Direct Participatory Democracy

A legitimate Democracy as well as a legitimate Republic are based on the will of the majority.  In Present day United States, especially after Citizens(Koch Brothers) United vs Federal Elections Commission, the election of so called representatives, the laws and appropriations,  are predominantly determined by the lobbyists representing the majority of the money.  We the People do not have a single tool of democracy, no national referendum rights, no recall rights or process.  The current government is de facto illegitimate and  operates in a fashion that is unconstitutional.  The most outstanding example of their bureaucratic  behavior being treasonous to the Constitution is the Federal Reserve Act of 1913. They gave a monopoly over our monetary system to a private un-elected group of people in violation of the very constitution they swore to defend. The Federal Reserve Act codifies the greatest transfer of wealth from workers to a royal class of nobility in the entire history of humanity. This class has the United States people continuously at war to defend their corporations and their profits while they charge to cost to our collective national debt. There is no comparisson to their crimes against hummanity, their tyranny. We need a people’s revolution, we have needed it yesterday, we have needed a revolution for over a hundred years, we need a peaceful people’s revolution now! What Direct Participatory Democracy is about is working toward this needed revolution within the system, to change the system nonviolently from within.

Every eligible registered voter in the district has the offer, the chance, the right to vote on any and every legislative action and the majority of the vote will become the vote the congressman enters regardless of his personal view, other than to break a tie.

A list of laws that any individual citizen desires to motion that such law should be repealed, when such action is desired by a critical mass of those participating, even if it is far less than the total overall votes, bills would still be sponsored upon the will of the majority of participants.

The sponsorship of new resolutions by the district seat will follow the  same process along side the repeal process above. In other words there will be a ratio between repeal and new resolutions sponsored and submitted via the 7th District Seat which will depend on the popularity of each proposed district sponsorship.

This is just the beginning of the greatest democratic people’s revolution of all time.