Declaration of Interdependence

Even as a Nation we have no choice but to share the Earth. We breath the same air, are nurtured by the same Sun and depend on the same biosphere we must learn to live within rather than have false dominion over. Each individual human experience is no more or less worthy than any other human’s. We are all interconnected. Not to ignore the course of human history, of leaders, of alphas assuming power even in animal packs and herds but to learn from it; the time has come when a growing economy and population of our human family is depleting and polluting the very resources that are the only wealth we have as a supposedly sapient species. If these so called leaders who utilize the outdated system of hierarchic power, greed and despotic evil they clam to have over thrown were not leading us down a path of utter chaos and destruction that could lead to our extinction and total destruction of the fragile life supporting biosphere while hording as much wealth as possible, there would be no need for the unavoidable revolution and the establishment of the first direct participatory democracy even known to the history of humanity as far as our writings, archaeology and anthropology records are known to. There is no such thing as complete independence except in the minds of pathological liars and psychopaths.

The United States Declaration of Independence was written and signed by white males that all seem to be related to a few European ‘royal’ families as well as every president since then (1). In this so called Declaration they specifically refereed to Native Peoples as, “merciless Indian Savages”, which illustrates their genocidal intent that caused the extinction of several tribes of people(2) So although in flowery all inclusive words they declared all “that all men are created equal”, 41 out of 56 signers of their Declaration owned African American slaves in at least one period in their lives(3) Now if you are not Native American nor African American and you are not of their royal blood lines yet you think you are white as they are, you are sorely mistaken. In the Treaty of Paris, of September 30, 1783, Article 4, representatives of the newly formed US corporation of America, agreed to pay back a group of international bankers that financed both sides of the US Revolutionary war with interest(4). Then when they had a tough time collecting money from unwilling unrepresented subjects of the new American extended royal family, on February 25, 1791, the US Congress agreed to award a 20 year charter, a monopoly over the monetary system, to a private group of bankers with international ties(5) Yes, some of the slave owner government officials did express opinions against the vote, act and establishment of such a privately owned banking system. The Constitution they wrote contained Articles, Sections and Clauses that specifically authorized such powers and duties as regulating commerce and coining money to the Congress, yes they also authorized Congress to borrow money, yet the outright privatization of such powers and authority, granting such powers as regulation of commerce and coining money, owning a private monopoly over the monetary system, undermines and make illegitimate the very government they had just formed. Also to grant a private entity such a monopoly over the means of exchange of goods and services as the ownership of a country’s monetary system is, violates Article 1, Section 9, Clause 8, because granting such a right as a charter, a monopoly over the creation of money, to a private group of people is synonymous with granting a title of nobility.

Less than 1.8% of the population voted in the first popular vote for president in the 1788-1789 presidential election(6). At this same time period the English people had far greater participation in parliamentary elections so instead of any resemblance to democracy the US Government began as a totalitarian elitist royal family cabal that continues to this day. Yes only fairly wealthy land owners could vote in England during the late 18th century but about 200,000 voted or about 2.5% during that time with a total population of about 8 million(7). Therefore the United States Corporation has historically been a less democratic government since the beginning with greater wealth disparity than the colonizing nation they succeeded from. Also England does not have an electoral college system to override the popular vote in case the populous does not vote for the leaders, the leading families desire.

Although the list of greivences, of undemocratic inhumane elitist disparaging absolutely evil acts this fake illegitimate criminal government has undertaken since it’s inception should be documented completely to help prevent such a vile group of individuals and families ponzi scheme from ever ruling over and nation ever again in the future of humanity on this planet and beyond, I am limiting the list of grievances in this declaration to recent and ongoing crimes against the people of this country and the world.

To allow a private monetary and corporate unnatural power scheme to manipulate and rule our economic lives over and above the powers of a republically organized government renders such government illegitimate.

When mechanisms within a government allow war to be the most profitable business a nation partakes in, the people must rise up and present a majority mandate to demand change from such evil undertakings.
Therefore the US Government, a corporation within a private elite group has acted treasonous according to the Constitution and therefore is a failed state, a faux pas de facto entity from the very beginning. We must therefore organize, collect signatures from citizens recognized by the illegitimate government until at which time those signatures reach the number exceeding 2/3rds of the number of citizens who voted in the last presidential election.

Demonstrate a majority mandate stating that we the people demand that the current government prepares to stand down in an orderly fashion while being replaced by a new government when the organized majority that has demonstrated the demand for a change of government then demonstrates majority ratification of the newly revised constitution in order for it to become the basis for the law of the land.

Points of grevence

Although the history between the time of the said 1776 revolution and more recent times has been very treacherous and treasonous to the well being of the majority we will now list only our more recent grievances where profits of war can be traced to old living individuals and their families. Therefore even if there are no living actors and accomplices to WWI, what is known as the Second World War was just an extension of the mode of operation of those involved in WWI profiteering, so since a few very old people and their families still hold such criminal illegitimate wealth, our grievances and claims to have been economically and physically damaged begin with the year 1900.

WWI and WWII were Wall Street and world financial elite business ventures. Operating in such a fashion, financing and supplying weapons to opposing parties is a crime against nation and humanity.

Proof that chose to go to war profited from their decision to go to war while common people, working class people and conscientious objectors to such war profiteering schemes were taxed and are being held responsible for the national debt for the war under the guise of protecting those segments of the population that were not involved in the war profiteering.