Call to the People of the West: Help Make Donald Trump The Last President of the United States of America

Declaration of Interdependence (short title version)

Sign Mandate to demand Trump Resign

Our rights and duties to organize in such a fashion to establish a majority mandate, to demand the dismantling of an old government and the establishment of a new form of human organization, are derived from, authorized by and in accordance with the Preamble of the US Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776 and by this statement, “or by Conventions in three fourths thereof,” within the 1st Amendment free speech clause, under Article 5 of the United States Constitution, ratified on June 21st, 1788. Therefore when a group of citizens organize to establish and demonstrate a majority mandate to demand, and in such case it may be necessary force change only after a majority mandate is established and verified; those individuals and groups of individuals who are active in and advocate for such change, shall not be charged with treason or sedition under the because they are within their rights to do so. Mr. Donald Trump does claim and assume authority as President, having lost the popular vote. Although he maintains that this loss of the popular vote was rigged against him, no reputable source partisan or otherwise has presented any data to corroborate Mr. Trump’s claim. Therefore although Article 2 Section 1, Clause 3 and Amendment 12 of the said Constitution prescribe a method where such electors chosen, not publicly, but by party affiliates, does conflict with the Article 4, Section 4, guaranteeing a, “Republican Form of Government”. We take Republican and republic to mean a representative form of government where representatives are chosen by majority vote of the citizens. We feel that our natural human rights and our Constitutional rights have been continually violated by the Government of the United States and those who have entered and occupied this government as officers elected selected or otherwise have failed to provide any facsimile of the ideals defined in the United States Declaration of Independence, nor the spirit, essence or stated intention of the Preamble of the Constitution and frequently violate, flaunt and ignored the constitution never meaning it to be applied to all men let alone any women from the beginning to the date of the first publication of this Declaration or ever. We avail ourselves to the protections of the United States Constitution through the time when we achieve and present a number of citizen signatures to this document exceeding 110% of the 61.2 million signatures officially received by Mr. Donald Trump or 67.4 million signatures, at which time we still demand protections of the US Constitution until the People’s Constitution of the New West is brought to public vote and ratified as the law of the land.

Therefore we the signers of this document agree and sign on to the principles, grievances and demands within this declaration.

Titles of Grievances

  1. President Donald Trump does not have a majority mandate and we the people lack any remedy, instrument method to express a no confidence vote or to recall a President who is using the presidency as a business to enrich his family, friends and himself at public expense and dangerous exceeding a point that is detrimental to the health and safety of this nation.
  2. The US government throughout it’s history, has submited to and served the self appointed elite and their business interests, the interests of a select few, rather than those elected, those selected to public office, doing their duty to represent and act in the best interests of the whole of the people.
  3. Elected officials use their incomes to invest into industries they vote to give government business to and their favorite investment is in war, which is blatantly morally reprehensible.
  4. While the notion of a government protecting a people from violent threat, from an attack by an external enemy, is well within the rights of that people; war, the manufacture and sale of technologically advanced weapons of massive lethal proportion is not the legitimate business of a civilized society, nor a legitimate government activity. Many US government and business leaders are guilty of crimes against humanity for partaking in such ventures as routine business as usual, some will be simply removed from office and others will be criminally prosecuted under the authority of the PGNW and the world court.
  5. They, the public (United States Government) and corporate officers, have not lead in a way that nurtures our way of life, increases our human quality of life while protecting natural biological reality on Earth, ie, our long term survival within the biosphere, within the limitations of the nature of planet Earth.
  6. Private ownership of the monetary system, a private monopoly over the creation of and dispensing of money, the dominant but not universal means of exchange of goods and services, is unconstitutional and a modern form of slavery, the monetary policy, the instruments of profit of capitalism itself, have brought out the worst in humanity.
  7. Article 4 Section 4 guarantees a republican form of government, which means government representatives, are elected by majority vote, through gerrymandering and other dubious means, Article 2 section 3 and the 12th Amendment electoral college provisions are in conflict with and have deprived the right of the people to a president chosen by the majority.
  8. The government operates in a fashion that routinely and purposely violates the constitution to uphold favoritism to a class of persons and families that take tribute from rather than fair generous wages for intellectually of physically contributing to the society as a whole.
  9. Antiquated predatory economic ideology whereas profit as a soul purpose of government office holders and business leaders is changing humanity from sentient beings into a cancer.

Titles of Demands

    1. We demand that Donald Trump step down or be forcefully removed from the presidency by impeachment or any applicable means of public national authority necessary.
    2. We ask that the senate and congress elect among themselves an interim temporary president to serve in that office until the national referendum is held to affirm to ratify a new constitution or deny the hand over of the government to the new authority and to the specific titles of the new constitution. This is offered to make the transition smooth, the transition to the PGNW will happen regardless.
    3. We demand that every citizen have a vote and a say toward the writing of the new constitution and it’s final or originally enacted version be ratified through public citizen vote. Citizenship and right to vote will be connected to each individual’s social security number and it is the duty of the government to provide every single citizen with the right to vote regardless of criminal conviction or any other perceived inability, conversely although voting, participating may be rewarded, no fine penalty or bias may be held against a citizen for not voting, not exercising their right to vote.
    4. We demand the new constitution contains specific articles to guarantee national citizens referendum, recall and repeal rights with national voting on issues, law and appropriations with national public polls/elections deemed important by public popularity at being held at least biannually. Although every citizen need not vote and will not be compelled to vote, every citizen has the right to vote on ever and all law and appropriation before the legislative branch of government, and local district
    5. We demand a reconsideration of and restructuring of the national debt because it was acquired and accumulated in an unconstitutional manner under false undemocratic means that do not meet the standards of a republican form of government. We will only accept debt that is directly connected to the health and sustenance of and common needs of people so the people who have suffered due to private ownership of the monetary system, of the currency, a means of exchange of goods and services. There will be put in place a system a level at which profit and profiteering through ownership of this unconstitutional national debt will not be honored.
    6. We demand a public national monetary instrument based on value of our national collective property and new money entering the economy be based on the positive value of the work to be done in the interest of and determined by the majority through a combination of representation and public will; that each citizen owns one share of the public bank and no citizen can own more than one share; yes there will be people who manage the workings of the publicly owned bank and they will receive salaries above and beyond the benefits of their single share for their skills and efforts; furthermore private people that work hard and intellegently to accumulate wealth can loan their wealth to others so private banking as will be regulated will not be against the law, private property, private ownershipt of homes and businesses will co-exist with and submit to the authority of the majority mandated government and rules.


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