance I have to live is to conquer this sickness. I will work on getting healthy so I may experience true love between a man and a woman; something which I consider one of the most beautiful things this life has to offer.


It is a tough to be a human. We may be able to think high thoughts that allow us to look from above, then we have to come down to our human physical and emotional needs. With a clear mind I can get high ideas, then I always come back down to Earthly needs and human desires. We are imperfect people in an imperfect world. Our perfection would be achieved through simply being kind, understanding and helpful towards all those around us. This is not an easy thing to do. We all make mistakes, get frustrated, mean and mad at times; we are human. This will happen to you and when it does you must pull yourself out of it and think positive. I can’t say it enough ways, we are partakers in a process that will lead us to the infinite loving mind of God. To be honest with myself, did alcohol ever once help me? Not! Every body does it, but it is a sin to dwell on the negative, life is too precious to waste. We must search to improve our spiritual and moral understanding to gain patients thus keeping the frustration to a minimum. I may be on a little soap box just by writing this book, but I will never be a millionaire televangelist. There is nothing special here; once a person reads this they will already know it. I’m one little imperfect human writing a little note on life of which I hope other humans would read and enjoy.

Right now I have food and shelter on this ladder of humans need and desires. It is all relative, I should be happy with this but I want more. I feel a burning desire in my very soul to be with my mate. I want The ex’ back though she does not want me, love me or even like me and I can only blame my alcoholism and my mistakes. I hate being alone it is so hard for me, yet I have to remember that; if I wasn’t alone, I would not take the time to write. When she comes along I will be able to write and not be alone.

By definition a human is a word that is used to name mankind. One definition has to do with the form of the body. Another meaning of human has to do with the sympathies and frailties of man’s nature. The scientific, genus word for man is Homo Sapiens, this name places us as a class or species of animal. Our basic needs such as air, food, shelter, companionship, and reproduction, are the same as for any mammal. We have a greater ability to reason and that is not so great. Our existence is that of members of a species which is on the top of the food chain with no predators or competition to speak of other than from members of our own species. Each one of us must breath, eat, drink, have bowel movements, urinate, burp and fart to stay alive. Burping and farting may be optional, but let us face it we are as animals. The spirit is all that makes us different. I define spirit as the force that will bring us to oneness with the God Head.


I feel my morals are basically good. On the other hand I feel part of the reason for life is to enjoy it. To treat people as you would want to be treated and to be free without infringing on the freedom of others becomes complicated. Though to think of these things is important to learning and leading a spiritual and good life. I find believing in God to be an easy and good thing. To translate that basic positive, good attitude into everyday life situations is hard. We are human and therefore make mistakes and get frustrated. We sometimes feel that other people have not treated us right. It is an easy and common action for one to hate and want to take revenge on someone that has wronged them. There are tough calls to make in life. If you constantly turn your cheek letting bad people take advantage of you, such people will go on to take advantage of others. It is a good man that tries to treat all people with compassion and kindness. When an innocent person is harmed by a another, it is a good man that gets involved trying to fairly resolve the situation. A person then has to leave past transgression and mistakes behind them. The basic rule here is to try to be a good person. As long as you try, you will gain Gods acceptance, good will come to good.

No matter what a person experiences during their life, one experience they will most certainly have is death. Though the resurrection of Jesus is written in the Bible, it is also written that Jesus was crucified, died and was buried. After the resurrection it is said that Jesus rose into heaven. He may be with us in the spirit, but Jesus is not here alive here with us in his physical body. Some Hindu and Buddhist sects believe in reincarnation where you die but your spiritual energy is transferred to another living creature. Death of the body and the person still takes place before the reincarnation. So it is rather undisputed, though we live as if it is forever, death is certain. No human yet has lived for ever so the odds of doing so are many billion to none. There are those who commit suicide but for the most part nobody wants to die. How do we live on? One way is through our genes being passed on to our children. Some get into spreading their ashes and others through tomb stones as markers of their lives. Another way to live is have your thoughts and spirit live through others after you die. Passing on of the thoughts and ideas you had to others. I believe that if human beings evolve to the point of living for ever then through this feat, I will live for ever. This again in still other words is what this book is about. This is the CAUSE; for humans to evolve into a being beyond the restraints of time and space; to live for ever.

Our science has allowed us to enter a new age though our bodies and minds have not been able to keep up. Coming from hunters and gatherers our reproductive desires are still with that life. With no natural enemies other than ourselves we are looking at over population.


There are two ways to look at the population of the world. In way number one you may realize you are sharing the world with 6 billion other people and you are nothing but a speck. The preferred way is to look at it positive. You have 6 billion people growing and making the products and services for you. One person can make a difference in this world. Throughout history, time after time individual people have changed the world. Even if it would be just one small act of kindness to a stranger, friend, or family member. An individuals actions effect greatly the lives of those around them. Those people in turn affect others to the point where we share the same world.

I believe it is important for a person to recognize their animal needs to rise above them and become a whole person. As in the introduction, I believe that a person should enjoy life so long as it is not at the expense of others. Though I now feel that I want to live beyond drugs, I don’t feel that people who do choose drugs should be persecuted unreasonably. Drunk driving and other ways that users endanger people around them are punishable, where simple use and possession should not be. All people are somewhat self centered as we are the center of our universe. It is not natural for animals or humans to put other people above ourselves, in fact even if we are interested in helping others we must maintain our own strength of mind and body to do so. Jesus more than any other person brought the idea of being humble and loving of others more than ones self into this world. When it comes to human relationships this is not always so simple to do. We get stuck in a, if you do this than I’ll do that mentality. We must always keep in mind the beauty, good and enjoyable times that, life as a human, has to offer. If we can do these things and lead a good life, God will evolve to the highest place in our lives.


What kind of entity would God be if we were to rationalize God? Would this entity give us heaven and what would existing there consist of? We all have some concept of God and heaven even if that concept be that neither exist.

What would God be like if he was like my wildest dreams about what he should be like? I want my ex_wife The ex’ to come back to me so he should do that and I should win the lotto. He would have to be able to do time travel so I can go back and fix all the times I messed up. He would let me live for ever because I don’t want to die. In other words God would do what I want for me. Well we know that this God does not exist.

From the introduction we know that I believe God is everything. That this belief is similar to Pantheistic, Existentialist and Metaphysical beliefs. What these pseudo_religions don’t have is a

God you can pray to and will save your soul. I believe God will take a form that will save our souls in the future. The Bible, Christian concept of God will come into being. This future will involve and evolve from human life and intelligence. In some of my past writings I referred to this evolving God (it, her, or him) as a Human God. It may happen tomorrow it may take a thousand or a million years but it can happen. We will evolve to a point where the Human God will again come to us. Human God will exist in the physiscal plane and beyond the speed of light simultaneously. She will be everywhere and every time in every human and every thought. He, she, it, unisex entity, this does not matter, we are used to referring to thinking

beings with a gender identity, so he or she sound better than it. We can’t picture ‘it’ as having a mind and a personality. If you want God to be a she then God is she. If you want God to be a he, then God is he. I’ll use she just because he is almost exclusively used. Besides I missThe ex’, she is still my insiration. I’ll call it (God) a her. She cannot be wholly with us in the physical at this time because we are her. In the same instance she is here right now, always was and always will be. We only need to look and we will see her. This is why people who have near death experiences see visions, heaven and dead relatives they love. The only problem is we are here to evolve and complete her initial creation. Star Trek, written by Gene Roddenberry had an episode that portrayed what I am writing about. The star Trek crew went back in time to check something out on planet Earth, in the USA during the 1920’s or ‘30’s. While there, they could not disturb anything that would change history. That is because the past brings on the future. If they went back in the past and changed it, they would not have the same future to go back to. This seems to be how it is, we have now to work with and no other time. We are hear to make the future happen. We have the choice to be good people, treating others with love and respect or we can be hateful and self loving. We are all connected in this way; each person relates to others, they intern affect others still, in this way an individual affects the sum.

This is why we are here. This is why we sometimes suffer in life and have to die. We are caught in_between being dust and being infinitely loved by God forever. We have been given the potential to evolve toward God. It is up to us to make our future. When our work in the physical Universe is completed, God will give us heaven.

We are physical creatures who have minds. We can think! This process is a form of energy. In fact it is the only form of energy that does not conform to . Yes there are chemical reactions in our minds that constitute the physical process of thought. Yet the mind through the body can cause things to move. Humans working together can cause amazing things to happen that would not or could not happen without the power thought. The Pyramids, atomic bombs and power, the Space Shuttles to name a few required thought. Thought is a form of energy and we humans transform, matter into metabolic energy, into thought energy.

Let’s make this even simpler. I’ve repeated this explanation many times to many people, some may think I’m crazy, so let them think. Close your eyes and think of a person or thing you like. Can you just about see them with your mind? You just brought back your own crude version of the past. Well if you were asleep and dreaming you would see it in full color with sound and motion. Even if a dream is not directly related to reality, a dream still illustrates this power of the mind. Right now I have a thought on something I am going to do in the near future. In fact I can predict and control the future. I’m going to take a drink of this liquid in front of me. Watch, see, I did it. We can bring back the past and see into the future even if it is only in simple, short term, ways. We are amazing as animals though very crude as gods. There is a great difference between predicting your individual actions a few seconds into the future and being connected to the first and the last for all time. God may have made us in his own image, only time and action will tell. We may have to evolve for countless millenniums or we may see it in our life time. No matter when it happens, we have much to learn and do if humans are going to have our rightful part in it all.


Some say there will always be good and evil in the world, that duality is inherent to its creation. The devil is often given credit with starting the world with a fall from heavenly grace. Some people even worship the devil for this reason. We hold on to our separate individual identities. This separateness is a fact of life yet total sum energy in the multidimensional universe is God. Although we can envision her, infinity itself is beyond our finite minds. We can’t meet up with this entity and ask her out for a date in this world. We will not come to know her until all our spirits and life forces come together. The total consciousness of God will unite becoming one mind.

When we die the brain shorts out and the mind energy is disconnected from the physical plane. I have not been dead yet as far as I can tell so this is only a guess. Upon death the mind/life energy is released to join with that which is beyond the speed of light. This death process only takes an instant of time. You see and hear everything at once. You find out who really took your favorite doll or baseball bat when you were just a kid. Every person you ever knew, every detail of every thought and action will be known for a instant. Then you hug your long past grand parents who you love and miss so bad. Then you realize you no longer have to fight to live. No more eating or breathing, no more bodily excretions. The pain is gone, no longer have, have to keep, keep, keep the blo_o_o_od flowing though this carcass. You will see everything as God sees everything. Happy to be reunited with every body, you would never even think of going back to living in your body again. Eased into nothingness in comfort, rest and relief. That is presently it, heaven has no time element. This sounds almost suicidal as I read back on it. I doubt whether willfully ending ones healthy life will even give them that much cherished fraction of a second. No matter how much pain I feel right now I believe my time is not up here and there must be a reason. True heaven will not exist until the gap between the physical realm and the beyond is bridged. Until then, the only way to be close to God is to do the best you can in life, work hard, contribute to the struggle, treat people good and have fun while you are alive. We must willfully and actively do our individual part in the completion of the circle. At the end we will get that one instant, the fraction of a second with God. Then your dead and nothing but a carcass remains. The mind energy that existed in and controlled the body is gone. A basic law of physics is that energy cannot be made or destroyed. Mind energy does not obey the laws of physics, or does it?

Then the happy part! Human evolution continues to happen and eventually a living people will commune directly with God. The first and the last will be as one. They will be alive in body and spirit creating the bridge, the next level, crossing over to the other side. They will be alive in the physical plane and in contact with the infinite mind power of God. From dirt, to life, to mind power the circle is then completed.

Atoms are energy trapped and held in a unit or pod which spins within itself. The theory of relativity shows the relation between matter and energy. This trapped circular energy may be released in a linear form to join the mind energy of God. All that is, will then exist beyond the speed of light. When matter is directly transformed into mind and the mind is in contact with God it will cause a chain reaction, all matter will follow. The opposite of the big bang theory will happen, time, space, and matter will be converted to pure mind energy. I call this the Implosion Theory. We will no longer need our bodies. The physical plane will no longer be needed by God. Einstein was working on a Unified Field theory, I believe this is related to the big bang theory. During the big bang, energy that previously existed beyond the speed of light was slowed down to form time and matter. The reverse of the Big Bang, the Implosion, would allow the energy now in the physical Universe to again exist beyond the speed of light. Imagine if the energy held within each and every atom was released to become linear energy such as or beyond light?

Heaven is a state of being beyond our wildest dreams. All the minds of every person who ever lived will be alive and together for eternity. God is beyond the speed of light. When a person’s spirit is ready to go to God, they will see everything as God sees everything. We will all forgive each other for our sins in life because we realize how hard was to be perfect while existing in the form of a semi_intelligent animal like creature. You will get to know who you are and who you were. You will retain your individual identity, yet you will be united with the total consciousness of God. Everyone will live in this mind as one, we will be God. Smiling, love and joy continually. It will be a really great place. If you want to walk around in a beautiful garden alone with your one true love naked, it is yours. I’ll be able to lay in bed watching country western movies with The ex’ forever. Maybe you just want everyone to listen to you? Quite a few billion will be there and they will listen. You will be able to go hiking in the mountains. You can dream all your favorite dreams forever and they will be real. If your into playing trumpets or the harp, that can happen too. It will be everything good and loving. The total sum of the energy in the universe can do every thing and anything.


For now this state of God is nothing but a theory. God will be invented. God proposed, God synthesized. God by math, God by science, God by divine intervention. If we can think of a real God, therefore God will be real. Imagine knowing everyone’s thoughts in the whole world for all time. God can do this. God can go back in time and get you. Once God is created, she will already be here. I am happy to know God in the tidal powers of the ocean, in the changing seasons. God is the stars and the warm spring sun. There are no two snowflakes exactly alike do to the fine work of God. The diversity of life on Earth is spectacular and wonderful. The many varieties of plants and animals we share life with are a splendor. You may find God in the diversity of human beings. If you doubt God just take a walk through a northern forest, hike through a desert cactus forest, listen to the water flow in a mountain stream. It is really difficult to deny the existence of God while walking through the red wood forest. Find God in the faces of smiling people; in a hug from a friend, wife, or family member. You may find God in the freedom of spirit and thought in your own mind.


God is all that was, all that is, and all that will be. God is in us. Ask not what your God can do for you, but what you can do for your God. I ask God today, what can I do to help us evolve toward your infinite loving mind? One thing I can do is to believe what I am writing about. I will know the battle of life is to be won. In the future human beings will evolve to understand what we do not yet understand. We are the catalyst, we are the mystery, we are the force which combines the physical and spiritual.

Again what would heaven be to you? I think I would like some sort of Utopian society. If I could have anything I want I would be God. I would not want to be alone. I want to make love to a woman who is also God. I want friends to talk with and share the wonders of life with. When more people know and become willing to do our real jobs on this planet all our lives will become easier.

Q: Do you really believe that we will all be able to get along well enough with one another to go to heaven?

A: Yes because we will know everything and there will be no worry or need for greed. I am certain we will all be friends in God.

Q: Aren’t you scared? Do you really think you would want to live without a body?

A: Yes I would really want to live without the confines of a body.

Q: What do these theories have to do with everyday life?

A: They give me something to work for and something to look forward to.


As a person reads this chapter, they will understand that I’m not claiming science to be God. I do claim that when science and technology are used properly we can perform miracles which imply the presence of God. Medical doctors can’t say the word and heal people like Jesus did yet through their work miracles take place and people are healed. And, other people go to the hospital a-a-and they die. Telephones, satellites, jet air planes to name a few are technological miracles. I believe that one day the atomic reaction of fusion will be utilized to give us an abundant clean source of energy. This will save mankind from devolution and destruction. Science and technology have and can go wrong creating more pollution and trouble than it is worth. Once stuck with such a dilemma, the only way out is through more and improved science. Again science alone is not the answer, we need spirituality to guide us.

Scientific knowledge is based on proven laws and theories. The proof lies in experimentation and demonstration giving readily reproducible results. Theories involving physics and biology are tested again and again by university students throughout the world. New, unproven theories are put to many tests before they are accepted as truth by the majority. If anybody has a doubt about a scientific theory or law they are free to test it before they believe. Scientific knowledge has that quality because it is material. The results can readily be observed through sensory perception, giving a certain amount of evidence in support of belief. Tricks of science do happen, sometimes purposefully, sometimes because the experimenter wants to believe so badly that they fool themselves and others. Then the next experimenters come along and soon there is little or no doubt to the knowledge provided by the greater number of test results.

All of the accepted laws and theories of science were once thoughts in someone’s mind. In this respect new theories which may become scientific laws start with intuition. Without the initial creative, nonscientific, idea; there would be nothing to prove or disprove though the use of scientific method. Creativity starts with intuitive thought, an idea, which is not rooted in empirical reasoning. Creative thought is not confined by the laws of scientific method. Our science and technology thrive on the creative ability of the human mind.

Religious thought should also expand and evolve through creativity and logic. It is time for religion to thrive on openness and kind criticism. From my point of view, I see similarities and things in common with all varieties of religion. Yet to this day people will fight to the death in defense of their religious beliefs. Religion tends to stir up emotion. When decisions and actions are taken on emotional basis, trouble is not far behind. Religious study should start with an open mind with respect to established religions. When creativity and logical reasoning are added, religious study may be a science.

Moral and philosophical convictions tend to be formed on less conclusive proofs then their scientific counterparts; yet it is readily acceptable to use ones own logic to debate such proofs. Religious teachings contain moral and philosophical theories which are agreeably subject to logic. Religion is also about God, the higher power, the creator. To believe in God is to have faith. Does God defy logic in the minds of believers and non_believers alike? If logic is used to answer the question of God, is there a logical God? A partial answer lies in the individuals definition of God. As I define God using my logical assumptions, I believe in God. It is not always easy to believe, though such belief is undoubtedly a good thing, providing a certain comfort to our simple and beautiful human minds.

Study of religious and moral beliefs often brings on emotion. Belief and faith often seem to be in conflict with logic and reason, yet it is foe filling to have faith. It is through some set of moral standards which we decide how to react to the world around us; the very actions we take during our daily lives. It feels good to believe. I want to incorporate as much logic as possible into my faith. On the contrary, it will be hard to accomplish this when I feel so strongly about the beliefs I am trying to explain in writing this book. Instead of going on any further with my inner struggle between logic and faith, I will review some tools and theories on the process of thought. The first question is that of knowledge itself and what it is based on. Knowledge on a personal level is knowing what we believe to be true. At best our knowledge, our beliefs are based on a combination of sensory perception, reasoning and intuition.

I’ve been reading a little about philosophy and the philosophy of science. Much philosophy has been written on the question of “how do we know, justify or back our beliefs?”. Some philosophers get into heavy doubt about what is real and how can one prove reality. I don’t remember where he got this idea but a certain professor I had in a philosophy class put it this way: Can you prove that you are not simply a brain in a vat? Maybe someone preprogrammed the vat to provide your mind with chemicals and electrical shocks to entertain you? In this case nobody or nothing else is real, we are all just a part of your imagination. Yes, imagine, a high tech, virtual reality, touch and feel 3_d video of life?


Well I choose to believe in reality. I don’t mind being one human of about 6 billion on Earth. I believe what my sensory perception tells me. I have also read that all reason is based on other reasons. Some philosophers believe that intuition is the basis for belief. It is like one cannot come up with a reason for why they believe they exist. We do exist and that’s it, why get lost in it? Call it intuition or common sense; Biblically eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil. You believe in what you believe in because you do and you build from there. I’m here at 3 AM on 1/6/97 and at some later time you are reading this. In this way you exist as I exist and we are in a real place and time. This is enough philosophy of knowledge for me. It is good to realize that everything can be questioned but unless you are a philosopher professor with a good salary, it is of no use to question everything, getting lost in it.


Each person develops a set of phenomena and ideals, which they believe to be true, worthwhile and of substance. This individual set if beliefs is undoubtedly based on a combination of reason and feeling. No matter where and what our beliefs are based on: they all hinge upon this ability to reason, to think, to assume truths. Countless philosophers and great thinkers have pondered questions pertaining to mans ability to reason. Though much of what I have read on this subject is interesting, it tends to become complex with no definitive answer. To simplify reason, it all involves decision making, which can be divided into three basic units: yes, no and maybe. The later, maybe, is reasoning with admitted lack of knowledge to base a decision upon. Maybe is a non_decision yet it is a very realistic option due to the limits of our human minds and available information to make a decision based on reason. This leaves yes and no; as the basic units upon which each individuals system of knowledge and belief is based.

Now that I feel I have thoroughly discussed the elusive basic power of reasoning, I want to get into a short overview of logic. Yes and no, good and bad, True and false are determinations we make every day of our lives using logic. In the early ‘80s while attending college I took a class in computer math. We used a Scwaum’s outline series book called ‘Essential Computer Mathematics’ by Seymore Lipschutz. There are some really neat graphical representations of logical situations in this book. I am going to use some of them here along with a little explanation as a view of some tools of logic.

The basic units of decision can be represented numerically as one and zero. Since there is only a one and a zero, to represent the number two, the one must be considered as a nine and carried over to the next place so a two in binary looks like a ten in decimal.

This is the notion on which all computer logic is based because yes and no can also be represented electrically as on and off. The mind as a computer has the capability of combining many, yes and no, variables to come up with an answer. The following table illustrates the binary (yes or no, on or off) number system with its decimal equivalents:

Decimal Binary (on/off)

Number Equivalent

0 0

1 1

2 10

3 11

4 100

5 101

6 110

7 111

8 1000

9 1001

10 1010

11 1011

12 1100

13 1101

14 1110

15 1111

16 10000

17 10001

18 10010

19 10011

20 10100

21 10101

22 10110

23 10111

24 11000

25 11001

The above table is beautifully simple, five yes or no’s in a row (including the initial zero) can represent 32 distinct bits of information, situations, characters, beliefs, or what have yous. Any one that has taken even the most basic computer language class or now days even a child of ten has been introduced to binary numbers. In the same instance a computer guru, billionaire whiz such as Bill Gates must still sit back and marvel at what has been accomplished through the basic yes or no.


Venn diagrams below can be used to visualize relationships. The first one can represent the separate identities, the things in common, the surrounding world, of a relationship between a husband and wife. Three sets can show the relationship between Judaism, Christianity and Moslem religions; Abraham is in common with all three religions.


Logic tables, also called truth tables are another way to visually look at logical situations. These tables illustrate a way to analyze a combination of many yes and no decisions.



p ^ q

~ (p ^q)

p v~(p^q)






















^ = and ~ = not v = or

So in column three p and q both have to be true for it to be true. Column four reads not p and q. Column five reads p or not p and q. There is much more to logic and truth tables than this. This simple table is just here to give an idea of how to visualize more than one yes or no decisions in combination. Yes you believe in God or no you don’t. Can a person believe in Jesus and also Buddha? How about Jesus and Mohammed? Can one believe in Jesus and also reincarnation? If you believe in the mystery of God, I would say that is illogical and that brings us back to the maybe.


Traditionally religious persons learn a set of beliefs and develop faith. Faith is not intellectual because faith does not doubt or question. Never changing this faith often relies on writings written long ago . For the most part thoughts of faith are not or cannot be tested by scientific method. Other religious beliefs such as some Biblical scriptures have been proven inaccurate by scientists, the debate goes on. Yet there are some interesting symbolism’s with direct and abstract meanings, I take from the Bible to believe. I propose that a person who is scientific and logical can believe in God. An intellectual person who is not totally self serving will certainly develop a meaning and reason for life.

A person should not be looked upon as an atheist because they choose to believe in evolution versus creation. Life on Earth is. The Universe is. These things are miracles and miracles imply God. If the atheist chooses not to call the phenomena of life God, that is okay too. From what I have heard of atheists most of them are also humanists which have their own individual meanings to life and mankind. My views differ from the atheist. I believe science and intelligence are God given things. If a person believes in God and God is everything, science is engulfed by that religion. In this respect science can be part of a religion.


On the other hand there could be a science of religion. Psychologists and other scientists study the human mind. We can apply science to moral, social standards and the religious mind through studying abstract data such as statistics and percentages. The scientists could probably study brain waves of praying people. The actual act of having faith is a phenomena in itself.

The Big Bang Theory has to do with the beginning of space and time which may be similar to accounts of the beginning in the Bible book of Genesis. To me this illustrates a unity between science and religion. Science and religion do not have to be such polar entities. Logic will unite science and religion.

There is a man in history who is probably the most well known scientist of recent time. He is credited with forming ,developing, deriving the most renowned scientific theory known to man. Take a guess? Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity of course. I view Einstein as more of a thinker than a scientist. He did much more writing on morals, war, government and society than on pure science. Relativity is a most interesting theory. The theory can be stated with two postulates as follows:

(1) That the speed of light in a vacuum is constant and independent of the source or

observer. The speed of light is about 186,000 miles per second.

(2) That the mathematical forms of the laws of physics are invariant in all inertial

systems and which leads to the assertion of the equivalence of mass and energy and of change in mass, dimension, and time with velocities approaching the speed of light.


(*) These postulates lead to the famous equation:

Energy = Mass times the speed of light squared

The following two paragraphs are writings by Albert Einstein concerning religion and science:

The Religious Spirit of Science

You will hardly find one among the profounder sort of scientific minds without a religious feeling of his own. But it is different from the religiosity of the naive man. For the latter, God is a being from whose care one hopes to benefit and whose punishment one fears; sublimation of a feeling similar to that of a child for its father, a being to whom one stands, so to speak, in a personal relation, however deeply it may be tinged with awe.

But the scientist is possessed by the sense of universal causation. The future, to him, is every whit as necessary and determined as the past. There is nothing divine about morality; it is purely a human affair. His religious feeling takes the form of a rapturous amazement at the harmony of natural law, which reveals an intelligence of such superiority that, compared with it, all the systematic thinking and acting of human beings is an utterly insignificant reflection. This feeling is the guiding principle of his life and work, in so far as he succeeds in keeping himself from the shackles of selfish desire. It is beyond question closely akin to that which has possessed the religious geniuses of all ages.

The Meaning of Life

What is the meaning of human life, or, for that matter, of the life of any creature? To know an answer to this question means to be religious. You ask: Does this make any sense, then, to pose

this question? I answer: The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life.

Albert Einstein

Mein Welbilt, Amsterdam: Querido Verlag, 1934

Einstein was viewed by many to be an atheist because he did not express belief in Jesus or the Supernatural. I would identify Einstein as a Humanist and a Pantheist. My beliefs differ from Einstein’s because I believe the Supernatural will come into being.

Though science will never replace God, science does a lot of things now days that used to be left up to God. The things we can do today would be as the works of God to someone who lived just one hundred years ago. God does things like cure cancer and other diseases through the work of humans. If we can keep up this rate of advancement for another hundred years our children may live that much more close to God.

I propose there are ways we may get closer to God directly through science and technology. This has relation to what I think God is. There is no turning back and now we must rely on science to help us reach the point where mankind “eats from the tree of life”. Through God given potential, God will allow us to live forever.

Almost anything a person thinks is possible to achieve. Then there are morals and ethics to consider. We may improve and extend life within our human bodies indefinitely through medicine. I heard on the radio news the other day that scientists successfully cloned a sheep. Not too far off into the future we should be able to clone ourselves. Then if a body part goes bad, we could simply make and install another one. Even in my own liberal mind are ethical questions here I would hope to surmount. I don’t think I would like a full grown copy of me to sit around waiting to get chopped up for my need of spare parts. Maybe if it were a fetus at the time the parts would be removed. These parts could be grown in some apparatus other than a complete, functioning human. Maybe we could take the brain out of the fetus and keep the brainless, thoughtless, non_feeling clone growing? How about taking the brain out of the old body and transplanting it to a young body? I’ve heard they are experimenting with injecting brain cells from a fetus into the brains of Alzheimer’s patents with some success. We can artificially increase our intelligence through science and medical technology . With technology there are real moral and ethical considerations which will have to be solved. Some people are fanatic, not wanting scientific advancement and would sooner see things left in the hands of their idea of God.


We learn more each day about genetic engineering. Signals may be sent to the cells of a weak or worn out organ to get them to regenerate spontaneously. We have all but eliminated polio, small pox, measles and the list goes on. If diagnosed and treated soon enough most cancers are now curable.

This God of mine depends on the present and future physical and mental well_being of

mankind. Dependence on fossil fuels is a real concern as this resource is being depleted at an alarming rate. Controlled, economical, nuclear fusion has not yet been attained though it is no time to give up. I have read some articles on fusion by the U. S. Department of Energy. The tokamak is a toroidal plasma confinement device. Though it demonstrates controlled nuclear fusion, the device is not very efficient. It uses about as much energy to work it as it puts out. They are also working on development of an inertial fusion power plant based on a heavy_ion induction accelerator. In theory this type of power plant would have a 100:1 efficiency ratio of energy out versus energy in.

Fusion power and our energy needs are not insurmountable problems. It is crucial to the economy and the environment that we put as much money and effort as possible into finding a reliable source of energy. We know the hydrogen bomb puts out plenty of energy. The resource is definitely there it is just figuring out how to harness this power. They set off nuclear bombs underground and contain them. In that way maybe we can tap the energy off of the actual bomb? We have to get something going or we will run out of energy in my lifetime let alone future generations. Energy is the key to modern life. Battery power storage has come a long way, yet storing power is a major problem. I believe, once we have fusion, the best solution to this problem is to store the energy as hydrogen fuel. We will be able to produce hydrogen from water, utilizing the power of fusion. Cars, trucks and trains could then run on hydrogen fuel. Water is the only byproduct of burning hydrogen. There are already experimental hydrogen powered cars.

One of my ideas involving energy which I did quite a bit of work on is a solar powered air conditioner. It involves combining a parabolic trough solar collector with an ammonia refrigeration cycle. Ammonia refrigeration is the principle a propane gas refrigerator works on. It uses heat to make refrigeration. I applied for a patent but never got one. This technology is totally feasible. It will save electricity which is now used to power conventional air conditioners.

My latest project has been a design on a bicycle with an electric assist. I would like to live close enough to work that most of the time I can ride this electric motor cycle. Lets face it, I may ride this thing back and forth to work, but if the gig is a long ways away I’m not going to want to pedal. Let’s face it, many countries around the globe have signed Kyoto Accords. We are running low on fossil fuel and to continue to burn it up at the rate we plane can’t be something good for the atmosphere plane and simple.

Another one of my great plans is to rewrite the alphabet. There are at last three distinct sounds that are all symbolized with the letter ‘A’. Words containing these different sounds are apron, at, and about. The same holds true for other vowels such as ‘E’, evening, everywhere. We need an alphabet that has a distinct and individual letter for each sound. The present alphabet has the qualities that only need to be refined. If you look at letters they are in some cases actually shapes formed by the mouth to make the sound. ‘O’ for instance is a frontal view of the position the lips must be in to make that sound. ‘B’ is a side view of the formation of the lips to make that sound. ‘E’ is the symbol for more than one sound, yet the sound it is named after is the sound that is made when the tongue is lifted off the bottom of the mouth. It is another side view letter. There are subtle differences in the shape of the mouth which correspond to each sound. By studying these differences it is possible to make a symbol that corresponds to each sound used in human speech.

Once this is accomplished we will have a universally accurate human alphabet. I know for sure that if a person had their face hooked up to ultra sound it would be possible to view what sound they were making. The images could then be fed into a computer and what the person is saying could be translated into the universal symbols. This is a little complex. I haven’t had the technology to prove it but I think an oscilloscope could also be used to judge the subtle differences by the exact wave of each phonic sound. One of these two methods will work to accomplish reducing speech and words to something a computer can use.

Then computers can be used to almost instantly translate a message spoken in one language to another language. This will put human translators out of business. But would it not be nice for international government officials to actually and instantly understand what the other is saying. I think this is important for world communications and is feasible. It is another instance where we can make real what was only the science fiction of Star Trek. Some English degree doctorate will probably get a million dollar grant to develop this technology.


Our ability to reason and to work together are things that set us apart from animals. There are negative as well as positive consequences to this statement. We more than any other species have the ability to change and affect life of the entire planet. There is pollution, deforestation, over population and depletion of the resources; yet there can be a brighter side to our presence on Earth. Astronomers can predict the paths of comets and asteroids. If one such object was headed on a collision course with Earth, we could equip the Space Shuttle with weapons and blast it to pieces or at least change its path. We could save the Earth instead of destroying it. This is another reason for our lives. On the NBC television news today 3/12/98, they talked about viewing an asteroid that may be headed toward Earth. Meteors have struck the Earth before and left creators. I believe we humans will be able to destroy or change the path of such asteroids or meteors to save the Earth.

This next theory may be far fetched. Black holes have been predicted by scientists but I don’t believe the Hubbell telescope has yet confirmed a black hole. Anyway here goes: We build a space ship of conventional or improved rocket type. We get the thing moving as fast as it can. Then we dump a nuclear bomb out the back and detonate it at a certain distance behind the space ship giving it acceleration without blowing the ship up. This is repeated with the detonation of the bomb closer and closer to the space ship until the bomb goes off at the immediate rear of the ship. This should get the spaceship moving at near light speed. I had this brilliant idea many years ago, I just saw an educational program on space travel possibilities a few weeks ago. So others are thinking along the same direction.

This book has a lot of neat almost science fiction ideas in it though I know I can’t claim any of them to be my ideas alone. As I have written this book things I have written about have come into being. One such thing is the cloning. I had written a little about cloning and what do you know? I had to change some of what I wrote. They are doing it before I even finished the book!

Back to the space ship; it is then directed toward a black hole. If the speed of light is reached prior to the spaceship entering the event horizon, It should be able to escape the gravity leaving the black hole in a parabolic path. This would definitely put the spaceship in another time.

Due to the nature of time, most scientists consider time travel to the future possible and time travel to the past impossible. Traveling back in time may be science fiction material or just a thought in the mind. Then again there is the possibility of spirituality. Just maybe some day minds will truly be able to go beyond time. Outer body experience or existence on a spiritual plane may be possible some day. Time travel or simply being beyond time is a power God would certainly possess to be God by my definition.

As I previously mentioned some of the things science may be able to do, cross religious and moral boundaries. This only means we have to make judgments on direction of our science and technology. God has performed wondrous miracles such as the creation of the evolving universe and life itself. Yet so many miracles have been accomplished through mans work. God works through us when we do good for one another. As a science minded person who believes in God; we cannot leave Gods work up to God.


As I mentioned I was raised a Roman Catholic and this has influenced me both in belief and study. Buddhist and other religions teach personal enlightenment and reincarnation but have no all powerful all knowing God entity in their religions. So I would say my belief that in the future humans will bring about or make contact with an all knowing God is related to Judaism and Christianity. Most American’s consider themselves Christian of one form or another so they may be able to identify with Bible scriptures I quote and some of my interpretations. Some of the Bible quotations are from the King James Version (KJV) and others are from the Revised Standard Version (RSV). Common let’s do this, if you can get a hold of a Bible and follow along it would be a good thing to do, even for Muslims and atheists please?


In the beginning God created heaven and Earth.” Genesis 1,1 KJV. I feel that it is more than coincidence that scientists and creationists both believe there was a beginning to the Universe. Even as odd as it seems, I would believe an Atheist could agree there must have been a beginning, not so fast. In Science, matter cannot be created or destroyed. Also the absolute laws of Newtonian physics involving time, space, and matter do not change. This would lead one to believe that the physical universe has always been here. Yet since the universe is expanding, it had to expand from somewhere. This is where the Big Bang Theory came into being. According to this theory all matter time and space started from one place. The only difference between the two explanations of the beginnings of time and space are the literal interpretation of the seven day creation in Genesis. Seven days of God does not have to mean seven days and nights exactly as they are today. The Bible says the Earth was created in seven days but it also says:

The Lord knows the thoughts of man, that they are but a breath.” Psalms 94,11 RSV

Man is like a breath, his days are like a passing shadow.” Psalms 144,4 RSV

So a man’s life is like a breath to God. Then for the fun of it we can calculate:

Lets say 14 breaths per minute x 60 minutes per hour x 24 hour in a day x 7 days

equals 141120 god breaths to create the world. Now we’ll say the average life span of a person is 72 years. So 141120 x 72 = 10,160640 years. Adam lived 930 years if we use that number we get about 131 million years for God to create the world. At any rate, evolution and the Christian Churches do not need to be in such confrontation. The belief that all humans descended from Adam and Eve is in it self an acknowledgment of evolution. It does not bother me a bit to think that we might have all came from a common one celled animal. I would not expect that God just thought up man over night. It gives me more pride to believe that it took him a while to make us. I and a past significant other had fun with this. We figured this Biblical math out together a few years ago.

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1,27 KJV. I take this to mean that we are the mind of God and that it is our future to evolve toward the infinite oneness of mind that is God. This is why God will love and care for every soul of every person. Because it will take all the billions of people throughout all the history and future of the universe to bring this infinite mind into being. I really don’t go with any of that Adam’s Rib stuff though, even as a man I think that saying is male chauvinistic folk lore.

I believe that eating from the tree of knowledge of good and evil symbolizes mans evolving to the point of knowing and thinking that there is evil. Right and wrong, good and evil are thoughts and reason. An animal does not think or reason of good and evil and therefore cannot sin. This separates us from animals and once we came to have thinking minds we have a power that is in the likeness of God.

And the Lord God said, Behold, the man has become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now lest he put forth his had, and take also of the tree of life, and eat and live forever:” Genesis 3,22. KJV. This represents mankind’s challenge. That challenge being for the species to survive until one evolving from our kind does live forever. Eventually one or more people will eat from the tree of life. Viewed as a circle or in linear time the Alpha and Omega will be complete. This infinite mind created through us will be there at the implosion of the universe where all energy is again transformed into pure thought.

Beloved, now are we the sons of God: and it doth not yet appear what we shall be: but we know that, when he shall appear, we shall be like him; for we shall see him as he is.” 1 John 3,2 KJV. I am still attached to my emotions and wants, though I feel I am getting closer to an understanding of God. The future can bring an understanding that I can not even begin to imagine. To understand that I don’t fully understand is a concept in itself. We can imagine infinity though we cannot fully understand it.

With all my thoughts and all my reason I can’t come up with why. If God was always there, all powerful and all knowing, why would he have created a universe and man? Maybe there was no mind to the universe and we will be the ones to bring it. Why is still a mystery to me. The Bible has an explanation:

How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer son of the morning! How art thou then cut

down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations.” Isaiah 14,12 KJV. While the Devil and Satin are mentioned may times this is the only mention of Lucifer in the Bible, yet there are many tales about him. I’m not wholly convinced about this Lucifer explanation but in theory I can make some sense of it. What is, simply is and I do not have the wisdom to answer why for certain, I can only theorize.

Any way as the theory goes Lucifer symbolizes some imbalance or imperfection in heaven. Heaven being the one infinite all powerful all inclusive mind. Imagine that mind or thought is a form of energy which is faster than the speed of light. Some thing, call it Lucifer caused this energy to slow down forming time, space and matter. Or maybe God just got lonely? So as science with the Big Bang and the Bible with creation the universe was formed. When enough mind energy is created there will be no need for time space and matter. All the energy which is now in this physical state will then be transformed back into energies highest state, that of pure mind. Having minds, having evolved, and having the potential to evolve into this awesome almost incomprehensible existence is the reason for our lives. We are not just some semi intelligent animals that will become extinct after a few hundred or thousand years. This is the true meaning, the battle, the ultimate challenge, and the very reason of our lives.

The Good Jesus

Jesus is a savior because of the extent in which he preached the importance of caring and

kindness toward our fellow humans. This evolution or transformation takes every life of every person to accomplish. That is the value of life. Here are a few of the sayings of Jesus I especially like:

Blessed are the poor in spirit: theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are they that morn: for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst after righteousness: for they shall be filled. Blessed are the merciful: for they shall obtain mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they that are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake”. Matthew 5,3_11 KJV.

But he, willing to justify himself, said unto Jesus, and who is my neighbor? And Jesus answering said, A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, which stripped him of his raiment, and wounded him, and departed, leaving him half dead. And by chance there came down a certain priest that way; and when he saw him he passed by on the other side. And likewise a Levite, when he was at the place, came and looked on him, and passed by on the other side. But a certain Samaritan as he journeyed, came where he was: and when he saw him, he had compassion on him. and went to him, and bound up his wounds,

pouring in oil, and wine, and set him on his own beast, and brought him to an inn, and took care of him. And on the morrow when he departed, he took out two pence, and gave them to the host, and said unto him, Take care of him; and whatsoever thou spendest more, when I come again, I will repay thee. Which now of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbor unto him that fell among the thieves? And he said, he that shewed mercy on him. Then said Jesus unto him, Go and do thou likewise.” Luke 10, 29_37 KJV.

But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.” Matthew 10,30 KJV. This tells us as I said above, each person, each action, each moment and each soul are important to the evolution of God.

Heaven and Earth shall pass away but my words shall not pass away.” Luke 21,33 KJV. This is a prediction of the implosion, the time will come when there will be no space time or matter. Even when the physical plane has vanished the spirit will still live.

From that time Jesus began to preach and to say repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.” Matthew 4,17 KJV. It is impossible to know the future, we can only theorize and guess. Our present actions bring the future into being. This is why the kingdom of heaven is at hand. There does not necessarily have to be a kingdom of heaven and if we don’t work toward it, there never will be.

Repent: for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” was first said by John the Baptist. It is true because all that we really have is the present, the past is history and the future starts now. I start now by believing the God of infinite mind will come into being and be known to us.

But I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you and pray for them which despite fully use you and persecute you.” Matthew 5,44 KJV. It would truly be a good man that can do these things. Every time in the past when I did not do these things I hurt myself. If I would have thought and acted in this manner I would never have lost my wife The ex’ to divorce.

It is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God.” Luke 4,4 KJV. This is why we must think of others and think of the infinite God head. If we can truly believe in the possibility of heaven; we can do Gods work in our own little ways by treating those around us how we would choose to be treated. As I have learned through my depression; the body is but a corpse with out spirituality. The bread is the physical life, the words from the mouth of God are the spiritual life.

Who so ever shall humble himself as this little child, the same is greatest in the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 18,4 KJV. When we set aside our own desires to control the world and others around us we become as little children. We are then able to do the work of God.

Render therefore into Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and unto God the things that are

Gods.” Matthew 22,21 KJV. No amount of money or possessions can buy happiness. Happiness must come from within and is a God given thing.

Thou shalt love the lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.” Matthew 22,37 KJV.

Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” 22,39 Matthew KJV.

The two quotes immediately above are the commandments according to Jesus. Though Jesus also taught the ten commandments these two are much simpler and all encompassing. The rest of the Bible teachings and commandments fall under theses two commandments. The Bible is a big book but the scriptures describing the life of Jesus are few, being Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

As mentioned in Doomsday and other sections of this book, many people lack faith in man. They use the Bible to predict and believe in the fall of man; in the very extinction of the species. Though I don’t always have faith in my own life and my own existence, once I found this faith I have not lost it. I don’t know exactly what my work in this life is or what effect I will have on the outcome if any. I also miss The ex’ so bad I can hardly stand it and I have times where I don’t even want to live. Though we all have such personal problems and pain I believe it is like a sin to believe in the end. If enough people believe in the extinction of man it will happen. With nuclear bombs and power stations it could very easily happen by our own doing. Here are some verses out of Genesis that are positive and contrary to the negativism and doomsday belief:

And he carried me away in the spirit to a high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God.” Revelation 21,10 KJV Could this be an interstellar space craft?

And I saw a new heaven and a new Earth: for the first heaven and the first Earth were passed away; and there was no more sea.” Revelation 21,1 KJV. Sounds like travel to another planet to me maybe Mars?

And the city had no need of the sun, neither of the moon, to shine in it: for the Glory of God did lighten it, and the lamb is the light thereof.” Revelation 21,23 KJV. Sound like fusion power maybe on the space craft?


Blessed are they that do his commandments, that they may have right to the tree of life, and may enter in through the gates into the city.” Revelation 22,14 KJV. This means that mankind will make it to the end, to the implosion, to the transformation of energy back into the pure, infinite, loving, mind.

One may doubt its authenticity or Jesus may be ones personal savior, never the less, the Bible is an amazing book. Jesus has brought teachings of love, kindness and goodwill toward all people. In this spirit Jesus is real. The spirit is feeling, the spirit is faith within. Jesus is on Earth right now in the spirit. The only way the spirit manifests itself is through the thoughts and actions of people. In this way the Bible and Jesus are a part of history. They are part of the continuing journey of mankind toward unity with the infinite loving mind of God. I retain the believe in one God, which is a concept I learned growing up in a Roman Catholic family. Religion and science build upon what has already been discovered and written in the book of mankind. I have added science and theories to my understanding of the one and the same God. Knowledge and faith that evolution toward oneness with God can and will happen, brings me closer to God in the here and now.

Many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.” Matthew 24,5 KJV. “And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many” Matthew 24,11 KJV. There is a fine line to be drawn and found in these two scriptures. I feel it is okay for priests and other ministers to make a humble living through their preaching and service. It is okay for people to write inspirational books and sell them. On the other hand I believe millionaire Tele_evangelists are false prophets who come in the name of the Lord to make a business out of it. They are hungry for money and power. Some preach of Armageddon and doomsday. They want to scare people into belief while they live decadent lives of style and fashion.

This book is an expression of my beliefs and that is all. Some of my beliefs differ greatly from doctrines held by many churches of Christian faith. I don’t expect everyone to agree with my beliefs. I only hope that they will respect my freedom to believe as I choose as I respect theirs. I feel because of my beliefs on birth control, abortion and other issues that some will label me a false prophet and an anti Christ. This new age of man has brought some technological, intellectual and spiritual success; along with the success we have new age problems. I personally don’t think that God would want anything to do with a human species that over populates and pollutes; destroying life and the world he has given us. I believe that Jesus and God would want us to advance (evolve) spiritually and technologically.

The Bad Jesus:

Who ever says Jesus is was perfect did not read the bible. He took off on his parents without telling them at 12 years old to go smoke incense in the temple with the old guys (Luke:42-50). If I would have tried that when I was twelve, I would have been sent to a youth detention center for sure.


He said: if you’re eye offended thee poke it out and if your arm offended thee cut it; off it is better to go to heaven without it. ( Matt. 5:29-30 Mark 9:42-7). How many humans were whipped in shackles and experienced all sorts unimaginable acts of torture over the millennia because of that saying? That saying is about as perfect as the stocks or a guillotine.

His mother and brethren came to see him and he blew them off and would not even talk to them (Matt.12:47-48 Mark 3::31 Luke 8:19). In modern times there is the saying “what would Jesus do?” . I’m sure, if it was you or me treating our family that way, then they would say to one another, “yes, he is just like Jesus”. In reality, I doubt if your mom or your maternal brothers would like you if you did that to them. No wonder they killed him he was even rude to his own family.

You cannot be one of Jesus’s disciples unless you hate your mother and father, wife, brothers and sisters ( Luke 14:26). Does that just make you want to go out and kill people in his name!

He had is dudes go steal an ass colt for him to ride in to Jerusalem on (Matt. 21:2-12 Mark 11:4-7 Luke 19:30-35). What if I was one of Jesus’s disciples now you don’t know who I am or what I look like; if I came up to you and took your car because my master needed it; ass jacking or car jacking, I really don’t see the difference.

Then one more: He came here not to bring peace but to bring neighbor against neighbor. Son against father, brother against brother (Matt. 10:33-36). Out of all of Jesus’s sayings why does this one seem to be the most historically truthful and the way things have turned out? That is why there is so much hate in the world, everyone is trying to do what Jesus said to do. So what if we mortal humans are having a hard time treating others as we wish to be treated; at least most of us are able to live by Chapter 10 Phrase 33-36 right.

Then propose a question to yourself and answer it for yourself: If there was a God why would he be a male? I believe that a illogical distant God image separates individuals from the power of life and love. Even with all the snake oil and hard science we have on Earth; with limits of gray matter available to our species; how could we possibly believe the creator of the universe resembles a human? How childish, how arrogant we are.

Now in this chapter and in my mind so far I have been overly kind and understanding. In reality I believe that the Armageddon thing and the final judgment concept are among the most evil writings known to mankind. If enough people believe in an end to the Earth and an extinction of man kind it can and will happen. I refuse to let this dark evil lying crap control my species and my planet. I do not know how I will accomplish this but I am going to know that my species will eventually evolve beyond the realms of time to become eternal beings. Knowing and accomplishing this is worth more than any mortal pleasure or any power fame and money. I will gladly risk my life to make even a small contribution toward the evolution of homo sapiens rightful place as immortal souls. I cannot accomplish this by hating Christians of which my family are included. The only chance I have is to love and educate them toward this reality. They can still love Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Mohammed and who ever. We do not have to destroy ourselves and this planet. There is no question in my mind that we are on a path of destruction. Although to try and change from that path is an infinitely complex and near impossible chore, the first step is to admit we are on a path of death and destruction. We must educate the people who control or society by means of government and corporate power. They desire infinite economic growth to satisfy their individual greed. There are others that have realized what I’m trying to say here and we must band together and help our fellow humans experience the peace and joy that comes not with judgment day but with knowing we are all part of a process of becoming eternal. If we judge ourselves failures by believing in a final day we pass up the chance we have to evolve.

I believe that since the writers of the Bible knew they would die and become nothing, out of

spite they wrote the curse of the judgment day into the book. There is no need for a judgment day and a fall of man concept. In fact this is opposite to the promise of eternal life also in the bible. How can we live forever if our whole species is predestined to die? The true God and power of the Universe has given us a beautiful planet stable enough to allow us to naturally evolve into eternal beings. Judgment day, the fall of mankind signifies a horrific end to mankind that is totally unnecessary. Why would God bother to create us is he knew we were to fail before we even started? There are many good Christian people who, I’m sure do not take the judgment day literally. Logically they do not have to believe in judgment day to believe in the good teachings of Jesus Christ. For good or bad, now I hope that you can see the Bible for what it is, a book written by men.


I am a white man and as a child I was trained in the white ways of approaching life with a God. It seems unfair that I write so little about a spiritual idea that means so much to me. Yet it is fair because there is little written about the great spirit, I think because little has to be written. The best spiritual ideals are the simple ones, the humble ones. I can only reiterate what I have learned from my native teachers. If you want to learn more you must learn from those Native spirits who you know when you meet them.

The force of life to the Native spirit is not exactingly a ‘he’. As I understand it, it must certainly be divided into Mother Earth and Father Sky who with life become one. This has taught me to respect all life to the best of my ability. We must thank the great spirit when we take the food that we need to live. If we are meat eaters we must thank the brother and sister animals for giving us their lives when we kill them so we can eat and live. We must not take what we do not need.

The real shaman know this and you do not find them in great houses and temples of gold. This is because the sweat is their ceremony and the Earth is there church.

Sweat lodge is a gift.

I really liked reading Black Elk speaks, which is said to be Mr. Black Elks bibliography through translation of the author (white guy?).

Although I’m sure most Native Elders and other people who study the Native American Church teachings would not all out agree with my writings, I have to say that those teachings helped lead me to my spiritual conclusions. Native people helped me expand my ideas about how to describe the life force. In order for a monotheistic person to understand the Great Spirit they would no doubt have to equate or at least compare this entity with God. I cannot speak for these people, yet through their teachings I do not think of the Great Spirit as a human like being.

The way I see God as a progressive entity with human manifestation, interest in politics is part of my religion. Evolution or devolution can take place within our natural lifetimes depending human actions. Just like the rest of the book, it is not meant to contain hard fast rules to follow. My hope is that by critique of my opinions and ideas people may better define their own. To some, these concerns and opinions have nothing to do with God or religion. Survival of the species, respect for the environment, continued spiritual and technical evolution can bring human existence closer to a utopian state. Belief in an evolving human essence and this being our connection to God, makes the following concerns and many more vastly important to my religion and way of life.


POPULATION: Things are getting more crowded all the time. In my point of view, there are simply too many people in this world. It is my belief that population of humans as any species on this planet cannot grow indefinitely. Some people believe that there is plenty of world left for the human population to grow, that the only reason people are hungry and impoverished is because of the greed of a few wealthy people. The fact is the Earth is only so big and there are only so many resources. No matter what the displacement of the resources are there is only so much per person. China already has laws to limit the number of children a couple may have. Although I don’t agree with many of the government policies of the Peoples Republic of China, they figure that to limit population growth is something positive for their nation. With our technological advances we no longer need as many laborers, we need less more highly trained individuals. A decline instead of an increase in world population would benefit all. We can limit growth of world human population through policies of education and birth control.

BIRTH CONTROL: Sex, the physical union between a man and a woman is a desirable part of life as a human. We are modern, new age people with the same old natural, physical desires. We are not cave people competing with the other animals for survival. We are not farmers raising large families to have some more bodies to help us work the farm. Many religious leaders are against birth control of any form except celibacy. The Earth has never been as populated by humans as it is now. We are continuing a destruction of all other life forms on the planet. We are driving many species of plants and animals to extinction. The humans of the world need birth control. Some parents teach chastity and abstinence of sex to their children. Maybe some children and young adults follow these teaching. The rest of them listen to their raging hormones. Birth control methods should be available to all who want them. I believe the United Nations should educate people of third world nations about birth control and distribute contraceptives to those who want them. I believe the state and federal government should supply birth control to young adults if they want them and can’t afford them. A combination of education and birth control could prevent babies from being born because of hormones and not the conscious desire to have children. We can make important choices now to curb and reverse population growth and avoid disaster.


ABORTION: is not right and it is not a good thing. I believe it is a lesser of two evils. People do not always associate the desire to have sex with the chance, possibility and responsibility of having a child. In this day and age when a woman makes a mistake by listening to her natural hormonal desires and has unprotected sex, becomes pregnant, she has the right to choose abortion. I believe an early term abortion is an alternative to having an unwanted child. No woman thinks “ I want to get pregnant so I can have an abortion.” Nobody is telling a person with religious beliefs and morals against abortion that they have to have an abortion. Double the population of the world and that might happen. If anti_abortionists can remember being in their mothers womb from the time of conception then they can believe a fetus has a soul. It is their right. Now some people don’t have the morals of the anti abortionists. They might go out a drinkin’ get horny and have sex. The next thing you know the woman is pregnant. They might be young, they might not have jobs. Maybe the couple is not even in love. We don’t have enough love to go around for the people we already have in this world. If the anti_abortionists are responsible enough to only have sex when they want a baby, I commend them for that. If the anti abortionists weren’t carrying big nasty signs around in front of abortion clinics, calling the women murderers, some of them blowing up clinics, and murdering doctors, I could see their point a little clearer. How about if they all held up signs saying please we will adapt your baby.

I would see nothing wrong with that. Yes abortion is a sin, but to force the woman to have the child is just another sin. They might not even have the love and nurturing capabilities necessary to raise the child. The child will not have the love of its natural mother if the child is not wanted by the mother. Yes, there are instances when I don’t believe in abortion. One, if the woman’s life and health would be in unreasonable amount of danger by having the abortion. Two, if the child is so far developed that it could live on its own. The pro_choice and anti_abortionists are polarized. I would hope that they could join together realizing that Education, love and understanding are needed to truly solve this issue.

ASSISTED SUICIDE: If a person is terminally ill, physically incapacitated and suffering, I think they should have the right to choose ending their lives. This has been done by doctors for years through the use of narcotics. It is just in the last few years that Kavorkian really made an issue out of it. Now I ask any politician that is against assisted suicide this: If you had a disease and it I felt like your whole body was an open sore and somebody was pouring salt into it, that you would eventually die with no other end possible to the suffering, would you want the right to choose death? Would they want to pass a law to take that right away from another human being? I hope these thoughts help convince politicians that they don’t want to ban assisted suicide, we need a law to regulate it. I’m going to e_mail this letter to state representatives suggesting that a bill be written to accomplish such regulation. Assisted suicide sounds worse than what the issue is really about. Euthanasia means killing something to end its suffering which in terminal cases may be humane, especially when it is requested by the suffering person. I like acronyms so instead of assisted suicide maybe they can call the bill and resulting statue R.E.S.T.: Requested Euthanasia by the Surely Terminal. Now there is a bill that should go before the government representatives and be made law. The statute would have to be written to cover issues of second or third opinions of independent doctors to determine that the person is really terminal. There would also have to be some kind of official paperwork or verbal testimony recorded to confirm the persons desire to die and end their suffering. With such provisions I’m in favor of assisted suicide.

ECONOMY: According to economic theory; the economy must expand to be good and healthy. I’ve heard that a 4% annual growth rate is a good economy. This means 4% more babies, 4% more cars, 4% more houses and on and on. Now let say we have to have growth on our growth something like compound interest. That would mean in twenty years we would have to have twice as much of everything! Do they think the Earth is going to get bigger? That rain forests will spring up out of the expansion cracks? The answer is they don’t think, they just want more for themselves and don’t give a damn about the future of mankind. Why is the price of land and real estate rising so fast? There is only a certain amount of land available. Being familiar with logging and wood industry, they are utilizing smaller trees because that is all that is left. We had ply wood where we once had solid wood and now we use chip board in place of ply wood. Why because we don’t have the wood we used to have. There were places in Texas and the Middle East where there were once seemingly unlimited amounts of crude oil and now there is none. Prudo Bay in Alaska is in the recovery stage where once it was untapped. Now much oil comes from off shore drilling. At the time this is being written, the United States imports about half of the oil it consumes. An economic disaster waiting to happen. What will we do when that oil is also gone? The economy can not grow forever. The Earth’s resources are not infinite. Because of this fact we have reached a turning point in the history of man like no other, the new age. Money is a tool used to trade goods and services. When you run out of goods there are no services. Less people would have more resources per person. Another economic theory I heard is “infinite need and limited resources.” Why does a slowing and even shrinking economy have to mean depression? It is certain that if the current economic growth continues, there will be a crash like no other crash in history.

UNITED NATIONS: The UN has done much good for the world and has the potential to do much more. There are people who disagree and are against it because they fear the idea and the power of one world government. The anarchists do not understand or at least they have it backwards when the governments in charge do not follow the United Nations Charter those governments are the anarchists. When the US government voided the constitution, they became the anarchists. An illegitimate government is similar to only worse then no government. Big Brother of George Orwell’s 1984. The fact remains, there is only one Earth and one human species. Organizing together to solve the worlds problems is imperative. The UN helped bring an end to the war in Bosnia. With out a united front the Persian Golf war would have been much worse. Just think, if it were as the cold war era with communists supplying one side and the Capitalists supplying the other, that war would still be going on. The environmental, population, war, and economic concerns are world sized problems, which can only be solved with world unity. To continue as an organization capable of world unity; the UN must remain neutral to religion not promoting any one religion or denying religious freedom. There is a problem with the ‘moral right’ in the United States that is mounting force through lobbying and advertising against the United Nations. Some members of the UN want to offer birth control and abortion services to under developed nations. The ‘moral right ‘ is acting on emotion and can not understand the problems this world is facing. They are fighting against the good the UN is doing for their own personal pseudo religious beliefs. There is a problem in the world today, we have too many people who need resources which are becoming more scarce. We are humans born with strong reproductive desires. Education is needed. Birth control is needed. I don’t understand why but it appears that the moral right would rather see starving babies dying than birth control and abortion. Yes the moral right has their right to their opinion just as I have mine. I hope the moral left can come alive and help save the world that the moral right seems bent on destroying.


For the first time through known Human history, we humans through technology are now capable of a government comprised of true and direct democracy. It is possible to give every adult person of every district of every state of every nation on Earth a chance to vote. Not just to vote on a person to represent him, but on every law and every expenditure toward every endeavor which by law they are required to pay taxes to. There are approximately six billion people on this planet and I want my one in six billion say on what happens on this planet.

We have cash cards and pin numbers which are not perfect or infallible but for all practicle perposes if a person had a pin number issued to them in order for the individual to vote this sysytem would be an improvement on current voting technology. If we could combine this idea with that of an email account password and entracne to a voting web site, each individual interested could vote in that fashion.

ENERGY: Our modern lifestyles and our standard of living depends directly on the availability of energy. The fossil fuel era has peaked and we are nearing its end. We can either go forward or continue in a rapid downhill spin toward devolution. We already have the greenhouse affect, global warming, and other pollution woes associated with fossil fuel use. Then there is the depletion of the fossil fuel it self to deal with. We are in a new age of mankind and there are new age problems. I see only one solution to our energy problems and it is not an easy one. I believe it will take a combined effort of the best scientific minds of the entire world. It will also take an increased commitment of funding and promotion by the governments of the Earth. I believe with this effort we have the potential to invent a machine using fusion to produce the needed energy. We know the sun’s energy comes from a fusion reaction of an enormous scale. We have created hydrogen bombs which demonstrate the vast power of this untapped resource. The bomb though violent, and seemingly untamable, illustrates mankind’s now crude ability to utilize fusion energy. By what I have read about the inertial fusion heavy_ion induction accelerator it may be the answer. The resource is definitely there all we have to do is perfect a way to use it. I ask politicians to look beyond the next election to the survival and betterment of mankind. The more we put into research and development of fusion power the faster we will reap its many benefits.



The first and the last is the Alpha and the Omega. I believe this is a key to understanding life. What here in this world has been here from beginning to end? Only a spirit that is truly able to live in the present. Others look at time and life like a circle; we merely complete the circle which has no beginning or end.

For myself finishing the last chapter of this book is a beginning. When I started writing the CAUSE it was out of an anxiety attack which I felt like I was going to die at any moment. Then I soon felt like it was a spiritual thing, some kind of vision of work I have to do in this world. Maybe this came to mind because of a book I read called Black Elk Speaks, by John G. Reinhardt 1932, “it is a good day to die”. It was either clinical depression or I was being prompted through some spiritual means which I cannot yet explain. I felt not only as I would die but all humanity and life on Earth would also die and I really did not know what I could do to stop it. It felt like a weight in my heart or spirit and that is what brought about the beginning of writing the CAUSE.

Personal or spiritual, it drove me to satisfy it. In my experience such feelings and 6th sense vision like phenomena are very subtle which is why we cannot measure or prove such things exist. Then if I had to give such a thought to describing it; it is like a feeling or a sensation. Not at all physical, similar to when one child hurts another child’s feelings without even touching them. How does one explain love? After a few hundred pages of writing I am no closer to a indisputable explanation then I was at the beginning. So with understanding of that which is and is not, I write the final chapter of the CAUSE, the Alpha Omega.

Now part of the purpose of this book was to make a link between religion and science. When all I can tell you is a spirit is something beyond the five senses, it would seem like a total failure. Though through paradox upon paradox I have insisted that all my thoughts are just theories which is where all good science begins.

If we go back to a theme in the God Mechanics chapter about closing the eyes and bringing a past image to the light of the mind on one hand and planing things ahead of time then making them happen in the future; we each have crude omnipresence. When studying such realms of the mind I found that because we have written records and archaeologic proof of the past we can identify with the past more readily then the future. While in all reality there is no known possible way to return to the past. If we just wait the future will happen in the next moment, so we are much more able to touch the future.

The past has not been a heavenly utopia so why do we insist on looking for it there? The Bible people and the science people keep debating, bla bla bla, about creation vs evolution. Nobody is perfect and I will no doubt get drawn into this ridicule again and again yet: The Bible folk also talk of the second coming of Jesus the Messiah. This is a Biblically predicted future event on Earth where from then on nobody has to die and we all live happily ever after.

This subtle pseudo-scientific phenomena known as a vision has the power to upset the normal mathematical odds of happenings. Especially if we can imagine some occurrence and then put energy into the vision, many times it can be achieved. Instead of resolving ourselves to certain personal death, why not, against all odds, try and live for ever? I’ve written earlier in the CAUSE that all I need spiritually is an assurance we as a species will evolve into a life form that carries intelligence and love into eternity. Wouldn’t it just be one big bonus if we could be there when it happens!

God science chapter goes on in detail about problems facing mankind. We have over population, the chance of a nuclear accident and even an asteroid or other object striking the Earth and causing devastation. So while I may feel that our eternal success is certain in my spiritual being, in reality the chance of our species becoming extinct would likely far exceed the chance of us making it to eternity and beyond time. This is why we must learn to project into the future. Through alpha omega or some other means it must be possible. I would like it very much if I could let my parents and loved ones know that we will make it. Like, hey every one! We won’t become extinct, we will become one with God.

The only chance of eternal life any of us has would be that our species concurs time and lives for ever. To think this and do the best we can to help in the process is the way to live a good life. In my mind this is an honest wonderful way to put life into perspective.

So back to history again. We know about Stone Hedge and believe that the stones are arranged to predict the summer solstice; that this had to do with some kind of pagan ritual. So they were paying homage to the God thing. Then way back when in South America the Maya’s sacrificed beautiful young virgins to appease the Gods. So then we bring it up to Christendom; for penance they may say three Hail Marries and a couple of Our Fathers. What happened? All the people who have done these things through all time died.

Now this God thing has been handed down from generation to generation. So your down in the dumps and don’t know what life is good for? You find somebody really old who is about ready to die and he tells you about a bunch of things people did who were dead along time ago. That is how we have always learned about God.

I know you, you are not stupid, you know what I’m going to write next before I write it! God is in our future. This time it is no paradox I’m talking an inversion of our understanding of time.

Call this one the reverse of time theory: Imagine it all exactly opposite as time and life are normally viewed. Where we view God as the creator of the past conversely we create God or become God in the future. Then the Biblical stuff about God making man in his own image works! If time is backwards to God then God created us as part of itself in advance as we view it. We are literally being pushed out of the past and sucked into the future. If the past were stronger it would not be so. To study the past, be aware of the present and imagine the future is a window leading us beyond time. I must admit this theory is a work in progress.

This time reversal mirror thing kind of fits with one last aspect of the future theory. Back to the infinity thing. In review it could be that time, space and matter are a phenomena that only exist in a certain part of the universe. In other words there may be entities which do not require time space or matter to exist. This fits with what modern astronomers are saying. Due to recent views of the near edge of the universe it has been discovered that matter there travels at speeds approaching the speed of light. This would tend to lead one to believe that everything past the limits of the physical universe is beyond the speed the speed of light. That is where the little crude time experiments from God Mechanics fits into play. If we can remember the past and dream the future even minutely, we possess an energy that is beyond time. Unlike some holy words printed in a book written by men, I think a God of this nature would even impress an atheist! Born into this physical universe of atoms and molecules organized into bodies of flesh and blood, we know little else beyond time space matter and light.

I struggled long and hard attempting to come up with a conclusion to the CAUSE until I realized it is a beginning. I still have my human idiosyncracies, I still have personal material desires, yet my main focus is the CAUSE and may it always be. This will be the least scientific and rational chapter of the CAUSE. Predicting the future is the questionable work of soothsayers, fortune tellers, palm and taro card readers. Legend has it, Joseph of the Bible interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams and through that interpretation correctly predicted the future. There are certain powers of the mind we do not understand. Since we cannot totally understand the powers of such phenomena as predicting the future this is a from of pseudoscience. Although to study the future may not be scientific, the future is of much more importance to us then the past. To come to terms with this subject and not totally dismiss the sixth sense I had to find some middle ground..

What we do in the present affects our future. How about utopia? What can we do at this moment to bring about Utopia? The first step in making something real is to be able to imagine it. Then the next step would be a definition of utopia. This definition would no doubt come partially from pains and pleasures we have personally experienced in the past. Part of what we would want utopia to be would come from human history. Again I encourage you to think about what your heaven or your utopia would be.

While memory , written records, video, audio recordings, museum pieces give us what seems to be a strong connection to the past, it is the future where we will live. I myself have dreamed dreams that come true. A thousand dreams do not, yet one or two do come true. It may be a million to one that our kind lives to eternity to populate the Universe, yet I can feel it is going to be. My soul will be saved because in my own little way I’m doing the best that I can to help the light prevail over the dark. Yes I cannot predict the future accurately. The future could very well be where we kill our planet and become extinct. Actually we do have a type of math which assists science and is concerned with predicting the future, statistics are gathered from the distant and not so distant past; trends can be identified and applied to the future. I hate to tell you but if you look at trends in population, energy consumption, depletion of resources and pollution; we are a suicidal species hell bent on killing ourselves. This does not need to be, this tragedy is greatly the responsibility of some of those in the very top of our economic ladder. Unbridled greed and wealth cannot occur without economic growth for the vipers to feed off of. They think they are all smart and all powerful, with such power in animal kingdom terms they appear on the top of the food chain. They appear to be the most successful, able to send their children to the most expensive schools to help guarantee that their offspring remain in domination. We must some how teach them the value of our species, its survival is far more important than there own or their progenies. They act as if their personal spawn is god. Money and power are their gods as much as heroin is the god of an addict. What the good of wealth when such selfish gluttonous behavior will surely bring about the demise and extinction of our species? There must be a little glow of light in them, the light can educate the dark.

Jesus did not save us because we are neither saved or safe. Jesus and other prophets gave us spiritual tools which may help guide our actions so we will be able to save ourselves. As individuals we can be overcome by thoughts of powerlessness succumbing to negativity. Take a stand, don’t let the darkness of the pushy, greedy, self centered, ego driven ones into power. We on the other hand have the power because we are active members in a larger group which is the entire human species and all life on Earth. We have been given this beautiful existence of mind and free will. It is not up to God, it is up to us to become extinct or as Gods. While both scenarios are possible in reality extinction is more probable. With all our telescopes, parabolic radio wave receivers and technology for locating other life in the Universe; we have yet to find any such evidence. If it was easy for thinking beings to survive and evolve in the physical Universe, they would be on every planet around every star. We are thinking beings and we are a rare and beautiful phenomena in this Universe. This is the true value of our lives. This is how important each one of us are to one another.

Maybe a dream of outer body experience is a practice run at our journey toward the infinite Godhead mind. The ability to dream is certainly a gift. A conscious dream one is willing to work for and give anything for is the cause. To bring the future to the present is the goal of my meditations. To humble myself to the relief of knowing I am a small part of something grand. The book of life mother Earth father Sky. Earth our home who gives us life, I need no other God.

If we each put out a beacon in search of love and understanding, only then do we bring our utopian future to now. You are not your life what shines upon you is your life. As that reflection when you love, love will come to you. The anonymous will grow when you somebody you will never see again. Then that stranger will help another stranger and eventually goodness will come back to you because there will no longer be strangers only one family of human being.

I like to imagine existences beyond our linear clock ticking concept of time. There is a riddle here where the past is not always past and the future is not always ahead of us. As mortal humans limited in gray matter we are yet unable to project ourselves beyond the restraints of time. While I tend to view the Universe with the natural Earth and power of life as God; it is certain that we are not presently in direct contact with an all knowing loving God mind. What if God, being beyond time, sees time as moving backwards? Then the future God already made us in his image. Maybe God is already there waiting for us? Maybe we must not think of time as we now do. I somehow like this thought of time running backwards. Then it makes sense that God created us in (his) own image. Once beyond time one second and eons are the same. While we are humble and say God made us maybe we will evolve into God?

I cannot always feel this way, anxiety sometimes strikes and I feel like I’m going to die within the second., All I know is when I stop to think of the CAUSE it gives me relief. The CAUSE is a high for me and a power that overcomes the lows and darkness which always eager to suck me in. I really wanted the future past chapter to give us all the alpha omega, for certain and for all time. I wanted to let you know that is undeniable fact that our homo sapiens species will evolve to become eternal beings. I wanted to tell everyone that the last is not the end but the beginning; that all the symbolism of religion is true; where life after death is certain; but I can’t. We have work to do to make it so. And now, this is the CAUSE, the end is the beginning and the last will be the first. A million words could never describe the CAUSE any better than one word which of course is LOVE.

No matter how we perceive the past or the future, we are alive only in the present. Sometimes I have to try other times it is just natural and when I get the feeling I’m trying to explain, I know I’m part of the book of life. I want everyone to know that our world is more beautiful then we can imagine, even to the point where we may not need to die. That we certainly need not die thinking our species does not have a chance to evolve unto immortality. Insuring this chance is the true value of our lives. With this in mind is how and why we love our neighbors as ourselves. When we live and act in the book of life we may know that we are each part of the dance. When our species reaches out past the eons of time we will be there. We will become part of the infinite loving mind of God to dance an infinite dance.